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What kinds of financial assistance are available in Nigeria

Food price inflation rose again at the start of this year’s second quarter in Nigeria. It, together with a depressed jobs market and devalued currency of naira to dollar, casts a huge cloud over the country’s economy. Both rich and poor are feeling the change in rising costs of living. And, many are looking for ways to get financial assistance in Nigeria.

Getting Financial Assistance in Nigeria

  • There are limited ways to personally make money online or offline in Nigeria. Much of the financial aid from private foundations goes to the government fund. The funds are then used for different social programs related to health, agriculture, financial services, women empowerment, and other programs for marginalized communities. A popular foundation that has long been supporting the Nigerian government is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

    But there’s one method that has become a trend for some of the country’s citizens. And that is through crowdfunding.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is an innovative way of raising funds from a large number of people. Many people around the world have used it to fund their dreams. Crowdfunding allows anyone to create a project on a website and ask others to donate money. The donation may also be in exchange for rewards.

Crowdfunding in Airfunding

Airfunding is a donation-based crowdfunding platform available in Nigeria and other select countries. It allows anyone to open a project and ask others to donate money towards its goal.  More than 634,000 have trusted Airfunding to help them fund their dreams through crowdfunding.

Free registration. Looking into your situation, you may not have money to shell out for a paid giving platform. It’s a good thing registration in Airfunding is free!

Easy to use. As the old saying goes, time is gold. Researching for financial assistance can take hours. That time could have been spent collecting donations instead. Airfunding provides tips every step of the way and has a user-friendly interface to kickstart your fundraiser.

Hundreds of success stories. Starting an online fundraiser could be intimidating at the start. Read through stories from hundreds of individuals who achieved their dream through Airfunding. Here’s Humanity and Community Development Foundation’s story you can start with. It took them 2 months to raise the funds they need, but it was worth it! So can you!

Shareable fundraiser. Social media has become a popular and easy way to do crowdfunding. On your Airfunding project page, you and your friends can share to any social media platform with a button. It is how Tunde Lawal did it for his fundraiser.  By sharing it with his network online, he raised $1,465 ( 608,517.05) in 6 months.

Customer service. When things do not go based on plan and you need help, you can check out the Airfunding Support Portal. Still can’t find an answer? Submit a ticket any time.

Start an Airfunding project today!

If you are looking for a quick way to make some extra cash, start an Airfunding project today. It is one of the fastest-growing forms of crowdfunding available online. With Airfunding, you can raise money for any type of project – medical, disaster relief, education, business capital, or travel.

Visit Airfunding now!

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financial assistance Malaysia

What kinds of financial assistance are available in Malaysia

Malaysia is an upper-middle-income country based on the World Bank Group report. It leaves a small number of households within or below the poverty line – less than 1% of the population. However, Malaysia is experiencing food and oil price hikes, ongoing pandemic situations, and labor force challenges. The poverty population may go higher over time.

Because of this, financial resources may be a concern not only for the poor but for every Malaysian citizen. So how do you get financial assistance in Malaysia when you need it?

Ways to get financial assistance in Malaysia

  • Personal donations from family and friends. The use of eWallet in Malaysia has boomed in 2019 with more than 53 platforms available in the country. It eases sending money to anyone using only a smartphone. It makes requesting financial help from family and friends easy, especially if you are far apart. But, this method is quite limited to your network and their financial capacity. It may, in turn, be not enough for your needs.
  • Malaysian Government Welfare Assistance. The government has made it easy for its citizens to request financial help through its online portal. You can apply for financial help for children, single parents, senior citizens, people with disabilities, medical assistance, and more. Getting financial assistance from the Malaysian government could be tedious. They need requirements and a long processing time. If you opted for this option, make sure you have enough lead time up to the time you get the money.
  • Private financial institutions. There are more than 50 financial institutions in the Malaysian banking sector. You can send them a loan application with your desired amount to receive. Most of these banks offer fast approval processing – but only if you provide the required documents and pass the credit score.
  • Private industry-related institutions. Depending on the purpose of your financial need, you can find a private institution related to it. For example, if you are looking for school tuition funds, you can find a university offering scholarship funds. If you are looking for medical financial assistance, you can find a hospital that has medical funds to support those in need. The process might be time-consuming because of the research needed. Also, to get a high probability of getting the financial help you need, applications must be done from one institution to another. Applying to just one might be risky and may be rejected.
  • Crowdfunding. Crowdfunding activities have popped up all over the globe at the start of the pandemic. Crowdfunding is the solicitation of money from a large number of people to raise funds. Online crowdfunding has already been proven by multiple platforms to be safe with security protocols in place. Creating an online fundraiser will also increase the potential of receiving an amount more than the actual amount you need.

