Airtripp crowdfunding success case : Record A CD!

Tala’s Crowdfunding Success Story: Datenshi Project: Record A CD!

Tala has used crowdfunding at Airtripp Funding for its band which is called Datenshi Project. They have already succeeded in recording a single including some of their songs. They have been using crowdfunding to record a CD. Eventually, they have managed to release their maxi single with the supports from their friends on Airtripp Funding.

Racio, known as Tala is the guitarist of Datenshi Project. While she is working as a Spanish teacher in Japan, She is playing with her band and has a dream to record a CD.

crowdfunding success case

Datenshi Project was created in 2011 in Malaga, Spain. This band is the dream of 4 peoples who have worked for years which is the main vocalist, Lourdes, guitarist, Tala, Bass, JP, and Edu drummer.

They use to play Japanese rock and inspired by their favourite Japanese rock band like Visual Kei music. The songs they create are all original and made in Japanese. They always try to tell a story and message with their own music and performances.

Initially, they were made some performances in their city. But, they always shared the same dream to be able to perform in Japan someday. Their project stopped for a moment when Tala and the vocalist moved to Japan to continue their studies and the band got separated, but that wasn’t the end for them.

Finally, they managed to gather in Japan and make their dream come true together. Currently, they performing around 2 or 3 per month in Tokyo. They meet a lot of bands and a lot of their wonderful friends from Airtripp Funding that usually come to support them during performances.

crowdfunding success case

They stay in Tokyo but in October last year, two male members of the band, JP and Edu got finished their visa and had to go back to Spain. It’s really difficult and expensive to have a band. As a band, they have saving to record the CD, but as two members of them have to leave Japan to make them don’t have enough time to reach the amount they need.

Now, Tala is keeping the collected funds until JP and Edu can come back to Japan to finally record the CD. While, Edu and JP are in Spain trying so hard to find a job to let them save some money to come back to Japan, Tala, and his vocalist keep doing concerts and creating new songs. Furthermore, to record a CD in Japan is very expensive. So they really needed the support of their friends on Airtripp Funding so they could achieve their dream of recording a CD for Datenshi Project.

So, they need funds to record a CD in the range of $ 660.00. As a result of the support of all their friends in Airtripp Funding, they earned beyond than that which is $ 893.00. JP and Edu are planning to come back to Japan in July if everything goes well, and they will finally record their CD with the funds Tala collected.

crowdfunding success case

Airtripp Funding has helped Tala to achieve her dream of recording his band’s CD. Hopefully, Datenshi Project is always successful in the future. If you have a project or dream that you want to accomplish, you may also be able to use crowdfunding because Airtripp Funding is a good platform that can give you the opportunity to get funds easily. So, do not forget to share this article with your friends who might benefit from it on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Twitter.

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