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3 Case Studies Of Successful Crowdfunding Project

What are the elements of a successful fundraising project?

We can find some tips from the analysis of successful cases. Through the three examples of different types of this article, you may be able to learn some successful experiences, and learn from the past, and go on the road of crowdfunding.

Successful Crowdfunding Project 1

Computers/Communications/Consumer |  POIEMA air purifier

In an environment where air pollution is getting more and more serious, the public is more aware of the quality of air inhaled in life. POIEMA air purifiers are mainly used once and for all, without replacing consumables. As long as the filter is cleaned regularly, it can be used permanently. The exclusive technology of TPA can remove air. 99% of the virus bacteria maintain the highest standards of net and static, hoping to allow consumers to breathe and sleep peacefully.

During the 40-day fundraising period, the fund raising target amount reached 34595% and was sponsored by 3,337 people.

Why are they successful?

For 3C, technology-type fundraising projects, the amount of sponsored singles is usually relatively high , the level of consumer considerations will naturally be more , the shopping scene will be more rational, which means we need to spend more effort to convince Consumers, from the fundraising page, can see that in addition to the characteristics of the products, POIEMA also uses a lot of ” objective ” methods to support the evidence, such as:

  1. Third-party evaluation: See KOL test reviews directly, and get more potential customers (fans or readers).
  2. Air Purifier Big PK: I don’t know how to choose? Comparison table of advantages and disadvantages of each brand.
  3. Recommended: Consumer certification and evaluation.
  4. Inspection report: Report of a third-party professional testing agency, authoritative endorsement.
Successful Crowdfunding Project 1
Fundraising Success Story l POIEMA Air Purifier

Successful Crowdfunding Project 2

Design theme crowdfunding |Zenlet 2 series

you will have – the most beautiful minimalist wallet


It’s a little troublesome to find a wallet and find a card for each time you spend it. Is there a more convenient way to fall?

Zenlet’s minimalist wallet is born out of the way of a general wallet, eliminating unnecessary design, making it simpler and more intuitive to use. It can be put into a pocket, easy to carry, and stylish.

During the 66-day fundraising period, the fundraising target amount reached 16,799% and was sponsored by 2,779 people.

Why are they successful?

The Zenlet mobile wallet was already eye-catching when it was first introduced, and Zenlet 2 took advantage of the first generation and improved the design based on consumer feedback. Innovative design of daily necessities is based on the fact that human beings will pursue higher-level needs and values ​​after satisfying basic needs, such as aesthetics, the image brought to others, the front end of the trend, and the most important thing is that people can I began to imagine the wonderful changes brought about by the use of products.

Zenlet’s excellent results also depend on the following elements:

  1. Strong and powerful Slogan: The title is the first step to attract attention, and it is curious what is the most beautiful minimalist wallet
  2. The uniqueness and innovation of the product: refreshing ideas, inspiring curiosity and desire to try
  3. Unlocking mechanism: Reciprocal means encourages sponsors to actively share projects and achieve higher goals together
  4. Group buying plan: Group purchase can quickly spread the popularity by the group, it is a good way to reach more people.
Successful Crowdfunding Project
Fundraising Success Story 2: Zenlet 2 Series

Successful Crowdfunding Project 3

Public welfare theme fundraising | Another street scene – “Roader Coffee”


Roadwalker Coffee originated from an involuntary street friend, Huang Da Ge, who has a high willingness to work, but the economic situation is still unstable. Assistant Professor of the Department of Social Work at this point; Mr. Liu wants to sell coffee through the street. To increase Huang Da Ge’s economic source and take his street friends out of his own path, the fundraising platform RED TURTLE has started a plan to raise funds for entrepreneurship, so that Huang Da Ge can support himself in his future.

During the 15 days of fundraising, 180% of the fundraising target amount has been reached and sponsorship of NT$29,900 has been obtained.

Why are they successful?

No matter how advanced the society is, there will be a group of isolated ethnic groups on the road. The project also gives people a chance to understand that the “street friends” in the mouth are not completely negative impressions, but they are called “roadwalkers”. Give them a new look. The significance of the project is that it is better to teach the fish how to fish than to eat fish. As long as we are willing to give them opportunities, they can also live as much as ordinary people.

This charity fundraising success story has the following elements:

  1. Recourse to the emotional level to arouse people’s empathy and get rid of stereotypes
  2. Clearly list the entrepreneurial process: everything is ready, only owe the wind
  3. Entrepreneurial expenses and various expenses are transparent
  4. Inspirational

There is another successful case of charitable fundraising: Brazilian girls raise funds for their mother’s return to China through the Airfunding fundraising platform.

Public welfare theme fundraising | Another street scene - "Roader Coffee"
Fundraising Success Story 3: Road Walker Coffee


From the above cases, we can see that different types of project entry points will be different, such as high-priced products are not too impulsive sponsorship, but also need to communicate and persuade, but if it is a public interest project instead Need to cut in from the emotional side, make people move, and the innovative design type of project can be oriented to shape the scene, bring people into the situation, so you need to define the type of project and the direction of the target, in order to accurately plan the content strategy, and more success the road.

After you have absorbed these points, plan your way and start fundraising with the fundraising platform Airfunding !

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