5 Top Crowdfunding Platforms in Japan

5 Top Crowdfunding Platforms in Japan

Are your passports ready? Japan joins the movement as one of the economies with active international exchange. The country has recently announced the relaxation of its border controls to boost tourism. The lingering COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect poverty in Japan severely.  Opening the economy to more tourists will boost the economy and bring back livelihood for the Japanese in need.

Why travel to Japan?

Japan is an amazing country full of culture, history, and natural beauty. It has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. From the snowcapped mountains of Hokkaido to the lush green forests of Kyoto, there are so many places to see. One can go from shopping to eating – there is something for everyone. Whatever the reason you may have, one thing is for sure – you need funds to experience the rich culture in Japan!

Crowdfund your travel to Japan

Travel is fun with friends along with you! Did you know you can start the fun when you crowdfund for your travel money? Crowdfunding allows you to raise money for a project or cause with the help of multiple people. They can be your family, travel buddies, or your community. Getting your friends to chip in for your travel is going to be a fun experience and a memorable one.

Top Crowdfunding Platforms in Japan

Now, you would be wondering where to start crowdfunding. Here are the top crowdfunding platforms you can check out to fund your holiday trip or any project in Japan:

For Travel and More

1. Airfunding

KiHeiTai is the company behind Airfunding. They started in the crowdfunding industry by providing people the opportunity to travel to their dream destinations. With the success seen in this space, the company decided to expand more to other types of projects to raise funds through Airfunding. More than 657,000 individuals and organizations have raised funds globally on the platform. Almost 20,000 are related to travel. Others are crowdfunding projects on medical assistance, education fund, business capital, and more.

2. ReadyFor

ReadyFor, like Airfunding, opens its platform to any type of project beyond funding your travel. The only difference is their crowdfunding methods: (1) all or nothing and (2) all in. The first option is available for any project owner. In this method, you need to achieve the goal amount on your fundraiser to receive the donations. Otherwise, supporters get a refund if they go below 100%. The second option is exclusive to registered organizations. It allows them to receive raised donations regardless if they achieve the target amount or not.

Beyond Travel

If you are already in Japan and looking to fund a project, here are other crowdfunding platforms you can check out that are focused on a specific niche:

3. Makuake

Makuake is Japan’s go-to platform for innovation. The platform itself is innovating how crowdfunding works. It allows creators or innovators to crowdfund their business idea while allowing supporters to shop like in an eCommerce marketplace. So if you have this great new idea, pitch it via Makuake.


CAMPFIRE boasts itself to be the largest crowdfunding platform in Japan with more than 68,000 projects supported. It plays in the same space as Makuake focusing on crowdfunding for business ideas. What sets CAMPFIRE apart is the holistic experience it provides to its users. Not only do they have a platform to raise funds, but they also encourage further learning to project users with its CAMPFIRE Academy Program.


If you want your fundraiser on a product idea to go a long way, GREEN FUNDING is the right choice for you. The platform utilizes its parent company to promote project ideas to its subsidiaries like Tsutaya Bookstore, Tsutaya Home Appliances, and TSUTAYA stores. But like ReadyFor, GREEN FUNDING uses the all-or-nothing method. It is understandable because of all the benefits they receive in promotions.

Crowdfunding in Airfunding

Airfunding helped countless people and communities around the world. Check out Kate from Kagoshima (raised $7,432) and Shinobu Hasegawa from Hakusan (raised $3,679) who both achieved their financial goals in two months. You can do that too!

Start fundraising for your incredible dream vacation or any project in Airfunding today.

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