Using the fundraising platform to raise funds for development business

Afzal’s Success Crowdfunding Story: Let’s Support His Business!

Using fundraising platform to raise funds for development business

This is a true success story about a young entrepreneur, Syed Mohd Afzal from Melaka, Malaysia has been using a crowdfunding method to grow his business. After receiving support from his friends at Airtripp Funding, he has succeeded in expanding his business.

Using fundraising platform to make money quick to development business

Afzal owns a small business selling Kambing Bakar in front of his house at Melaka which is called ‘The Flaming Kambing Bakar Bukit Beruang’. The restaurant opens from 12 pm to 11 pm. Many customers come to their restaurant because it had the highest level of satisfaction in menu variety. Among the top food menu in its restaurant is flaming lambs. It has the choice of chicken and beef as well, serve with white rice. The ambiance is nice and it was a good place to get together with friends and family. His business is in a good circumstance with the growth of many customers.

The business runs almost a year now and the customer is growing over its excellent service, menu and value. Unfortunately, Afzal who is the owner of ‘The Flaming Kambing Bakar Bukit Beruang’ was faced a problem of the worker shortage. Right now, the business runs only with two people. The lack of workers has forced the owner to serve the customers and help them in the kitchen.

Every business has a natural ebb and flows, a rhythmical pattern of income and expenses. Due to budget constraint, he cannot expand his business too much. He has to control the financial flows wisely. Nevertheless, it does not mean that he has to stop his business whereas his business already has good service with a wide range of quality food.

He proposed a crowdfunding proposal on Airtripp Funding to help himself

However, once he found out about Airtripp Funding he asks support to his Airtripp Funding’s friends. He needs the fund to add his capital to hire more workers and buy more raw materials. Right now, he earned $ 140.00 so far. He has another 4 more days to collect fund from his friends on Airtripp Funding. He really appreciates and thankful to whom helped him through Airtripp Funding for giving him the opportunity to expand his business. Since he has 4 more days left at Airtripp Funding, you may also support his business. Hopefully, his business growth well in the future. For those who want to start their business but do not have enough capital, can try using crowdfunding that was provided on Airtripp Funding. So, do not forget to share this article with your friends who might gain benefit from it on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Let’s Support our Business!

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