5 Top Crowdfunding Platforms in Malaysia

Do you have a business idea or financial problem, but you don’t want to apply for a personal loan because you are not confident it will get approved? Or, are you looking for some funding for your charity organization, but don’t know where or how to get it? Let us introduce you to CROWDFUNDING.

Crowdfunding is defined by the two combined words – “crowd” and “funding” – in which an individual or organization seeks help (most commonly in the form of financial assistance i.e. funding) from other people (crowd) to achieve their desired goals.

In Malaysia, there are lots of crowdfunding platforms you may choose from. Read all about them below and see which one fits your fundraising needs.

Top crowdfunding sites in Asia

Want to try crowdfunding, but not sure on which service to use? Feel free to use the chart below to make your comparison and make an informed decision!

International Crowdfunding Platforms



Kickstarter has been in the crowdfunding industry since 2009 and continues to help artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers and other creators in making their big ideas a big reality through fundraising and getting the support from a worldwide community. However, Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing type of crowdfunding platform – funds collected for the project will not be rewarded to the project creator if they do not achieve their goal. In addition to that, although this platform has made some dreams come true such us the Travel Tripod by Peak Design and Exploding Kittens, Kickstarter has geographical limitation excluding countries like Malaysia.



GoFundMe is a donation-based platform focusing on financial assistance cases like tuition money, hospitalization fund, charity fund, etc. Sample projects funded by this platform are TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund and March For Our Lives. Like Kickstarter, GoFundMe has geographical limitation as well that is only available for the Americas. But on the other hand, GoFundMe may be a better option than Kickstarter as the former rewards all donated funds to the project owner whether they achieve the goal or not – leaving them personal loan-free.

Asia Region Crowdfunding Platforms

100% Project

100% Project

If you are looking to getting computers for school laboratory like Al-Ikhlas Learning Centre or wanting to redesign a classroom like Bilik APD, your best go-to crowdfunding platform would be 100% Project since school-related projects are their specialty. This site values its transparency among users as they make public all funded projects and amount being disbursed to each. Just like the first two platforms showcased above, 100% Project is also geographically limited fortunately to Malaysian users.



Give.Asia is another crowdfunding platform focusing only in the Asia region. It targets mostly those who are looking for funding like medical assistance that may be as high as US$18,000, which are subject to platform fees upon withdrawal. Here are some of the projects that have been funded through Give.Asia: Anna’s Journey To LiveTai’s Hope to Live, and Relieving Baby Phuoc’s Pain.



Here at Airfunding, we are 100% free! Projects created here can range from small starting at $100 to as big as $1,500. Personal projects such as saving your livelihood like Nazrul Azam’s Organic Vegetable Farm and Irawan Soetomo’s Sorghum Farm are the types of projects you can start with in Airfunding. Not only can you get support from Malaysia, but you can also get donations from international sponsors and get awareness for your advocacy around the globe. Try it out today and start raising funds on your Airfunding project!

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