Patrick Mwalua: An Ally for Wild Animals Against Climate Change

Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua grew up with wildlife all over him. He watched as animals kept harmony in living with humans. We coexist in two different worlds, but trouble comes when we give it to them first. Patrick knew that when drought persists, and wild animals are left to fend for themselves. When they run out of resources, they often turn to humans for help, more often in a not-so-friendly manner.

Kenya has been experiencing drought for years now, and water gets more and more scarce. Rightfully so, Patrick felt that he, in part, was responsible for climate change and that he can be a part of the solution.

So in 2016, Patrick Mwalua filled a truck he rented with freshwater and drove to Tsavo West National Park. Up to this day, he goes back and forth until nighttime to keep the wild animals clean and hydrated. By now, they already know the sound of engines and rush; some wait for him to pour water over the water pans he created.

Through social media, he was able to gain supporters and volunteers, not just to make this a one-person team. As a result, he founded Mwalua Wildlife Trust: an organization whose goal is to create an efficient water management system in Tsavo to protect wildlife and the safety of local communities.

His projects include building water pans, digging water holes, and constructing water tanks. This initiative also allowed him to install solar pumps in the park to pump water from underground in a sustainable fashion both for the animals and the environment. He also raised $10,854 in Airfunding to continue his projects.

Patrick Mwalua’s passion for wildlife earned him awards and recognition across the globe. Namely, the Africa Network for Animal Welfare, Kenya Wildlife Services, the Taita Taveta County Presidential Award and Community Award, and recognized in various media including the LADbible,, The France 24 Observers, The Guardian, and USA Today.

Such commendable work started only by one man ended up joining people with the same advocacy. We hope Patrick Mwalua’s story inspires you to take the first step in doing something you care about. The rest, like Patrick’s story, will follow. We would be thrilled to help you reach your dreams at

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