4 Fundraising tips on making a successful fundraising project

4 Fundraising tips on making a successful fundraising project

 Fundraising tips on making a successful fundraising project
4 Fundraising tips on making a successful fundraising project

Fundraising tips on making sure your project can reach its goals:

So now you have started a fundraising project, but how to make it work?

  1. Create a great hook
  2. Make the story impactful
  3. Go Viral
  4. Continuous effort

1. Create a great hook

Hook means the first impression that captures the viewer.

That would mean the title, and also the image of said project. The title should be written in a way that would make the reader want to know more. One is also not wrong to say that you have to make the title dramatic! But also relevant, by adding the actual reason of the project to the title. For example:

  • Help a daughter reunite with her mother
  • Know how to Help my friend recover from accident

Another aspect when it comes to attracting viewers is by using an attractive image, which also clearly is related to your project. Make it stand out!(What makes your project stand out )

2. Make the story impactful

Make a true motivational stories

Impactful means that the reader can relate to your story enough so that they will be willing to donate to your cause. Remember, your acquaintances might already know about your predicament enough to be willing to support, but this you are telling your story to the masses, so make it count!

3. Go Viral

While also keeping a check on points 1 and 2, spread the word of your fundraising project! Nowadays, people check their social media daily, some people even by the minute! Use this chance of the social media age to easily attract more people to see your fundraising. Even if your social media friends do not give their support, they can still help by further sharing your project to their friends.

Social media aside, do not forget that you also have close acquaintances you can rely on. Don’t share with them the way you would with your Facebook friends or Instagram followers. Instead find a time to talk to them, making a short call, or even a private mail. In this day and age, people do respect some effort that is made to communication!

4. Continuous Effort

On top of the tips we have written above, here are also some general tips to make it so that your project has higher chance of succeeding:

  • Use reward for donors: Some projects reward their donors if they supported pass a certain amount, like giving private letters, or even a heartful mention of them in a gratitude video. And speaking of video,
  • Stand out with videos: Now everyone is preferring interactive media rather than static ones. So create and impactful video so that viewers are hooked to learn more on your project.
  • Update the status of your project: Let people know the progress of your project! People who donated are mostly because they are invested to your cause, so making regular updates helps them to see how their donation is actually affecting others

More Fundraising Tips :

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