Ugandan Weightlifter who Went Missing in Tokyo Olympics found help from Concerned Group through Airfunding

Days before the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Ugandan weightlifter Julius Ssekitoleko disappeared from the Olympic training camp. His disappearance sent the Uganda and Japanese governments on their toes and together, set out to search for him. He left only a clear note before fleeing: that he wanted to find work in Japan and requested to return his belongings to his family. 

Four days later, he was found and sent back to his hometown immediately. The Ugandan government promised him continuous rehabilitation to support his career, but soon after, he was detained for more than 48 hours. This action was criticized by the Union of Uganda Sports Federations and Association saying, “he deserves sympathy, not harsh treatment”. His lawyer also told the media that Julius wasn’t the first athlete to disappear in a foreign land, seeking work due to the little support they get from the country they represent. And who wouldn’t? When his pregnant wife and was immediately evicted from their rented home after he fled to Japan. His only source of hope and income was his talent: his craft – his sport.

Leaving jail wearing his medals, Julius Ssekitoleko captured the hearts and sympathy of people across the globe. People started to support him on Twitter using the hashtag #StandWithSsekitoleko and lawyers rushed in to offer him help for free. Walter Mwesigye, a Ugandan TV producer and writer organized a drive to help Julius on his financial and legal battles. He has put up a project in Airfunding called “Stand Up for Julius Ssekitoleko” which raised $2,883 from people across the globe.

It seems that many citizens of Uganda resonated with his story, finding themselves in the same boat as someone who wishes to leave the doorstep of home and find themselves in a better place in a foreign land.

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Kelvin Cruickshank from Ghana Builds A Car from Scratch At 18 Years Old

No matter how humble the beginnings are, great minds always end up carving their paths to success. Such is true for the likes of Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and soon a Kelvin Cruickshank. 


Kelvin started creating remote-controlled prototypes at the age of 7.  After realizing his passion for building machines, he started working on building his car when he was 15. His journey was far from easy. He had his own set of challenges and faced resistance from his community, family, and even his mother. The people around him thought he was going mad; his mother mistook his passion for merely playing in the dirt. After all, who would dream of technological advances in a country where putting food on the table is already more than enough? Kelvin could not let a few hurtful words crush his metallic dreams.


Despite the doubt, a group of friends was there to support him and help him whenever he needed it. It only took few people who believed in him to prove a hundred people wrong.

Coming from a low-income neighborhood in Ghana with no educational background in engineering, Cruickshank started building his car with only pure talent, passion, and sheer grit. For four years, he gathered materials from junkyards and construction sites and taught himself how to build a car. At just 18, he built a fully functioning car, complete with a radio, all by himself. He is the first person to drive a car in his neighborhood and what makes it even better is that it is his creation.


News of Kelvin’s creation spanned continents. He was featured by the likes of Nas Daily and Drew Binsky. He was featured in BBC News, Amplify Africa, Auto Evolution, and Interesting Engineering, to name a few.

Some of his noteworthy features including on BBC

Taking his dreams, a bit further, he plans to build a car manufacturing garage to give rise to new inventions. He also looks forward to training others who want to follow in his footsteps. In this garage will rise Kelvin Mobil: his own automobile brand.


He has an ongoing campaign on Airfunding to reach his $2,000 goal.

Malaysian Comedian and Popular Blogger, Arwind Kumar Successfully Raised Funds to Help Families Affected by COVID-19 Pandemic


Arwind Kumar a popular personality in Malaysia has used Airfunding to gather donations for his charity project last year. His project aims to help those families that are greatly affected by the community lockdown imposed by the government most particularly families who lost their jobs or lost the opportunity to earn income.

He founded the #quaranTEAM charity initiative to provide a month’s worth of food supplies and basic needs to families in need. He has raised almost $ 9,000 for his project that helped vulnerable families during the lockdown.


Together with Airfunding, he has used his social media presence to make this initiative a success. However, many people still need help as this global pandemic has been paralyzing the economy much more to simple families who are barely making it to survive. 

As the month of Ramadan is celebrated across the world, it is encouraged to give more to charitable efforts especially to those that are vulnerable. A simple act of kindness will make a difference to another person’s life. Let this season be a beacon of hope to everyone in need.

During these trying times, the best of humanity is displayed everywhere through different means and ways. As the rise of similar projects on Airfunding has been increasing over the past few months, many people in need across the globe are benefiting from this act of kindness. Arwind has inspired more people to help one another so everyone can get through this. Airfunding is dedicated to helping everyone by everyone across all borders, beyond any language and race. Now people can seek help and provide support to almost anyone in the world.

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Successful fundraising case: Japanese women complete their dream of traveling to Japan

Successful fundraising case: Japanese women complete their dream of traveling to Japan

It must have been a stressful phase of life. No matter the stress at work, when you are learning or the many life problems you are facing. In short, why not cope with that stress by taking an exciting tour of the country or abroad. Give yourself space to relax and enjoy yourself by taking a vacation trip. This is because, holidays can ease your mind and relax your mind.