NGO #2 Sasak Satu Swara Indonesia

Selamat siang!! How are you all doing? Here’s an intern.

Some of you may have imagined it from the opening speech and title, but today I would like to introduce Sasak Satu Swara from Indonesia, who is participating in the Airfunding Overseas NGO Support Program. (By the way, “selamat siang” means “hello” in Indonesian!)

Facts About Indonesia

 First, I would like to summarize basic information about Indonesia. Indonesia is located on the south side of Japan in the area called Southeast Asia. It takes about 11 hours to fly from Japan to Indonesia. Indonesia is made up of thousands of volcanic islands throughout the country. Something Japan has in common with island countries. Each island has its own unique culture and language, making it a very diverse country. The NGOs we are introducing are working on Lombok Island in Indonesia. Speaking of Indonesia, I wonder if you’ve heard of Bali, which is famous for its resorts, and Nasi Goreng and Mi Goreng for food.

Indonesia’s population is about 273 million, with per capita GDP (gross domestic product) of $3,893. Japan’s GDP is about $40,146, so you can understand the instability of the economy from the difference.

In Indonesia, the school attendance rate is considered a problem. The enrollment rate for primary education is 85% in Indonesia, the enrollment rate for secondary education is 65% in the metropolitan area, and 52% in Lombok Island. Primary and secondary education is a compulsory education and therefore is provided without use, but higher education is paid for later years and is quite expensive for rural workers with low wages. Therefore, it is difficult to pay for the tuition, and it is very difficult to go to university.

Sasak Satu Swara Mission and Vision

In Lombok Island, the problem is that poverty causes the loss of local talent. Because they cannot receive enough education, they are forced to leave the island and move overseas. Many women work in Saudi Arabia, while many men work in Malaysia. Both are non-regular employment and have to rely on low wages for work.

The mission of Sasak Satu Swara is to build schools in rural areas of Lombok and provide free education. The goal is to enhance education in order to reduce the opportunities for local talent to flow out of the country, and to foster young people who can contribute to the development of rural areas and become financially independent.

By creating appropriate educational opportunities, local children can do better jobs, and ultimately create a cycle in which future children can also receive education. In order to create this opportunity, Sasak Satu Swara provides educational support.

Sasak Satu Swara is a new NGO just founded. Since raising the cost of building a school in 2020, we are still focusing on providing free education to more children.

Your support will be a big boost for Sasak Satu Swara in Lombok. Please pay attention to the future trends of these people aiming to revitalize the region in education!

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