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Creating a Fundraising project? 10 tips on how to start!

Fundraising! According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the meaning of fundraiser is “a person or event involved in collecting money for a particular purpose, especially a charity“. Whether it is for personal reasons, or for someone else, making a fundraising project is considered to be a very generous, even noble act.

However, that does not mean anyone can do it right. So how to start? Read on the 10 tips on how to start a fundraiser!

1. Fundraising Plan

Make some fundraising strategies

Everything starts with a good solid plan. To start a fundraiser you must first create a good base for you to work on. Set a goal, and stick to it. How much money do you want to fundraise? A defined goal makes it easier for the audience to consider helping. Who is your main audience? Will this gravitate towards them? Also, what is the time frame that you will set for your project? A realistic goal can attract more audience for that support that you need for your set target. We found this well-put list on the things to plan for in this site for you to refer to!

2. Remember your inspiration

Write motivational stories for your fundraising project

Another key point in making a good fundraiser is to make it personal. Explain why you are doing this in the first place.

  • What inspired you to start this project in the first place?
  • Was it that deep feeling of love that moved you to help that friend in need?
  • Was it your own past experience that moved you to start all this?
  • Or was it someone else’s fundraiser project, like how this girl is selling cookies to help with her aunt’s Alzheimers?

Remind yourself on what inspired you, and your job is to then inspire others around you the same way it happened to you.

Stephanie(right) selling cookies for a noble cause, credit to

3. Make it personal

Remember, you are asking others to contribute

most of the time financially for your cause. To do this you must first make people relate to you. When people relate, they can then sympathize, and this can finally lead to that needed support from them. Of course, we do not suggest that you make it too melodramatic to the point that it sounds or look fake, which can actually push people away from your fundraising project.

4. Be creative

Fundraising ideas are important

On top of making it personal, the next tips for making a good fundraising project is to be creative about it. What does it mean to be creative about it?

Let’s digress, in definition fundraise is, to put it crudely, asking others for help for your goal. So how to make it so that people are more willing to help? By providing incentives, and making it fun! So some thought of baking cookies while also getting support.

Then people started creating wristbands. Some even started marathons or for the aim of getting support for their fundraising.

An adorable coffee cup sleeve for breastcancer awareness, credit to Tiffany Dills

So you can try mixing it up too! The sky is the limit in terms of what you can do to be creative for your fundraiser. You can offer the audience incentives for them to be more attracted to support, like selling something the supporter would appreciate, on top of helping others in need, like in this list that we have found. That is why there are many fundraising projects based this way. Also, you can try using available online tools, which leads to the next point.

5. Online fundraising tools

Fundraising websites are easy to find

Nowadays, there are many available fundraising platforms you can find online for you to easily start your fundraiser. Arguably the most famous of this platform is GoFundMe.

There is a fundraising site without fees

This crowdfunding site is famous worldwide, and some even collected millions in dollars for their cause. You can then find for South Americans the platform Catarse, and there is also Give.Asia for Asians. (If you are a Malaysian, have a look at our older post about sites that can be used over there!)

Finally, we also want to promote our own platform the Airfunding. There are many more platforms you can find on the internet for you to use!

Our very own Airtripp Funding!

6. Form a team

There are only so many things you can do alone. However, with a good helping hand you can achieve many great things that you could not alone. If you can gather some like-minded individuals for you to make a team. Of course, you can manage this alone, like how this charming little girl is selling cookies for charity.

However, with a proper team, you can also achieve even large-scale events like this! With a team, you can diversify the tasks, and take some weight off your shoulders.

7. Social Media Fundraising:Share

After your fundraising project has finally started whether it be online or offline, the next step to do is to let people know about it. If it’s an offline fundraiser, try making posters, or handouts to give it to the people. If it is an online fundraiser, then obviously you should start sharing it on your social networks or even emails for the non-millennials out there. You can refer to this list of tips made by arguably the king of crowdfunding itself, Gofundme!

Use Social Media Fundraising

Another important part about sharing is that it is always better to start sharing to the people closest to you first, meaning your extended families and your closest circle of friends.

The thing about fundraising is that the first few supports are the most important, once the fundraising has collected some track, other people will be more willing to follow suit, seeing that there are already individuals who have faith in the fundraiser.

(Read more : The advantages and disadvantages of social media)

8. Honest communication

This is a tip connected to the previous point. When sharing, it is vital that the communication made is genuine, and not something you just have copy-and-pasted from the internet.

Imagine talking to 100 people and saying of the same script that you have concocted just to sound real, trust me it does not and people know it.

This works for both online and offline communication: Be honest about it. Make personal messages for people who you want to ask for help. Being honest can bring you really far not just for fundraising, but in life too!

9. Frequent updates

You must also not forget to make frequent updates on your fundraising project. People want to know about the project that they have contributed to.

A simple “We have support from xx amount of people, and we feel grateful and thankful…” can go a long way. In online fundraising cases, some projects also add another milestone or goals when the initial project gain overwhelming support.

Finally, this helps as this shows that your fundraising project is made by a genuine human being, and not just some scammer bot!

10. Patience

Finally, the most important tip is to be patient.

To start fundraising is not an easy task.

There is a lot of work that needs to be done, and finally, there needs to be patient for it to fully grow into a well-known fundraiser.

However, do not give up and you might just reach that goal you have set for yourself.

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