Through crowdfunding, helping students to pay tuition fees

Here are several types of financial support that can apply through online for the scholarship, students loan, or crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding study abroad

Crowdfunding for the people to help study abroad

We have a suggestion for students to get their financial support for studying abroad which is through crowdfunding.

crowdfunding success case

Fundraising story : Help For Surgery And Treatment!

Le Vy’s Fundraising Story : Help For Surgery And Treatment For My Little Brothers!

Airtripp crowdfunding success case : Record A CD!

Airtripp crowdfunding success case : Record A CD ! Tala has used crowdfunding at Airtripp Funding for its band which is called Datenshi Project.


3 tips of crowdfunding safeness

It is normal for someone to be cautious when they first heard of Crowdfunding. As are regarding most new things, people will be sceptical.