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Fundraising story:Realize a Dream in Japan to Study and work!

Vini’s Fundraising story: Realize a Dream in Japan to Study, Work and Enjoy Its Culture!

Vini, a young woman with big dreams from Indonesia to living in Japan has succeeded after she met a platform which is called Airtripp Funding that could realize her dream to visit Japan. She achieved her dreamt to live in Japan after using the method of crowdfunding on Airtripp Funding website.

Her dream to live in Japan was started since she was a childhood with her deep interest in Anime. He began to learn the Japanese language through stories on television. In addition, she also learns from the books, magazines and makes a conversation with her Japanese friends on social media.

She was also talking and guiding her Japanese friends who visit her country. Indirectly, she managed to improve Japanese vocabulary within itself.

She also took a decision to take JLPT (Japanese-Language Proficiency Test) which is a test that standardized criterion-referenced test to evaluate and certify Japanese language proficiency for non-native speakers, covering language knowledge, reading ability, and listening ability to continue studies in Japan.

At that point, she was determined to live in Japan and now she finally achieved her dreams after she found out Airtripp Funding.

Fundraising story

After she graduated from college, she worked at a company as perfume quality control staff in Indonesia. She plans to make a saving for her expenses to continue studying abroad in Japan in the future. This young women almost close to her dream to visit Japan after she found an opportunity to work in Gifu, Japan and she was about to apply for the job.

Unfortunately, she faces the unexpected circumstances after she found out her father was sick. All her savings were already used for her dad treatments and other needs. So, she has to hold up her plan to work in Japan.

At that time, she felt like giving up to chase her dream after she found out there is no money in her savings account anymore. But, after she found Airtripp Funding website, she used crowdfunding to achieve her dream to visit Japan.

She inserts all the information and stories about her dreams on the website and she managed to earn $ 1,235.00 collection from her companions at Airtripp Funding. This is an unforgettable moment for her. She feels like a dream because she has realized her astonishing dreams at a young age.

Her friends also make sharing moments on Airtripp Funding that they are so delighted to know Vini that can exchange knowledge each other’s language. In fact, she was able to recognize and enjoy Japanese culture as well. She was very grateful and thankful to Airtripp Funding for realized all her dreams become true.

crowdfunding success case

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