Crowdfunding in Airfunding

Airfunding is a donation-based crowdfunding platform available in Malaysia and other select countries. More than 630,000 have trusted Airfunding to receive financial help around the world.

Fast and free registration. Setting up an Airfunding project is simple. Determine your fund goal, write up your story, and pick the date when you want to receive your funds. In a few minutes, you’re on your way to receiving donations from all over the world.

Financial assistance for anyone. The donations do not have to be yours. You can select another beneficiary to receive the funds. Airfunding provides a platform for a community to help each other out remotely. It is how Shabaz Munir helped a deceased friend’s family through Airfunding. In 12 days, their community raised $5,393 (RM 23,834.36) to support his wife and two-year-old son.

Fundraise for anything. People come to Airfunding for all types of financial needs – medical, disaster, business, education, travel, and even for your pets. Surprised? Here’s a story of Syed and how she rescued a cat’s life through Airfunding.

Start an Airfunding project today!

Considering starting a crowdfunding campaign for your financial need? Start a project for yourself, a loved one, or a charity in Malaysia now.

Visit Airfunding now!

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financial assistance

What kinds of financial assistance are available in the Philippines

The Philippines has reached a 90% learning poverty among school-aged children in 2021 (World Bank Report). It means a massive percentage of future laborers cannot read and understand simple texts in the country. It also means that these incoming workers will not have the opportunity to earn high enough wages to support their families.

So if they will not be earning enough, what can they do to make ends meet? Let us go through them one by one.

Ways to get financial assistance in the Philippines

  • Having 2 to 3 jobs. Filipinos are still dependent on their employment wages to earn money. But most of them steer clear of poverty by working 2 to 3 jobs a day. So if you have enough time and energy, this could be a solution to your financial problems.
  • Government financial assistance programs. The Philippines government has many financial help programs available to its citizens. Different financial assistance programs are available related to business, medical concerns, disaster relief, education scholarships, housing loans, and more. Because of their many programs, the amount you can receive is not that high. Applications are also subject to many requirements and a high risk of being declined.
  • Bank loans. Cash loans from private financial institutions are available for Filipinos. You can apply for personal loans according to the amount you need. Like government loans, many requirements are needed. Also, background checks will be conducted to verify your eligibility for credit. If you have a good credit score and good standing with your bank provider, this could be a good option you can try.
  • Donations through crowdfunding. Crowdfunding increased popularity among Filipinos, especially at the start of the pandemic. Crowdfunding is the solicitation of money from a large number of people to raise funds. It is easy, fast, and effective when raising money for your financial needs. If you are comfortable reaching out to family, friends, or even strangers, crowdfunding is perfect for you.

Crowdfunding in Airfunding

Airfunding is a donation-based crowdfunding platform. It is open to select countries including the Philippines. More than 620,000 have trusted Airfunding to receive financial help around the world.

Free registration. Anyone at any time can create an account for free. You can even open a fundraiser for other people like how Ma Rie did it. Her Airfunding project provided financial assistance to her coworker who had an untimely death. The funds raised amounting to $2,380 (₱125,759.20) were donated to the coworker’s wife and two kids.

