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4 Ways to Turn Social Media Followers into Donors

You have probably been active in your social media accounts for years. And in those years, you have accumulated networks of different people – family, friends, or colleagues. You are connected with them because they know who you are and love what you do. Now, how do you turn them into donors for your crowdfunding project?

4 Fundraising Tips on Social Media

Just sharing content on your profile feed might not help significantly with your fundraising campaign. Finding the right mix of social media posts for your fans will guarantee financial supporters for your project. Here’s how!

Tip #1: Post content that is valuable.

The best way to convert followers into donors is by sharing content they will relate to and enjoy. Post your project story in an exciting and shareable way. Your followers engage with you because they believe it is something worthwhile for their time – and, hopefully, their money. So, when you post content that isn’t relevant to your audience, you are wasting their time and losing potential donors.

Here are sample posts you can try:

✔ Post conversational content. Ask a question. Or, help them understand that your fundraiser is a solution to a problem they can solve with their support.

Instagram stories are a great place for promotions and short-term content. Post a photo or video that tells your story and why you need donations. Make sure information is consumable in under 15 seconds.

✔ Use hashtags like #Airfunding, #crowdfunding, #charity, or #donate. It allows your post to become searchable and gain supporters beyond your current network.

Tip #2: Have courage. Ask for help.

People enjoy giving back to those who give to them. If you ask them to donate to your cause, they will likely respond positively. Showing vulnerability among your network can bring them closer to you. It can also build deep trust because you have shown them your truth and shared a personal experience they can relate to. So it is okay to ask for help from your followers as long as you have done it humbly and truthfully. They will more likely support your efforts this way.

✔ Show them a full picture of what your fundraiser is all about. List items where money will be used. It will give them a better understanding of why you are asking for their support.

✔ Share before and after photos of your project. Putting a “face” to your crowdfunding project gives a little more push for donors to support your cause. You can post an update on your Airfunding project while your fundraiser is in progress.

Tip #3: Give them something back.

Once they have donated to your fundraising project, showing gratitude is a must. It can be a Thank You message sent to their inbox. Or, you give them your support as well. Check out any of their posts and look at what they need help with. You can share them with your network or donate back to their cause. Other ways are:

✔ Show off their support. Make them feel appreciated by thanking them publicly.

✔ Post a follower feature on your feed. It can be a photo or video of their work that might interest your other followers.

Tip #4: Create a community online event.

If you are raising money for a cause, consider creating an event exclusively for your fans. It will give them something to rally behind and help you spread awareness about your cause.

Facebook allows users or pages to create events on their feed. Check this guide to get you started.

✔ Doing a live story on Instagram or TikTok exclusive for fans is also a fun idea to try. They get to engage with you as you talk about your crowdfunding project. Your Airfunding project link can be pinned on the comments section for easy access to supporters.

Raise funds for your Airfunding project through social media today

Whatever you are advocating to raise funds for – medical, travel, or business, crowdfunding with the help of your social media connections is among the best options to do. So get started today on Airfunding! With just a few clicks, you can begin sharing your fundraiser with your social media followers and get funds for those in need.

Find more crowdfunding tips or read about success stories worldwide from the Airfunding blog.

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