Help With Airfunding: Top 5 Crowdfunding Questions

Help With Airfunding: Top 5 Crowdfunding Questions

Choosing to crowdfund may take some time and requires lots of information to help in the process. In Airfunding, we want to give you all the help you need at every step of your crowdfunding journey. Here we answer the top questions we receive from project owners worldwide. We hope it will help you too to have a successful fundraising project.

Top 5 Crowdfunding Questions in Airfunding

1. What is Airfunding?

Airfunding is a donation-based online crowdfunding platform with a worldwide presence. More than 653,000 community members have joined in to raise funds in Airfunding. Anyone with a financial need can create a crowdfunding project in Airfunding – medical, business, education, travel, pets, and more.

Through Airfunding, you can raise funds to $1,500 or more and access more than 136,000 supporters from around the globe. All you need is your compelling story, goal amount, and account information where you will receive the raised funds.

2. How to register and create an Airfunding project?

Signing up is easy! All you need is an email address or connect using your Facebook account. Then, go to to get started.

Airfunding provides an interface with easy-to-follow instructions. You can also select your preferred language for a better understanding of what to do in each step. Just prepare your project story and photos to add to create your fundraising project. If you want to start now, here’s a guide to creating an Airfunding project.

If you missed a piece of information to be included in your story, don’t fret! You can still edit them as long as you have not received any donations yet. Here’s a guide on how to edit your project after publishing. You can also add them in as updates. Updates give a positive impression to your supporters. It tells them that you are actively working on your project to raise funds.

3. How to receive donations in Airfunding?

Now that you have created your Airfunding project, your next step is finding supporters to fund it. Projects are private at the start of the campaign period. It is a security measure we have put in place against fraudulent activities within our community. We want to make you and your supporters have a safe and enjoyable crowdfunding experience in Airfunding.

Thus, only those who have the link to your project page can view and donate money to it. So, remember to share your project link with family and friends to raise more funds. Follow us on all our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube) to get tips on how to reach your goals.

Supporters can donate using a credit card. For some countries, bank over-the-counter and eWallet donations are accepted. If your supporter is having problems donating, check this guide to find out possible error reasons.

Once you have received support from at least THREE (3) UNIQUE individuals, your project will be reviewed. If eligible, it is upgraded to the Worldwide Stage. On the Worldwide Stage, your project is published on the Airfunding website and can be viewed by anyone, anywhere. You no longer have to worry about having a few friends who can support you. You also get access to the Worldwide Stage community and learn tips from other project owners.

4. I received a donation, but it’s not showing up on my Airfunding project. I am being asked for information about the supporter. What do I do?

Airfunding reviews all donations coming in through our platform. Once we detect that the donation seems suspicious, we immediately investigate to verify the legitimacy of the support. The Fraud Team will ask for information like the supporter’s contact information. It will help them get in touch with the supporter to verify the donation.

If the transaction remains unverified after THIRTY (30) days, the donation will be released to your project funds. You may read all about it from our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

5. How do I receive my funds?

Raised funds are processed for transfer once your project has ended. Partial withdrawal, while your crowdfunding project is ongoing, is no longer available. So if you need your funds sooner, you can request to end your project via email.

All funds will be processed for transfer regardless if you reach your goal amount or not. Note that a minimum amount of $9 must be met for funds to be transferred. Also, funds are subject to an 8% platform fee. If you raised $100, you will receive $92 in your bank account.

Airfunding transfers funds in various methods depending on the country set on your account. To find out which method is available for your account, visit the Bank Transfer Guide upon logging in. Once you’re ready, head over to the Personal Identification settings to verify your account and provide your bank account information. If you get lost, follow this guide to help you.

Need more help?

Airfunding has 24/7 Customer Support to help you any time of the day. You can reach us via email at Responses may take 1 to 2 business days (excluding weekends and holidays). You can also check out the Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you’re all set, start crowdfunding in Airfunding today!

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