NGO #2 Sasak Satu Swara Indonesia

Selamat siang!! How are you all doing? Here’s an intern.

Some of you may have imagined it from the opening speech and title, but today I would like to introduce Sasak Satu Swara from Indonesia, who is participating in the Airfunding Overseas NGO Support Program. (By the way, “selamat siang” means “hello” in Indonesian!)

Facts About Indonesia

 First, I would like to summarize basic information about Indonesia. Indonesia is located on the south side of Japan in the area called Southeast Asia. It takes about 11 hours to fly from Japan to Indonesia. Indonesia is made up of thousands of volcanic islands throughout the country. Something Japan has in common with island countries. Each island has its own unique culture and language, making it a very diverse country. The NGOs we are introducing are working on Lombok Island in Indonesia. Speaking of Indonesia, I wonder if you’ve heard of Bali, which is famous for its resorts, and Nasi Goreng and Mi Goreng for food.

Indonesia’s population is about 273 million, with per capita GDP (gross domestic product) of $3,893. Japan’s GDP is about $40,146, so you can understand the instability of the economy from the difference.

In Indonesia, the school attendance rate is considered a problem. The enrollment rate for primary education is 85% in Indonesia, the enrollment rate for secondary education is 65% in the metropolitan area, and 52% in Lombok Island. Primary and secondary education is a compulsory education and therefore is provided without use, but higher education is paid for later years and is quite expensive for rural workers with low wages. Therefore, it is difficult to pay for the tuition, and it is very difficult to go to university.

Sasak Satu Swara Mission and Vision

In Lombok Island, the problem is that poverty causes the loss of local talent. Because they cannot receive enough education, they are forced to leave the island and move overseas. Many women work in Saudi Arabia, while many men work in Malaysia. Both are non-regular employment and have to rely on low wages for work.

The mission of Sasak Satu Swara is to build schools in rural areas of Lombok and provide free education. The goal is to enhance education in order to reduce the opportunities for local talent to flow out of the country, and to foster young people who can contribute to the development of rural areas and become financially independent.

By creating appropriate educational opportunities, local children can do better jobs, and ultimately create a cycle in which future children can also receive education. In order to create this opportunity, Sasak Satu Swara provides educational support.

Sasak Satu Swara is a new NGO just founded. Since raising the cost of building a school in 2020, we are still focusing on providing free education to more children.

Your support will be a big boost for Sasak Satu Swara in Lombok. Please pay attention to the future trends of these people aiming to revitalize the region in education!

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NGO #1 Back 2 School Africa

Hello, everyone! Here’s an intern.

In the previous note, we summarized the Airfunding Overseas NGO Support Program and basic information about NGOs. Based on the previous note, this time, we will introduce Back 2 school Africa in Nigeria, which is participating in the Airfunding Overseas NGO Support Project, while considering the situation of the country.

When I hear Nigeria, I think a lot of people have a vague image of football, Africa, and so on. This time, I would like you to learn more about Nigeria.

About Nigeria

Nigeria is a country on the west coast of the African continent. The capital is Abuja and the official language is English. However, because many people live in the country, each ethnic language is also used and it is a country full of diversity. The total population in Japan is 2096 million, about twice that of Japan. In Africa, GDP (gross domestic product: an index that shows the level of domestic economic activity) ranks highest in Africa.

Crude oil plays a major role in supporting GDP. Nigeria relies on crude oil for 80% of its total exports.

Despite the high GDP figures and being a major economic power in Africa, Nigeria has many children and street children who are not able to go to school despite the mandatory primary education. The number of street children is over 10 million, the largest in the world. So Japan’s literacy rate is almost 100%, while Nigeria’s literacy rate is 68% over 15.

Back 2 School Africa’s Mission and Vision

The NGO Back 2 school Africa was launched to solve these educational problems in Nigeria. The direct translation of the group name means “returning to the school”.

The mission of the group is to create the opportunity for all African children to reach their parish and realize their dreams and save the future of Africa. As the name suggests, to accomplish its mission, 20% of African children who had to quit school for financial reasons have a vision of returning to school within five years.

Background of Back 2 School Africa

Back 2 School Africa was founded by Chukuma Anklin Amadi.

The reason is in the past of Chukuma. I lost my father when I was a child and had a hard time getting an education from elementary school to university. I began to have a strong desire to help children in similar situations.

