Fundraising for Breast Cancer

Fundraising for Breast Cancer, Airtripp crowdfunding success case

Fundraising for Breast Cancer of crowdfunding case : I Want To Help My Best Friend Who Has Breast Cancer!

Despite having no blood ties with Maria, Xyrine, a woman living in Bacorod, Philippines was willing to help her best friend Maria who was facing breast cancer. She felt like it was her responsibility as a best friend to help her during a difficult time.

The cost of cancer treatment is so high. She can’t afford to support Maria’s treatment cost. However, Xyrine was very grateful after she found out the platform that can help her to raise fund easily which is called Airtripp Funding. This woman successes to assist her best friend get good treatment by positive supporting friends on Airtrtipp Funding.

Fundraising for Breast Cancer, Airtripp crowdfunding case

They have known each other since 2014, where she had met Maria at the church of her residential area. Maria is the leader of her church group and she is loved by everyone around there. Maria, 37 years old who is a very cheerful person. She always took care of Xyrine before this as an elder sister. She always concerned about Xyrine and helped her a lot. So, this time is Xyrine chance to help her back. Furthermore, Maria is not married yet and she has not siblings. She lives with her mother and grandmother where her mother also suffers from diabetes. So, Maria was in a very difficult situation.

Maria had faced a tough time after she knew that she had cancer last year. She has spent a lot of money on expensive treatments and currently, she can’t afford for more. Now, her cancer has spread in stage 4. She thought she might not make it even with treatment, but her life could be longer and better. However, Xyrine did not give up on finding ways to get the fund for her best friend treatment. 

Airtripp crowdfunding case

Furthermore, Xyrine’s salaries in her country are really low so she can’t save enough money to help her. She decided to sell a lot of her belongings around $300 so she can make more money to bear the cost of her best friend’s treatment. Nevertheless, Xyrine’s longing on helping her best friend to get treatment reached and successes after she found Airtripp Funding which is the platform allows her to earn fund easily.

She expressed and shared the stories from the bottom of her heart on Airtripp Funding. She put all the information include fees. Maria needs money for her treatments and daily life.

Xyrine wants to give her own $ 300 savings and she needs another $ 1,000 more to meet the need to help her best friend undergo treatment cancer. Every single dollar will be handed over to Maria for treatment. Finally, she managed to get support from her friends at Airtripp Funding which is earned beyond than she expected which is $ 1,071.00.

She was deeply grateful and thankful to her companions at Airtripp Funding who has contributed to contributing. She also gratified towards platform Airtripp Funding itself on providing an excellent and cool platform for fundraising to help her best friend get treatment work out.

Fundraising for Breast Cancer, Airtripp crowdfunding case

Hopefully, Maria lives in a better life in the future. Airtripp funding is always ready to help you to get fund easily. So, do not forget to share this article with your friends on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and Twitter that might benefit from it.

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