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Afzal’s Success Crowdfunding Story: Let’s Support His Business!

This is a true success story about a young entrepreneur, Syed Mohd Afzal from Melaka, Malaysia has been using a crowdfunding method to grow his business. After receiving support from his friends at Airtripp Funding, he has succeeded in expanding his business.

Successful fundraising case: Japanese women complete their dream of traveling to Japan

Successful fundraising case: Japanese women complete their dream of traveling to Japan

It must have been a stressful phase of life. No matter the stress at work, when you are learning or the many life problems you are facing. In short, why not cope with that stress by taking an exciting tour of the country or abroad. Give yourself space to relax and enjoy yourself by taking a vacation trip. This is because, holidays can ease your mind and relax your mind.

Why They Could Succeed

3 Case Studies Of Successful Crowdfunding Project

We find some tips from the analysis of successful crowdfunding project.Through the three examples of different types of this article, you may learn something.


3 things you need to know about subscription fundraising

Subscription fundraising is a kind of fundraising for the masses, but unlike one-off fundraising, subscription fundraising is a “long-term and stable project”.

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4 Success Stories of Crowdfunding in Malaysia

We have discussed before on the Crowdfunding history in Malaysia. Now we discuss recent years both good and bad examples of Stories of Crowdfunding in Malaysia


Crowdfunding case study:Bianca’s Success Story

Successfully raising money on Airfunding

Bianca, a Brazilian girl, has made sharing moment of her longing for her mother’s love at Airfunding. She needs fund to help her mom to come back to Brazil from Pakistan, where she is now. What she needs is just the amount to afford the flight ticket and help her to meet her mom’s back. She has used the crowdfunding method to raise funds from the people. Finally, she succeeded to help her mom to come back through crowdfunding that was provided on Airfunding.

Her first target achieved! The funds earned from her friends at Airfunding were meaningful to her because she was able to purchase a flight ticket for her mom to come back. She really appreciate her Airfunding’s friends collaboration for their valuable help.

Bianca, finally reunited with her mother on February 2019!

However, her mother’s return flight tickets are not enough. She needed more for her mom’s daily living expenses. When her mother comes back to Brazil, her mother will search for a job as soon as possible. But, looking for a job in Brazil is not an easy thing. Before her mother gets a regular job, she would need some help for daily expenses that can bear her mother for 2 months. She said, she will use the expenses wisely.

The reason why Bianca’s mother left

This story happened to this girl when her mother left Brazil one year ago to go to the United Arab Emirates to search for a job so she will able to financially maintain their family. She wants the best for her family. She wants to see their family live happily. She tried hard to find a job but it did not work out. After 3 months, as she couldn’t find a job. She had to use almost all her savings. So her mother has decided to use the rest of her savings to move to Pakistan because that was the only best option as she hadn’t enough expenses to come back home. Unfortunately, she also couldn’t find a job in Pakistan. She lost the hope that she had left.

Bianca’s 8-year-old brother

Requesting for help on a crowdfunding platform

In addition, Bianca also lived in a difficult situation. She lives with her grandmother and her 8-year-old brother. Their lives only depend on their grandmother pension for all the daily expenses. Besides, this girl is studying at university. So, she doesn’t have time to find a job, as finding a job in her city is not a piece of cake.  That is the reason why she really can’t afford to purchase the flight ticket for her mother. She needs help and support of her friends at Airfunding to bring his mother back to Brazil.

The loss of a person who is very meaningful in our lives is very painful. Her little brother is always missing her mom. He always asked her how his mother there was. So, Bianca really appreciates if her friends at Airfunding can help her family to get back together. She needs $ 1200 for her mother’s return flight ticket and the rest for her daily expenses.

After sharing his story at Airfunding, indirectly she managed to earn beyond than that which is $ 1,240.00 from Airfunding collections.

Successfully reunited with families

Thank you , Airfunding !

Eventually, Bianca had used to manage the fund for her mother’s return flight ticket and their daily expenses in Brazil! She felt so grateful and thankful to her friends at Airfunding who supported her as they could meet her mother again!

Hopefully, Bianca and her family can continue their journey of life successfully in the future. If you also need funds to help your loved ones, family or friends, you can also use the crowdfunding that was provided by Airfunding as it is a cool and easy platform for fundraising.

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Famous Successful and Failed Crowdfunding Stories

Crowdfunding is gradually being accepted by people and businesses as a means of raising money and there have been successful stories which can be seen from the different campaign platforms. They are also crowdfunding stories that are a failure while trying to promote various projects. We will be looking at both the success stories and failed stories as stated here.

Five Famous Successful stories

1. Peak Design: Travel Tripod

The tripod designed by Peak Design

The Travel Tripod is a new innovation that is a redesign of the traditional tripod which is difficult to carry in the field. The new Travel Tripod is easy to carry anywhere, that is intuitive and will be a delight to use. The Peak design travel tripod maximizes space and has portable easy deplorable legs that have instant camera connection.

