Fundraising Story: I Need A Bike To Go To University, To Stop Going By Hitchhike

Danish Khan Success Fundraising Story: I Need A Bike To Go To University

This is a success fundraising story about Danish Khan from Kohat, Pakistan was able to get a bike so he can go to University by herself after used crowdfunding that runs on the Airtripp Funding platform. Now he does not have to go to the university by Hitchhike. He succeeded to got a bike after received support from his friends at Airtripp Funding.

Fundraising Ideas:From a Poor House

The house where he lives with his family was in the countrysides. There are no bus stop services. The nearest road is at 2km from his home. He needs to walk out of that distance and after that, he had to wait for someone who willing to drive him to college by the roadside. The distance to college from his home is far away which is 30km. It was exactly the same the way he had to the road back from college. Moreover, when he hitchhike, he also needs to give the driver some money.

its to difficult to buy a bike  because of financial problems
its to difficult to buy a bike because of financial problems

The most difficult moment for him when he had to go through bad weather days. During summer temperatures, it can reach 45 degrees and it may lead to a heat stroke. It was very awful for him.

He not only to face the bad weather, but it’s can affect his grades, as sometimes he even can’t attend the lesson also he frequently late attend to the class. It is because he doesn’t know when he could be able to get to the university on time. He could not expect the duration time from home to the college as he was going by hitchhiking. It can affect his future and health. So, he makes a decision to buy a bike so it was easier for him to go to the college.

crowdfunding case
crowdfunding case

It sounds quite easy to make a decision but it’s hard for Danish Khan to buy a bike because of financial problems. His father’s pension is not enough for him to support his household expenses. Danish Khan wish could have a part-time job but how could he get to work without transportation?

So he really wants to buy a reliable bike. Once he found about Airtripp Funding platform, he shared stories with his friends at Airtripp Funding. He put the details on the needed fund he needs.  He only had $ 100 savings and the rest he asks support from Aitrtipp Funding’s friends. Finally, he managed to earn $ 575.00.

Eventually, he succeeds to buy a new bike for his daily use especially to go to the university after getting the support from his friends at Airtripp Funding. With a bike, he was determined to find for a part-time job and study more diligently. He was very happy and thankful to his friends at Airtripp Funding for alleviating his burden. If you also want to raise funds to help your loved ones, family or friends, you also can use crowdfunding that was provided by Airtripp Funding. So, do not forget to share this article with your friends who might gain benefit from it on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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