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4 Ways to Turn Social Media Followers into Donors

You have probably been active in your social media accounts for years. And in those years, you have accumulated networks of different people – family, friends, or colleagues. You are connected with them because they know who you are and love what you do. Now, how do you turn them into donors for your crowdfunding project?

4 Fundraising Tips on Social Media

Just sharing content on your profile feed might not help significantly with your fundraising campaign. Finding the right mix of social media posts for your fans will guarantee financial supporters for your project. Here’s how!

Tip #1: Post content that is valuable.

The best way to convert followers into donors is by sharing content they will relate to and enjoy. Post your project story in an exciting and shareable way. Your followers engage with you because they believe it is something worthwhile for their time – and, hopefully, their money. So, when you post content that isn’t relevant to your audience, you are wasting their time and losing potential donors.

Here are sample posts you can try:

✔ Post conversational content. Ask a question. Or, help them understand that your fundraiser is a solution to a problem they can solve with their support.

Instagram stories are a great place for promotions and short-term content. Post a photo or video that tells your story and why you need donations. Make sure information is consumable in under 15 seconds.

✔ Use hashtags like #Airfunding, #crowdfunding, #charity, or #donate. It allows your post to become searchable and gain supporters beyond your current network.

Tip #2: Have courage. Ask for help.

People enjoy giving back to those who give to them. If you ask them to donate to your cause, they will likely respond positively. Showing vulnerability among your network can bring them closer to you. It can also build deep trust because you have shown them your truth and shared a personal experience they can relate to. So it is okay to ask for help from your followers as long as you have done it humbly and truthfully. They will more likely support your efforts this way.

✔ Show them a full picture of what your fundraiser is all about. List items where money will be used. It will give them a better understanding of why you are asking for their support.

✔ Share before and after photos of your project. Putting a “face” to your crowdfunding project gives a little more push for donors to support your cause. You can post an update on your Airfunding project while your fundraiser is in progress.

Tip #3: Give them something back.

Once they have donated to your fundraising project, showing gratitude is a must. It can be a Thank You message sent to their inbox. Or, you give them your support as well. Check out any of their posts and look at what they need help with. You can share them with your network or donate back to their cause. Other ways are:

✔ Show off their support. Make them feel appreciated by thanking them publicly.

✔ Post a follower feature on your feed. It can be a photo or video of their work that might interest your other followers.

Tip #4: Create a community online event.

If you are raising money for a cause, consider creating an event exclusively for your fans. It will give them something to rally behind and help you spread awareness about your cause.

Facebook allows users or pages to create events on their feed. Check this guide to get you started.

✔ Doing a live story on Instagram or TikTok exclusive for fans is also a fun idea to try. They get to engage with you as you talk about your crowdfunding project. Your Airfunding project link can be pinned on the comments section for easy access to supporters.

Raise funds for your Airfunding project through social media today

Whatever you are advocating to raise funds for – medical, travel, or business, crowdfunding with the help of your social media connections is among the best options to do. So get started today on Airfunding! With just a few clicks, you can begin sharing your fundraiser with your social media followers and get funds for those in need.

Find more crowdfunding tips or read about success stories worldwide from the Airfunding blog.

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5 Top Crowdfunding Platforms in Japan 5 Top Crowdfunding Platforms in Indonesia

5 Top Crowdfunding Platforms in Indonesia

Price inflation in Indonesia has taken a toll on the lifestyle of its citizens. Some have already limited unnecessary spending like eating out on the weekend to save money. But for most Indonesians, it is not enough to cover household expenses. There’s not much they can do but seek financial help wherever available.

Crowdfunding for Financial Help

Crowdfunding has become an increasingly popular way for people to raise money. It is a fundraising method where any individual, group, or organization donates to a cause or project. There are now over 1 million crowdfunding campaigns worldwide. The most successful ones often are business ideas that need funding, medical bill assistance, disaster relief funds, and education financing.

Top 5 Crowdfunding Platforms in Indonesia

Many crowdfunding platforms are available in Indonesia, but not all are worth using. Read on to see what makes each one unique.