Peak Design was able to raise $8,082,462 with an initial fundraising goal of $500,000 having a few days left to the end of the campaign and far exceeded their expectation. This was a very successful campaign on Kickstarter crowdfunding platform as they were able to raise more than the fundraising goal from 18, 335 backers before the expiration of the campaign.

2. Ryan Stout: Arsenal, the intelligent camera assistant

This tool helps you take perfect photos through machine learning

Arsenal, the intelligent camera assistant tends to unlock the potential of your DSLR or mirrorless camera and capture amazing images in any condition. Your smartphone can be used to capture amazing images in any condition and get control of your DSLR or mirrorless camera. Arsenal is the world’s first intelligent assistant for DSLR and mirrorless cameras. Ultralight hardware lets you wirelessly control your camera with intuitive iOS or Android app and advanced machine learning algorithms help you get perfect shot every time. This is an innovative device that was very successful using the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform.

Ryan Stout was able to raise $3,338,026 from 19,236 backers while campaigning on the Indiegogo platform.

3. Unistellar: eVscope

Personal-use telescope backed by the SETI Institute themselves

Unistellar eVscope is 100 times more powerful than normal telescopes that enable you to discover objects not noticed before in compact telescope and you can conveniently watch the universe from downtown. This is another successful campaign using the Indiegogo platform.

Unistellar was able to raise $3,091,044 from 2,672 backers while making use of Indiegogo campaign platform.

4. Stashbee: Storage Space Platform

Stashbee made a booking of storage space easy, convenient and affordable for everyone and everywhere. This platform connects individuals and businesses who have spare spaces with those in need of spare spaces. Stashbee was able to raise £2,223,418 with an initial funding goal of £1,600,019 from Seedrs crowdfunding platform and it was a success.

5. Commuter Club

Commuter Club is a unique tech platform that helps commuters purchase the right ticket online at a low cost with a convenient monthly payment plan. There were able to raise £2,150,360 with an initial funding goal of £1,850,000 from 612 investors using the Seedrs crowdfunding platform and it was a success.

Is it all good?

Through crowdfunding platform does recognize successes that have helped people in the process of raising funds for a specific purpose. Some people were not so fortunate using the crowdfunding platform which led to failures due to many reasons such as project failures, poor planning, inconsistencies in projects and it is stated here.

Two Failed Crowdfunding Stories

1. Mark Shuttleworth: Canonical Ubuntu Edge

Ubuntu Edge is a personal computing device that contains a smartphone and desktop PC in one device. Mark Shuttleworth was able to raise $12,733,521 with an initial funding goal of $32,000,000 from 27,633 backers using the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. It started as a success as it was able to break crowdfunding records in addition to being the fastest project to hit $2 million in 7hrs 59 mins and the highest of $3.45 million within a total period of 24 hours but never reached its funding goal. The project was discontinued due to issues such as not able to meet with the timeline for delivery and people who contributed funds for the project on the crowdfunding platform were refunded the amount they individually contributed.

2. Crystal Wash 2.0: Clean Laundry with no detergent

Although sounding good, in the end, it was regarded as a scam

Crystal wash is a proven technology that can last for 1000 loads of clean laundry without detergents, chemicals or perfumes. It makes use of Bio Ceramics from the earth that can clean your clothes naturally like laundry detergents. Crystal wash was able to raise $268,368 with an initial funding goal of $100,000 from 3,608 backers using the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform. It was a success as they exceeded the project’s funding goal. This project became a failure when they were not able to complete the intended project as expected and a refund had to be made to the backers as demanded by them upon receipt of the project’s update that they will not be able to meet up.


The nature of the project determines the type of crowdfunding platform to be chosen and innovative products should be properly tested before any crowdfunding campaign. The use of crowdfunding platforms to make money for the various projects can be a success or a failure depending on the campaign.

Anwesh’s Fundraising Story: A Dream About Traveling Japan

This is a true fundraising story about Anwesh Pati, a man who is from India has made a story sharing on Airtripp Funding about his dream of traveling to Japan.

Rahul Success Crowdfunding Story

Rahul Success Crowdfunding Story: I Want To Build A Fence To Protect My Chicken!

This is a true success story about Rahul Pradev from Chennai, India who has been using the method of crowdfunding to build a fence for his chickens. As the chickens are growing, he wants to build a proper space for his chicken. Currently, he has remaining another 13 days to get his friend’s support on Airtripp Funding to build a fence for his chickens.

Crowdfunding For Animal

Airtripp crowdfunding case: We Want To Crowdfunding For Animal Shelter

A group want to crowfunding for animal shelter in Langkawi. They want to make a difference in the way animals are treated and their welfare in shelter homes.


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