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What was the background behind the last Airfunding activity? I wrote about the details of the Airfunding we run. If you’re going to get it, please read it too!

Now, I introduced Airfunding last time. This time, we focus on the topic of “NGOs.”

・ What is the Airfunding Overseas NGO Support Project?

・ What is an NGO?

I will share two points with you 🌏 Since this article will also introduce NGOs participating in the Airfunding program, I have summarized briefly what I want you to know before. You should look over only the areas you are interested in.

What is the Airfunding Overseas NGO Support Project?

The Airfunding Support for Overseas NGOs Project is a program that supports the efforts of overseas NGOs through Airfunding’s crowdfunding service.

Airfunding NGO Support Project We have NGOs from five countries (Nigeria, Colombia, Uganda, Indonesia, and Sierra Leone). Each group is an active NGO that has a clear vision and is working on social issues in the country. I will introduce each group from time to time.

Support is different in Airfunding as it is a subscription (monthly) to provide ongoing support. Support will be delivered directly to the owner who runs the project. Therefore, the support person can also directly check the usage of the support money.

The program’s appeal is that it can easily support five NGOs across cultures and nationalities by utilizing Airfunding services!

By the way, what is an NGO?

I have mentioned NGOs so many times, but do you know what NGOs are showing? I’ll briefly explain about NGOs here.

NGOs are the acronym for Non-govermental Organization in English and are translated as “non-governmental organizations” in Japanese. It refers to organizations that contribute to the resolution of social problems from a different standpoint from governments and international organizations. We work beyond borders, ethnicities, and religions without any purpose of profit. NGOs from various countries are also participating in such programs.

“NGO” There is a similar word “NPO”. NPOs have the initials “Non profit organization in English and are translated as “non-profit organizations.” Since NPOs, NGOs, government and companies are independent private organizations, there is no clear distinction between them.

NGOs = Organizations that engage in international activities such as development cooperation

“NPO” is a national organization engaged in welfare activities in local communities

It is often used to distinguish it.

Although they have different names, they are both working hard on social issues.


This time, we introduced basic information about “NGO”. How was it? The Overseas NGO Program is currently working to achieve these goals, with the participation of five NGOs. Airfunding Support Project for Overseas NGOs In the future, note will continue to provide content related to the program. Please check it out!

So, everyone, please have a nice day again.

Airfunding Overseas NGO Support Program Official Page

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