Before Back 2 School Africa, I was a teacher at a government high school in Nigeria. It is for this reason that I see a student with excellent grades dropping out of school because he could not pay for his tuition. To support the students who dropped out of school, Chukuma paid the tuition until they graduated from high school and purchased teaching materials. This story spread all over the school and students came to him, in the same way, to ask for help. He did his best and continued to support many children.

However, he can’t afford to continue to support many children. That’s why he started posting the content of the support activities on SNS. This creates a response from many people and causes the campaign to gain support.

This event led to the launch of Back 2 School Africa, and we are still working to ensure that our children are educated.

Back 2 school Africa Activities

“We help children go to school through the Swap and Ignite Africa campaigns. Specifically, we raise funds to create an environment where children are more educated, provide educational materials such as books, bags, and uniforms, and provide quality education services to children in poor areas. We are currently supporting 400 children in eight communities, but we are also considering supporting other communities so that more children can go to school in the future.” With more support from Airfunding, more children will be educated.

“I can’t go to school for lack of money. I can’t get a job because I’m not at school. I have no money because I can’t get a job. It is very difficult to cut off such a negative loop alone. But with your support, we can give children a chance to create a new future.” We appreciate your support for Back to School.

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Hello, this is Aria Intern. How are you getting along?

What was the background behind the last Airfunding activity? I wrote about the details of the Airfunding we run. If you’re going to get it, please read it too!

Now, I introduced Airfunding last time. This time, we focus on the topic of “NGOs.”

・ What is the Airfunding Overseas NGO Support Project?

・ What is an NGO?

I will share two points with you 🌏 Since this article will also introduce NGOs participating in the Airfunding program, I have summarized briefly what I want you to know before. You should look over only the areas you are interested in.

What is the Airfunding Overseas NGO Support Project?

The Airfunding Support for Overseas NGOs Project is a program that supports the efforts of overseas NGOs through Airfunding’s crowdfunding service.

Airfunding NGO Support Project We have NGOs from five countries (Nigeria, Colombia, Uganda, Indonesia, and Sierra Leone). Each group is an active NGO that has a clear vision and is working on social issues in the country. I will introduce each group from time to time.

Support is different in Airfunding as it is a subscription (monthly) to provide ongoing support. Support will be delivered directly to the owner who runs the project. Therefore, the support person can also directly check the usage of the support money.

The program’s appeal is that it can easily support five NGOs across cultures and nationalities by utilizing Airfunding services!

By the way, what is an NGO?

I have mentioned NGOs so many times, but do you know what NGOs are showing? I’ll briefly explain about NGOs here.

NGOs are the acronym for Non-govermental Organization in English and are translated as “non-governmental organizations” in Japanese. It refers to organizations that contribute to the resolution of social problems from a different standpoint from governments and international organizations. We work beyond borders, ethnicities, and religions without any purpose of profit. NGOs from various countries are also participating in such programs.

“NGO” There is a similar word “NPO”. NPOs have the initials “Non profit organization in English and are translated as “non-profit organizations.” Since NPOs, NGOs, government and companies are independent private organizations, there is no clear distinction between them.

NGOs = Organizations that engage in international activities such as development cooperation

“NPO” is a national organization engaged in welfare activities in local communities

It is often used to distinguish it.

Although they have different names, they are both working hard on social issues.


This time, we introduced basic information about “NGO”. How was it? The Overseas NGO Program is currently working to achieve these goals, with the participation of five NGOs. Airfunding Support Project for Overseas NGOs In the future, note will continue to provide content related to the program. Please check it out!

So, everyone, please have a nice day again.

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Airfunding – What is it in the first place?

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In the article I posted the other day, I explained the contents of the Airfunding project. However, I think there are many questions about the content, such as “How does Airfunding crowdfunding work?”, “What is an NGO?” and “What can we do with support?” In order to resolve such questions, I will introduce Airfunding, overseas NGOs, and participating countries in the future.

This time, focus on Airfunding.

・ How Airfunding works

・ Background to the establishment of Airfunding

・ The world we want to realize

– Concrete ways we can support

I will focus on three points. You must read the parts that will come!

How Airfunding works

Airfunding is a charitable crowdfunding service.

About 70% of the people who start the project are from emerging countries, including Southeast Asia and Latin America. There are various projects, such as medical care, environmental protection, disaster support, education and study abroad support, and it is possible to start projects on an individual or group basis. Through Airfunding, it is easy to raise donations even if each person does not have high publicity.

Supporters can support projects they want to support by sharing them with SNS and donating money. When support is provided, the support money will be donated to the project owner who launched the project. Unlike other crowdfunding, Airfunding allows you to receive more than $100 during the course of your project.

