Airfunding: 5 Successful Fundraising Projects in the Philippines in 2021

Airfunding is a global donation-type crowdfunding service. There are several fundraising projects that were successfully funded through Airfunding. Read more to find out about these stories.

Mom’s Operation

Fundraising Projects in the Philippines

Jessies‘ mom was rushed to the hospital last August 30, 2021. Their family found out that she got a malignant tumor and will be needing assistance for bills during the operation. She had dialysis and a neck catheter. The chemo start’s in a few days. The Airfunding project started when her mom was rushed to the hospital. Once her mom was in the hospital, the bill kept going. Through airfunding and with the help of some anonymous donations, the goal set for this project is $1,000 (₱52,345.00). The total collected amount sums up to $1,133 (₱59,306.89). During the operation span, Jessie keeps on updating the status of her mom’s health from portacath, medicines, and chemo. During the start of the chemo, it was found out that there was only a 4/10 chance to save her mom, but they took the risk. As per the doctor’s advice, she will only have a few weeks or even a month due to her liver failing. Although Jessie’s mom didn’t survive, the project was a success and collected $1,133 (₱59,306.89).

Personal Chemo Therapy

Fundraising Projects in the Philippines

Tina Wise has been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Her survival rate was 50%. Even if she had a few chances of survival, she is willing to take the risk, for Tina is a survivor. She started the project last November of 2021 through airfunding. She found out last October 28 that she had breast cancer and admitted herself to the hospital by October 29 for a double mastectomy. Her breast got removed, and she’s facing eight chemotherapy cycles, which are due to begin before Christmas. She had 2 kids and was hoping to make it on Christmas and set expectations on herself that it could be her last. But she did face it wholeheartedly and continued being positive. Tina was also affected by the ongoing pandemic and promised to keep her journey posted through her social media. Through her project on Airfunding, she collected a total of $2,735 (₱143,163.57) which is more than 54% of the goal. As of writing, Tina is still with her kids and still has 4 more sessions of Taxol Chemo and 25 sessions of radiation. Tina is a fighter and still keeps on posting updates through her social media (source: Tina Marie Wise Gamutan | Facebook) to update her journey.

COVID-19 Relief

Jeferson Nico G. Callao is a loving father with four kids and a good son. On July 19, 2021, he tested positive for COVID-19 alongside his mother, wife, and kids. His health started to decline to which he has rushed to a hospital, but with the ongoing cases every day in the Philippines, public hospitals could not accommodate him anymore. Hence, the situation pushed him to stay in a private hospital. He was admitted to an ICU COVID Ward and has been diagnosed with confirmed COVID-19, severe Pneumonia, and was placed on a high flow nasal cannula. After ten days of confinement, with expensive treatments and many bills, he had to borrow money from a lending company to fund his bill and support his family’s needs. The Airfunding project was created to raise funds for his treatment and his family’s needs. The goal is to collect at least $1,500, which is a total of ₱78,518, that can cover enough his bills and support the family. With his situation, some people share his story posted on Airfunding and have gathered attention from the project’s normal goal. He ended up collecting a total of $3,235 (₱169,336.07), which is 215% higher than the usual goal enough to fund his needs.

Medical Support

Fundraising Projects in the Philippines

Lea Alelojo is a single mom of three. The youngest daughter of his father, Francisco (the patient), resides at Ilocos Sur, Philippines. She is currently working as an Optometrist but Optometrist. Her parents are from Baguio City, Philippines. Her father has been in and out of the hospital for the past month, which she can’t easily visit, it is also found that her father was diagnosed with Bacterial Infection, Mixed Dementia, Parkinson’s Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, Cerebrovascular Disease, Multiple Infarcts, Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertensive Cardiovascular Disease, and Coronary Artery Disease. He had been on NasoGastric Tube(NGT) since then. They are still in the hospital but have already recovered with Covid-19. September of 2021, when she posted a fundraise using Airfunding and started to keep everyone posted updates on her father’s situation. The goal is to raise a total of $1,500 (₱78,517.50) to cover hospital bills. The project collected a total of $1,020 (₱53,391.90) which is 68% of the usual goal.

Feeding Program

This program was built to assist students and teachers in 2019, a 37 years old Samgar Narciso father, a 5-year-old son, and a loving partner Rosie Narciso currently living in Bais City, Negros Oriental, Philippines. He is a distributor for a small company in the Philippines and a tricycle driver. Alongside her wife, they started a program to assist students and teachers. With the help of friends, they were able to distribute free raincoats and umbrellas to a public school in a mountain area near Bais City. The program grew, and now they aimed to help 500 children during the years 2020 and January 2021 to extend help by giving rice and groceries in six different villages and feeding approximately 500 children. In the same year, they successfully reached out to over 900 individuals, including children in some remote mountain areas. All the expenses were sponsored and donated by our friends and through airfunding. The project was aimed at $1,000 (₱52,345.00). It was a success in which the project gathered attention. Up to this day, they encourage more people to be part of this program.

The beauty of Airfunding is that you get to post projects for any cause. It is not limited to medical-related concerns, but even for your personal business, education, or charitable causes.

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