5. Bizhare

Bizhare is a crowdfunding platform for businesses that want to raise funds. Not only do the business owners receive funding, but Investors also get a profit share from the business project they have invested in. As of 2022, Bizhare has funded more than 90 businesses in the country, including the popular convenience store Alfamart.

4. DANAdidik

As Bizhare focuses on businesses, DANAdidik, on the other hand, focuses on educational support for Indonesian children. It has a similar setup as the former crowdfunding platform wherein the lenders earn from the repayment tenor up to 21%. In under three years of operation, DANAdidik has helped more than 700 students in the country.

3. TaniFund

Agriculture is one of the key sectors in Indonesia. But due to the rise of industrialization, its share is decreasing. TaniFund took this as an opportunity to offer its crowdfunding services. Its platform allows the connection of farmers and businesses. Farmers are given access to finance cultivation activities on their farms. Today, more than 5,000 farmers have benefited from crowdfunding through TaniFund.

2. Kitabisa

Kitabisa boasts itself to be the #1 trusted fundraising and donation platform in Indonesia. For nine years, they have opened its platform to more than 100,000 individuals and organizations needing financial help. Unlike the first 3 platforms mentioned above, any crowdfunding project is allowed – natural disasters, health assistance, religious activities, etc.

1. Airfunding

Airfunding is the only online crowdfunding platform available for Indonesians but is based outside of the country. It focuses on bridging the gap between nations by creating a crowdfunding platform that is open worldwide.

Airfunding team consists of experienced individuals with different cultural backgrounds. They have come together – overcoming borders – to help people in need worldwide. The team is open to supporting you throughout your crowdfunding journey.

✔ Already more than a decade in the crowdfunding scene, Airfunding has helped raise funds for more than 659,200 individuals and organizations worldwide.

✔ Like Kitabisa, Airfunding is open to any crowdfunding project – from medical assistance, disaster relief funds, education fund support, business financing, travel funds, and more. Read some of the success stories from Indonesia like Nikita Wau (received $1,825 donations) and Oli Nold (received $1,078 donations) who both have raised funds in just one month!

Pursue financial assistance through Airfunding today!

Airfunding is here to help you find the funding you need to make your projects a reality. There are thousands of people within our community willing to make it happen without you going into debt. So if you’re ready to start, sign up and launch your fundraising project on Airfunding today.

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Fundraising Tips for Small Businesses

The Best Fundraising Tips for Small Businesses

You don’t have to be an expert in raising money for your start-up business. Many people who aren’t financial experts have raised millions of dollars for their business dream. There’s Jan Koum (Whatsapp), Howard Schultz (Starbucks), Oprah Winfrey, Ralph Lauren, Steve Jobs (Apple), and Sam Walton (Walmart) – to name a few.

Whether you are raising funds for a new business venture or thinking of expansion on your current one, several fundraising techniques will help you reach your capital goals. Here are Airfunding tips to get you started.

Tips for Raising Money for your Start-Up

1. Start with a plan.

Before asking for money, make sure you have thought through what you need and why you need it. It is important to think about what you would do with the money once you receive it. Having a plan makes possible investors or supporters believe that the money they sent is worth every penny. Be prepared. If you are going to ask for money, make sure your pitch is ready. That means having a clear message, a compelling story, and a well-written proposal.

The best way to do this is to make a list. Write down everything you will need to raise money for your crowdfunding campaign. Check out Yazmin Atencio from Mexico and how she listed all the materials her business needs. Her detailed description of where the money will be used helped her raise $711 in two months.

2. Reach out to your network.

Reaching out doesn’t only mean asking for money from your family or friends. You can reach out to them to get advice as well. Find out what other entrepreneurs like you are doing to raise funds. Don’t wait for the money to come to you. Be active in finding creative ways to raise money through the help of others. That is literally how crowdfunding works!

Building a strong team to work with helps a lot. A good team behind you will help you succeed. They already share your vision and values. They also understand how to work together and be able to communicate effectively. (Bonus tip: join the Airfunding Worldwide Community!)

