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6 Online Fundraising Tools That Will Help You Raise More

Crowdfunding your financial goal is going to be a long journey ahead. In Airfunding, we want to make sure you are not alone in this journey. We understand how difficult it will be for you if you are to do things alone. It is the very opposite of how crowdfunding is. Crowdfunding works best with more people coming together and helping each other achieve the same goal.

That is why we want to share with you fundraising tools that are easy to use and proven to work. Use these tools to effectively raise money through online crowdfunding so you can focus more on what matters most.

Tools to create your fundraising story

1. Airfunding Guide to Writing a Good Crowdfunding Story

Do you have a good cause for your fundraiser but don’t know where to start or how to describe it? Airfunding has created a short video guide with easy-to-follow tips you can use to write your project story. Other tutorial and success story videos are available also on the Airfunding YouTube channel. Check them out to get inspired for your own crowdfunding story.

2. Grammarly

English is the international language for communication, especially in online media. We understand that not all may have the right competency to converse using this language. Grammarly is a free tool that helps you type accurate spelling, punctuation, and grammar in English. It also provides suggestions to make your content clear, compelling, and easy to read. The best thing is it works well in Airfunding. Just download their app to your computer or smartphone, and you’re all set.

3. Canva

If you have watched the video we shared above, you already know the importance of including photos in your crowdfunding story. Canva is a space for those with zero experience in photo editing. They have millions of templates you can use to help you express your story better. It has photo editing tools that are easy to use with a few clicks. Videos can also be created in Canva if this would better show what you are fundraising for. You can include videos in your Airfunding project via the Updates section.

4. Airfunding Customer Support

If all else fails, you can always reach out to any of the Airfunding Customer Support to help you publish a crowdfunding campaign for you. Email with the details of your fundraiser, and the team will take care of it for you! Just make sure you already have a registered account in Airfunding. Not yet? Sign up here!

Tools to raise funds

5. Facebook

Who doesn’t have a Facebook account, right? We’re pretty sure everyone you know is on Facebook. So why not use Facebook as your venue to share about your fundraising activity? They have lots of tools you can use:

Messenger: Sending a personal message to your friends will be more effective. In this way, you get to approach them in a way that you know they would be willing to understand. Remember, no shoe fits all.

Private Group or Public Page: Gathering your supporters in one online community would be easy for you to manage. It will allow you to share updates about your crowdfunding campaign with one post instead of sending individual messages.

6. Google Meet

Sometimes things are better explained in person. However, it would be costly if you travel from city to city to talk to your friends or possible supporters. Video conferencing using Google Meet is a free tool you can use to meet with multiple people at the same time. One hundred people in a conference? Definitely, yes!

Start crowdfunding in Airfunding today!

Whichever tool you are comfortable with using, just go for it. Remember that being passionate about your crowdfunding project is the best tool you already have. Use that passion to have a successful fundraising experience. So take advantage of your passion and start fundraising in Airfunding now!

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