Setting up is easy. Tips are available along the way so you can construct a heartwarming story like Bernadette’s. Stories like these will surely attract supporters. The story of Bernadette’s aunt captured the hearts of many supporters. It was able to raise a total amount of $1,437 (₱75,931.08).

Receive funds worldwide anytime. With an open-to-the-public project, anyone can donate to your fundraising campaign any time, anywhere. You may even be surprised to raise funds more than your set goal like what happened to Jerson! Jerson received donations within one month through his Airfunding project amounting to $3,235 (₱170,937.40). The amount is double his projected goal of $1,500!

Start an Airfunding project today!

Inspired to receive financial assistance through crowdfunding? Start an Airfunding project here. Remember to share your project link with family and friends to help you raise more funds.

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Airfunding: 5 Successful Fundraising Projects in the Malaysia in 2021-2022

Airfunding: 5 Successful Fundraising Projects in Malaysia in 2021-2022

We have had challenging times from 2020 up to now. Through it all, the power of solidarity among communities helped those in need to overcome these challenges. Community care initiatives gained popularity during this time. It is due to the governments lacking the support required by their citizens.

Here are crowdfunding stories from Malaysia that exemplify hope, solidarity, and community care.

Successful Crowdfunding Projects in Malaysia

Help for Uncle Khoo

Uncle Khoo is a regular man trying to make ends meet. If you read his story, the one bad day when his bike broke down gave him the best days after. Through the help of Victor and several other friendly strangers, Uncle Khoo’s life changed for the better. The fundraising project created by Victor raised $2,518 (RM 11,051.50) in a month. The amount is more than enough to buy Uncle Khoo a new bike. More of the funds will help him start a new life that would sustain his livelihood needs.

💡Airfunding Tip: Good storytelling captures the attention of supporters. Appealing to the emotions of the readers will trigger generosity within them.

Samuel and his fight against Cancer

At a young age, Samuel has gone through so many medical procedures and yet does not understand why he needs to have them. His mom, Ferlyn, is giving all the best she can to make things easy for Samuel – being by his side all the time, sacrificing time with her 7-month-old daughter, and more. This can only go as far for Samuel’s medical journey, especially with the rising medical bills. More than 100 individuals in 10 days sent donations to Ferlyn’s fundraising project – receiving $4,197 (RM 18,420.63). The amount is small versus what they need, but it is enough to keep Samuel’s fight going against Cancer.

💡Airfunding Tip: Give detailed information about where funds will go. It is a good practice for transparency to your supporters.

Flood Victims of Sabah

Floods are common on the eastern coast of Malaysia during heavy rainfall. It usually displaces thousands and strains emergency services in the community. Thus, it is left to the local communities to support themselves if no help is available. Medical volunteers led by Dr. Nur Syazana Zainudin started a fundraising project in Airfunding to help the Sabah community after it was hit by the worst flood in history. The group raised a total amount of $1,077 (RM 4,726.95). The funds were used to support the families with electricity supply and tools to repair their homes.

💡Airfunding Tip: As they say, photos tell a thousand words. Remember to include high-quality images in your project story to give a full picture of what is happening in your community.

Arwind Kumar’s Sanctuary for All

Malaysian comedian and popular blogger, Arwind Kumar, has been fundraising in Airfunding for the community multiple times. For his 26th birthday, he has decided to start a crowdfunding project to fund a sanctuary for all those suffering from mental health issues. With the power of social media, he was able to raise $1,224 (RM 5,372.14) from his fans nationwide.

💡Airfunding Tip: Share your story on social media. It will allow your friends to share your story with their own network and increase your fundraiser’s visibility.

Kidney Treatment for Siti

In 2019, Siti discovered that she had a Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Stage 5. It means that the best way for her to recover is to get a kidney transplant. Unfortunately, none of her family members is a good match for her. So while waiting for an organ donor, she has been on hemodialysis and recently would need an angioplasty operation. The amount to pay for this operation was raised through a fundraising project in Airfunding. A total amount of $1,745 (RM 7,658.81) was donated – much higher than what she needs!