Here is an example of a medical aid that was actually done in Airfunding.

Mr. Andrew, who lives in Taiwan, suffered from an incurable disease known as the Brachyotonic Syndrome and was being treated at the hospital. You need a heart transplant to improve your condition. Heart transplants cost a lot of money and it’s hard to get a lot of money right away. The father works to earn a living for his family, but it is all he can do to maintain the present situation. In addition, the mother had to support the boys, so she couldn’t work, and was very troubled in terms of funding. His mother asked for help with heart transplants through Airfunding.

His doctor was an influencer with 200,000 followers, so the project at Airfunding was spread to many people, and it was successful to raise $20,000 from more than 300 people, and about 2.36 million yen in Japanese yen.

About 80% of the projects on Airfunding are medical support projects like Andrew’s. In particular, there are many projects in emerging countries, and the social insurance system is unstable and it is not easy to go to a hospital-like Japan. It is also true that there is an economic gap with Japan. Therefore, donations from Japan to emerging countries will be worth 5 to 10 times more! Someone is saved today with support from people all over the world.

Airfunding and Its Background

Airfunding was born with a focus on the current state of things like “I don’t feel that I’m helping someone.” We spend our time at work and school every day, and we are able to spend our time every day like normal. I wonder if there are fewer opportunities and fewer opportunities for us to be useful to someone in our daily lives.

For people in emerging countries who have started projects at Airfunding, it is not “self-evident” to have work or go to school. It is also difficult for each person to live a minimum life.

We are happy with the way we are going, but there are people who need someone’s help and who do not. I wish I could see the moment someone is helping me with Airfunding… It’s encouraging to feel that.

Where Airfunding Wants to Be

The world we want to realize is a cross-border and cross-cultural exchange. In this Airfunding, the intercultural exchange can be done in the form of “support”. Communication is difficult if there are many differences in cultural values, languages, etc. However, Airfunding is compatible with 17 languages, so it’s relatively easy to interact because it isn’t face-to-face.

As a child, I had a vague dream of making friends all over the world. But that’s not easy. As I got older, I realized that it is difficult to make friends with people because of language barriers and cultural museums. However, as the Internet and SNS are spreading, various methods of exchange have been born. I think it would be nice if the share of small happiness that my support directly helps someone is spreading to the world. That’s why it might be good to use Airfunding as a means of exchange.


          This time, we focused on Airfunding and introduced the details. How was it? It may have been difficult to get into crowdfunding, but I hope you will understand it a little bit.

Next time, we will focus on NGOs participating in the Airfunding Overseas NGO Support Program. So, everyone, please have a nice day today too.

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Patrick Mwalua: An Ally for Wild Animals Against Climate Change

Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua grew up with wildlife all over him. He watched as animals kept harmony in living with humans. We coexist in two different worlds, but trouble comes when we give it to them first. Patrick knew that when drought persists, and wild animals are left to fend for themselves. When they run out of resources, they often turn to humans for help, more often in a not-so-friendly manner.

Kenya has been experiencing drought for years now, and water gets more and more scarce. Rightfully so, Patrick felt that he, in part, was responsible for climate change and that he can be a part of the solution.

So in 2016, Patrick Mwalua filled a truck he rented with freshwater and drove to Tsavo West National Park. Up to this day, he goes back and forth until nighttime to keep the wild animals clean and hydrated. By now, they already know the sound of engines and rush; some wait for him to pour water over the water pans he created.

Through social media, he was able to gain supporters and volunteers, not just to make this a one-person team. As a result, he founded Mwalua Wildlife Trust: an organization whose goal is to create an efficient water management system in Tsavo to protect wildlife and the safety of local communities.

His projects include building water pans, digging water holes, and constructing water tanks. This initiative also allowed him to install solar pumps in the park to pump water from underground in a sustainable fashion both for the animals and the environment. He also raised $10,854 in Airfunding to continue his projects.

Patrick Mwalua’s passion for wildlife earned him awards and recognition across the globe. Namely, the Africa Network for Animal Welfare, Kenya Wildlife Services, the Taita Taveta County Presidential Award and Community Award, and recognized in various media including the LADbible,, The France 24 Observers, The Guardian, and USA Today.

Such commendable work started only by one man ended up joining people with the same advocacy. We hope Patrick Mwalua’s story inspires you to take the first step in doing something you care about. The rest, like Patrick’s story, will follow. We would be thrilled to help you reach your dreams at