3. Make them say “Yes!”

Entrepreneurs are known for their being passionate. And, if you are passionate about a business idea, you surely won’t just take no for an answer. If a friend cannot support your fundraising project financially, how about asking them to share your project link instead? A small gesture of sharing your project will come a long way. Offer them a variety of ways to help your small business.

Efren from the Philippines did just that. Through the help of his friends sharing his Airfunding project, he amazingly raised $1,563 in one month!

Олексій from Ukraine did it differently. Instead of making the supporters think they are only donating for business capital, he instead offered to exchange their donations for a cup of coffee. Brilliant, isn’t it? And it helped him raise $614!

4. Receipts.

As you crowdfund your business capital, remember to check in with your current supporters. Providing them updates gives them a little push to donate again. You can do this in different creative ways like a blog, direct message, photo update, or video summary. Sharing these milestones will help you on your crowdfunding journey.

Here’s a guide on how you can provide updates on your Airfunding project.

5. Keep on learning.

Knowledge is right at your fingertips. Many resources online will help you boost your fundraising activity. Learn from different people and sources every now and then. First to check out is Airfunding’s YouTube channel! Learn what crowdfunding is and how Airfunding works through our videos. Get also amazing tips from success stories from around the world.

Ready to start your business?

Sourcing funds will be hard at the start. But crowdfunding will help you take the first steps toward your financial goal. So start your crowdfunding journey today in Airfunding!

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5 Top Crowdfunding Platforms in Japan

5 Top Crowdfunding Platforms in Japan

Are your passports ready? Japan joins the movement as one of the economies with active international exchange. The country has recently announced the relaxation of its border controls to boost tourism. The lingering COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect poverty in Japan severely.  Opening the economy to more tourists will boost the economy and bring back livelihood for the Japanese in need.

Why travel to Japan?

Japan is an amazing country full of culture, history, and natural beauty. It has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. From the snowcapped mountains of Hokkaido to the lush green forests of Kyoto, there are so many places to see. One can go from shopping to eating – there is something for everyone. Whatever the reason you may have, one thing is for sure – you need funds to experience the rich culture in Japan!

Crowdfund your travel to Japan

Travel is fun with friends along with you! Did you know you can start the fun when you crowdfund for your travel money? Crowdfunding allows you to raise money for a project or cause with the help of multiple people. They can be your family, travel buddies, or your community. Getting your friends to chip in for your travel is going to be a fun experience and a memorable one.

Top Crowdfunding Platforms in Japan

Now, you would be wondering where to start crowdfunding. Here are the top crowdfunding platforms you can check out to fund your holiday trip or any project in Japan:

For Travel and More

1. Airfunding

KiHeiTai is the company behind Airfunding. They started in the crowdfunding industry by providing people the opportunity to travel to their dream destinations. With the success seen in this space, the company decided to expand more to other types of projects to raise funds through Airfunding. More than 657,000 individuals and organizations have raised funds globally on the platform. Almost 20,000 are related to travel. Others are crowdfunding projects on medical assistance, education fund, business capital, and more.

2. ReadyFor

ReadyFor, like Airfunding, opens its platform to any type of project beyond funding your travel. The only difference is their crowdfunding methods: (1) all or nothing and (2) all in. The first option is available for any project owner. In this method, you need to achieve the goal amount on your fundraiser to receive the donations. Otherwise, supporters get a refund if they go below 100%. The second option is exclusive to registered organizations. It allows them to receive raised donations regardless if they achieve the target amount or not.

Beyond Travel

If you are already in Japan and looking to fund a project, here are other crowdfunding platforms you can check out that are focused on a specific niche:

3. Makuake

Makuake is Japan’s go-to platform for innovation. The platform itself is innovating how crowdfunding works. It allows creators or innovators to crowdfund their business idea while allowing supporters to shop like in an eCommerce marketplace. So if you have this great new idea, pitch it via Makuake.