💡Airfunding Tip: Provide updates to your supporters. It will give them the confidence to provide more support if they see where their money went.

Want a Successful Fundraising Project?

Follow the tips shared throughout this blog or browse through more tips from this link. Once you are ready, start your crowdfunding project on Airfunding today!

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Airfunding: 4 Success Crowdfunding Stories in Indonesia in 2021-2022

Airfunding: 4 Success Crowdfunding Stories in Indonesia in 2021-2022

The global spread of COVID-19 hurt the Indonesian economy. The Indonesian tourism industry got the most hit. The best-known beachside resorts and hotels in Bali closed operations during the pandemic. Thus, people’s livelihoods that are dependent on tourists were affected.

A lot of Indonesians have nowhere to earn money for living expenses. Thus, some of the members of the Airfunding community in Indonesia have resorted to crowdfunding. Here are some of the success stories you may get inspired from to crowdfund for your own needs.

Successful Crowdfunding Projects in Indonesia

Timmy, a father of 6

Timmy got caught in a fight and got injured from it. With this incident and the pandemic around, he can no longer go back to the same work and can only do small gardening tasks.

Timmy’s daughter, Nikita, created the crowdfunding campaign in Airfunding for her father. She was at school when she got the surprising call about what happened. She was distraught about it and had no idea what to do – especially for her college tuition. She had to take the matters into her own hands so that she and her siblings get the financial support they need.

With their Airfunding project open for a month, she raised funds amounting to $1,825 (IDR 26,765,541.25). The funds were used for Timmy’s surgery and the family’s daily expenses.

Tour Guide Arta’s Story

The Indonesian government imposed travel restrictions during the pandemic. It affected thousands of tourism workers – leaving them unemployed. Included in these jobless workers is Arta. He has been working for years in the tourism industry to support his two kids and parents living with him. Due to zero tourists coming into Bali, the situation became worse for him financially real fast.

With the help of the Airfunding community, Arta raised funds amounting to $1,325 (IDR 19,437,021.25). His crowdfunding campaign helped him buy food and other necessities for his family.

Ryan’s Journey from Indonesia to the USA

Ryan worked for a cruise company for the last decade before 2020. He lost his job and got stuck in Indonesia for a year during the pandemic. With tourism still down, there are no jobs for him in Bali.

But by the end of 2021, travel restrictions and community lockdowns ease down. Many tourism companies, not only in Indonesia but also around the world, are getting back on their feet. Great opportunities arise for the unemployed because of this. It is when Ryan’s crowdfunding story started.

He did a fundraising campaign in Airfunding for two months. The campaign’s goal was to raise a small amount of money to help him prepare the work documents required by his company.

The donations he received amounted to $873 (IDR 12,806,429.85). The success of his crowdfunding campaign is a turnaround for him and his family.

Fahmi and the Power of the ARMY

Fahmi’s grandmother, Siti, had a leg accident while at home. Living in poverty and the economy still down in Indonesia, Fahmi and his family have no way to get the medical help that Siti needs.

Fahmi knew that crowdfunding would be the best way to raise funds for Siti. He created an Airfunding project and shared his grandmother’s story online. Riding along with the K-Pop trend, he knew that fellow ARMY members are philanthropic and will be a great channel to share his story. Being an ARMY himself, he used social media to reach out to supporters.

After three months, Fami raised $779 (IDR 11,434,979.95). The donations are helpful for his grandmother’s recovery and other medicines needed.

Why does crowdfunding with Airfunding work in Indonesia?

If you live in one of the 17,508 islands of Indonesia, online crowdfunding would be the easiest, fastest, and most effective when raising money remotely. You can reach out for donations from supporters within the Airfunding community from just anywhere in the world. With a click from their phone, donations are transferred to your project fund in just seconds!

There are more Indonesian projects in need of your support. You can also start your crowdfunding project right away!

Visit today!

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