Airtripp successful crowdfunding: I Want To Pay My Cousin’s School Fees!

Godwin’s Happiness’s successful crowdfunding Story

Happiness Godwin, a woman from Dar Es Salaam of Tanzania succeed to help her cousin get paid for school fees after using crowdfunding. This succeed came from the supports of her friends at Airtripp Funding

She cannot save money because her job is not stable. Her aunt does one-off work, but most of the time she takes care of the house and she does not have income. Moreover, Happiness works in marketing. She managed to get about $ 100 per month. However, her work is irregular so it is hard for her to save money. Somehow, she managed to save $ 250 within 7 months. She needs total amount $ 350 for her cousin’s school fees

Godwin wants to help her cousin

Her cousin is a good student, but it saddens her to think that he may not continue his studies because of their financial situation. Hence, Happiness sincerely hopes for support from her Airtripp Funding’s friends so that her cousin can continue studying.

They have some money issues

Furthermore, she could not hope to borrow money from her relatives and friends because they also could not afford to lend money. She said, living in Tanzania is harsh and people could not afford to lend help. Although she has thought of taking a loan, with the state of her job currently it is hard to apply for one. Even if she somehow manages to get a loan, the interest rates are high so it is very risky.

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Use Airfunding to raise funds

So, she needs support from her companions at Airtripp Funding so she can help his cousin to continue to study. She shares the story and puts all the details of the needed funds. She needs $ 500 to pay the fees and also the study materials like uniform and books. She would only like the assistance from Airtripp Funding’s friends to pay $ 250 of that. She would pay the rest with her saved money.

Airfunding helps a lot !

Finally, she has managed to collect $ 170 in support of her friends at Airtripp Funding. She can pay her cousin’s school fees. She was very grateful and thankful to her friends at Airtripp Funding for giving her cousins the opportunity to continue studying and have a brighter future.

May her cousins will be able to achieve his goals in the future. If you also need funds for your project, you can also try to raise funds on Airtripp Funding. So, do not forget to share this article with your friends who gain benefit from it on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, and Instagram.

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