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Fundraising story: I Want To Have A Future In Netherlands

Subhi Fundraising story: I Want To Have A Future In Netherlands, For Me And For My Family

This story tells about Subhi who is a man from Syria but live in Bursa, Turkey. He has used crowdfunding to achieve his dream to go to the Netherlands and find a job. The support of his friends at Airtripp Funding has succeeded in achieving his dream to have a future in Netherlands.

In Syria tens of thousands have lost their lives, while millions of others have been forced to leave their homes. This is one of the major migrations in recent history. As many of us might know, Syria is in war. It forced them to escape from their country to Turkey, same goes to Sabhi and family himself.

Before the conflict, their lives were normal like the other countries. Unfortunately, his dad passed away due to illness during that time. But that’s not all because of the war it changed completely until they lost everything.

Many of them escaped from Syria, same goes to Subhi and family himself. They went through Turkey in 2014. They have got protection from government and received Temporary Protection Card. Nowadays, they have a kind of normal life, but it is not as easy as it seems. It was complicated for him to work and to receive a salary which they couldn’t afford daily life expenses.

Fundraising story

Furthermore, he has a deep interest towards Netherlands. He likes very much all about Netherlands where he believes there is a freedom. Meanwhile, it was the best option of him would be in Netherlands as its economy is good and its a friendly country for refugees. He would really love to have a life there.

If he can achieve his dream to the Netherlands, it does not only bring benefit to himself but to family himslef. He will find a good job in Netherlands so he could save money and help his family as well. Any kind of job would be okay for him.

Indeed, he really looking forward to the support of his friends at Airtripp Funding to realize his dream to the Netherlands. He shared the story and put details on the needed fund on Airtripp Funding. He only has $ 100 savings as this amount is not enough to achieve his dream. So, he needs the rest for the flight ticket and passport expenses to the Netherlands.

Eventually, he managed to go to the Netherlands after he got his friend’s support on Airtripp Funding for $ 180.00. So, it’s proven that crowdfunding is one of the great alternatives in giving the opportunity to all of them. It does not only help those in need but also gives people the opportunity to contribute and support them easily. Each donation definitely changes the other lives of people out there.

Perhaps you also can try to run crowdfunding to help your beloved one, family or friends. Now, you already know how to get funds easily on the Airtripp Funding platform, right? Do not forget to share this article with your friends who might gain benefit from it on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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