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In the previous note, we summarized the Airfunding Overseas NGO Support Program and basic information about NGOs. Based on the previous note, this time, we will introduce Back 2 school Africa in Nigeria, which is participating in the Airfunding Overseas NGO Support Project, while considering the situation of the country.

When I hear Nigeria, I think a lot of people have a vague image of football, Africa, and so on. This time, I would like you to learn more about Nigeria.

About Nigeria

Nigeria is a country on the west coast of the African continent. The capital is Abuja and the official language is English. However, because many people live in the country, each ethnic language is also used and it is a country full of diversity. The total population in Japan is 2096 million, about twice that of Japan. In Africa, GDP (gross domestic product: an index that shows the level of domestic economic activity) ranks highest in Africa.

Crude oil plays a major role in supporting GDP. Nigeria relies on crude oil for 80% of its total exports.

Despite the high GDP figures and being a major economic power in Africa, Nigeria has many children and street children who are not able to go to school despite the mandatory primary education. The number of street children is over 10 million, the largest in the world. So Japan’s literacy rate is almost 100%, while Nigeria’s literacy rate is 68% over 15.

Back 2 School Africa’s Mission and Vision

The NGO Back 2 school Africa was launched to solve these educational problems in Nigeria. The direct translation of the group name means “returning to the school”.

The mission of the group is to create the opportunity for all African children to reach their parish and realize their dreams and save the future of Africa. As the name suggests, to accomplish its mission, 20% of African children who had to quit school for financial reasons have a vision of returning to school within five years.

Background of Back 2 School Africa

Back 2 School Africa was founded by Chukuma Anklin Amadi.

The reason is in the past of Chukuma. I lost my father when I was a child and had a hard time getting an education from elementary school to university. I began to have a strong desire to help children in similar situations.

Before Back 2 School Africa, I was a teacher at a government high school in Nigeria. It is for this reason that I see a student with excellent grades dropping out of school because he could not pay for his tuition. To support the students who dropped out of school, Chukuma paid the tuition until they graduated from high school and purchased teaching materials. This story spread all over the school and students came to him, in the same way, to ask for help. He did his best and continued to support many children.

However, he can’t afford to continue to support many children. That’s why he started posting the content of the support activities on SNS. This creates a response from many people and causes the campaign to gain support.

This event led to the launch of Back 2 School Africa, and we are still working to ensure that our children are educated.

Back 2 school Africa Activities

“We help children go to school through the Swap and Ignite Africa campaigns. Specifically, we raise funds to create an environment where children are more educated, provide educational materials such as books, bags, and uniforms, and provide quality education services to children in poor areas. We are currently supporting 400 children in eight communities, but we are also considering supporting other communities so that more children can go to school in the future.” With more support from Airfunding, more children will be educated.

“I can’t go to school for lack of money. I can’t get a job because I’m not at school. I have no money because I can’t get a job. It is very difficult to cut off such a negative loop alone. But with your support, we can give children a chance to create a new future.” We appreciate your support for Back to School.

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