CAMPFIRE boasts itself to be the largest crowdfunding platform in Japan with more than 68,000 projects supported. It plays in the same space as Makuake focusing on crowdfunding for business ideas. What sets CAMPFIRE apart is the holistic experience it provides to its users. Not only do they have a platform to raise funds, but they also encourage further learning to project users with its CAMPFIRE Academy Program.


If you want your fundraiser on a product idea to go a long way, GREEN FUNDING is the right choice for you. The platform utilizes its parent company to promote project ideas to its subsidiaries like Tsutaya Bookstore, Tsutaya Home Appliances, and TSUTAYA stores. But like ReadyFor, GREEN FUNDING uses the all-or-nothing method. It is understandable because of all the benefits they receive in promotions.

Crowdfunding in Airfunding

Airfunding helped countless people and communities around the world. Check out Kate from Kagoshima (raised $7,432) and Shinobu Hasegawa from Hakusan (raised $3,679) who both achieved their financial goals in two months. You can do that too!

Start fundraising for your incredible dream vacation or any project in Airfunding today.

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Fundraising Tools

6 Online Fundraising Tools That Will Help You Raise More

Crowdfunding your financial goal is going to be a long journey ahead. In Airfunding, we want to make sure you are not alone in this journey. We understand how difficult it will be for you if you are to do things alone. It is the very opposite of how crowdfunding is. Crowdfunding works best with more people coming together and helping each other achieve the same goal.

That is why we want to share with you fundraising tools that are easy to use and proven to work. Use these tools to effectively raise money through online crowdfunding so you can focus more on what matters most.

Tools to create your fundraising story

1. Airfunding Guide to Writing a Good Crowdfunding Story

Do you have a good cause for your fundraiser but don’t know where to start or how to describe it? Airfunding has created a short video guide with easy-to-follow tips you can use to write your project story. Other tutorial and success story videos are available also on the Airfunding YouTube channel. Check them out to get inspired for your own crowdfunding story.

2. Grammarly

English is the international language for communication, especially in online media. We understand that not all may have the right competency to converse using this language. Grammarly is a free tool that helps you type accurate spelling, punctuation, and grammar in English. It also provides suggestions to make your content clear, compelling, and easy to read. The best thing is it works well in Airfunding. Just download their app to your computer or smartphone, and you’re all set.

3. Canva

If you have watched the video we shared above, you already know the importance of including photos in your crowdfunding story. Canva is a space for those with zero experience in photo editing. They have millions of templates you can use to help you express your story better. It has photo editing tools that are easy to use with a few clicks. Videos can also be created in Canva if this would better show what you are fundraising for. You can include videos in your Airfunding project via the Updates section.

4. Airfunding Customer Support

If all else fails, you can always reach out to any of the Airfunding Customer Support to help you publish a crowdfunding campaign for you. Email with the details of your fundraiser, and the team will take care of it for you! Just make sure you already have a registered account in Airfunding. Not yet? Sign up here!

Tools to raise funds

5. Facebook

Who doesn’t have a Facebook account, right? We’re pretty sure everyone you know is on Facebook. So why not use Facebook as your venue to share about your fundraising activity? They have lots of tools you can use:

Messenger: Sending a personal message to your friends will be more effective. In this way, you get to approach them in a way that you know they would be willing to understand. Remember, no shoe fits all.

Private Group or Public Page: Gathering your supporters in one online community would be easy for you to manage. It will allow you to share updates about your crowdfunding campaign with one post instead of sending individual messages.

6. Google Meet

Sometimes things are better explained in person. However, it would be costly if you travel from city to city to talk to your friends or possible supporters. Video conferencing using Google Meet is a free tool you can use to meet with multiple people at the same time. One hundred people in a conference? Definitely, yes!

Start crowdfunding in Airfunding today!

Whichever tool you are comfortable with using, just go for it. Remember that being passionate about your crowdfunding project is the best tool you already have. Use that passion to have a successful fundraising experience. So take advantage of your passion and start fundraising in Airfunding now!

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