corwdfunding for study aboard

8 benefits of studying abroad

Studying abroad is a life-long experience that you would not forget and it increases your knowledge about the diverse culture in the world.

What if I cannot get a scholarship?

Study abroad: What if I cannot get a scholarship?

People who wish to study abroad experience some challenges when it comes to getting the needed funds to pursue their study abroad. Most of students rely on scholarship. What if they cannot get a scholarship?What to do then?

What is the meaning of charity?

Charity: What is the meaning of it, and how to do it?

Charity is a way to show love to people and to help others who are incapable of helping themselves.

Financial Support For Student : Scholarship

Scholarship vs Crowdfunding : What are the differences?

Do not be sad if you did not succeed in getting scholarships because crowdfunding can also help you to get the lesson help.

Increase alms, donating in the mosque tubes or crowdfunding websites provided.

How to spend the last days of Ramadhan al-kareem?Maybe it’s a good idea through the crowdfunding website.

Understandably, staying only a few days later Ramadhan al-Kareem will close the curtain. It is my heart to leave Ramadhan al-Kereem, which is a noble month, grace, wealth and happiness for Muslims. All of our practices performed in the month of Ramadhan al-Kareem will be multiplied by the reward. However, we still have the opportunity to scramble for the benefit of the blessed month this year. Here, there are some sharing that we can practice together with generating a reward in Ramadhan al-Kareem, practicing the following practices:.