Meet My Friends In Japan

Thuy Duong ’s Successful Crowdfunding Story: Meet My Friends In Japan

A Successful Crowdfunding Story From Thuy Duong

At the age of 16, Thuy Duong has achieved her dream to meet new friends and enjoy snow landscapes in Japan. There is nothing impossible and everything is possible to achieve your dream even at the young age on AirFunding because this platform has proven the true success story of Thuy Duong to travel Japan at the young age was achieved.

Her dream to travel Japan was started since she was a childhood with her deep interest towards Japanese cartoon stories on television and she has also been following cosplay on the event.

Besides, She is a high school student that residing in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. As we know, it is quite difficult for students to travel abroad especially to travel their own dream country. The main obstacle for them is definitely the travel expenses. She doesn’t really have money to travel to Japan.

Airfunding made her dream came true

Her mother knows her child’s dream to visit Japan. She always supports her dream by giving $ 20 a month as a reward for her. So, she can save her money to chase her dream. On the basis of her deep interest to visit Japan, she looks forward to the other initiative to achieve her dream to travel Japan and now she had already achieved her dream after she met the Airtripp Funding platform.

Meet My Friends In Japan
Thuy Duong ’s Successful Crowdfunding Story: Meet My Friends In Japan

Crowdfunding platform helps a lot

This story began when she finds out a platform that can help her to achieve her dream, which is known as Airtripp Funding. She used this platform and indirectly she got to know many Japanese friends on that platform.

This matter was increased her deep interest in Japan, in terms of language, unique culture, mesmerize architectures and friendly Japanese people.

She told the stories of her dream on Airtripp Funding platform which is to enjoy snow landscapes, taste the variety of Japanese Foods, visit the top attractions places in Japan and the most important, to meet Japanese Airtripp Funding friends.

All the information and details like expenses was posted on the site. Her first target to visit Japan is $ 1,170.00 which includes flight ticket and passport, food expenses and lodging for a week.

However, with the supportive companions at Airtripp Funding, she has received the amount more than what she expected which is $ 1,185.00. It was an unforgettable moment for her and she was so happy that she managed to achieve her dream at a young age.

She was very thankful to Airtripp Funding because her dream to meet friends and enjoys snow landscape in Japan has finally become true.

This is a real success story and nothing impossible on the Airtripp Funding.

This platform can help you to achieve your dreams.

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