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Fundraising story : Help For Surgery And Treatment!

Le Vy’s Fundraising Story : Help For Surgery And Treatment For My Little Brothers!

Mai Le Vy, a Vietnamese girl has succeeded in helping her little brothers to get the treatment and surgery after finding out about Airtripp Funding. She is the sister of her two little brother’s who have a health problem.

The cost of treatment for her little brother’s illness is very expensive and she was unable to support them. So, she has used crowdfunding to help her little brothers. With the support of her friends at Airtripp Funding, she has succeeded in helping her little brothers undergo treatment and surgery.

They really need surgery. Her little brothers are a twin 8 years old. One of them has a congenital defect in his legs known as Clubfoot. Because of that, he can’t walk correctly. Before this, he had surgery years ago, but it was unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, her other little brother has Glaucoma. It is a disease that damages the eye’s optic nerve. He needs medicine for his eyes and future surgery too.

Fundraising story

This situation is causing a bad effect on their mood. This is because they can’t play like the other children, due to their disabilities. The one who has a problem in his feet can’t run with other children. While, the other one hasn’t any problem with his legs, but he has a vision problem.

They feel really low self-esteem as they can’t play like the other children. It is very important for them to get proper treatment and surgery so they can be like the other children.

Who does not love her siblings, right? Le Vy really wants them to get their treatments before it is too late. Unfortunately, they have a financial problem and can’t afford to undergo treatment surgery.

Her mother did not work because she had to take care of the children, as they can’t be left alone. Meanwhile, Le Vy is just a student. He could not afford to contribute any money to help them. That’s why she is asking for her friends at Airtripp Funding help.

She only had $ 200 savings and that was not enough to cover the cost of surgery and treatment. So, she needs the total amount of $ 1,300.00 in support for $ 1000 surgery, $ 300 rehabilitation and treatment also another $ 200 for their daily life expenses.

Finally, she has managed to earn $ 1,475.00 more than beyond that from the support of her friends at Airtripp Funding. The funds are already used for the treatment and surgery of her little brothers. She was deeply grateful and thankful to her friends at Airtripp Funding for the support and encouragement given.

Hopefully her little brothers can lead a better life in the future. If you also need funds to help your loved ones, family or friends, you can use the crowdfunding that was provided on Airtripp Funding as it is a cool and easy platform for fund raising. So, do not forget to share this article with your friends who might gain benefit from it on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and Twitter.

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