Adhefia ‘s successful crowdfunding: I Need Help To Repay A Student Loan!

Adhefia ‘s successful crowdfunding

Adhefia, a student from Indonesia had run a project on Airfunding. She has used crowdfunding to repay a student loan as she can’t find the other way anymore to do it. Her project was successful after got the support from her friends at Airtripp Funding.

In her crowdfunding page,

she shared her story and even told the readers in detail on why she really needs the funds. She is studying at university. She also working every day as a barista to be able for her to repay the loan. Last year, her parents had a financial problem situation where they couldn’t pay her school fee. She was about to quit university, but she tried to ask for a loan.

Some money issues happened

Fortunately, she could keep studying as she received the loan. However, she was unable to repay the debt. She keeps thinking about the loan. The most frustrating for her is it always plays in her mind whether she was able to make a settlement of debt or not. She was really worried because even she working many hours a week, she still not being able to save enough to solve her problem.

It is a huge amount of money that she needs to pay back. The interest is increasing. She was unable to repay the debt by herself due to her monthly income of $ 35. Furthermore, she is living alone while her family is in hometown. She said it is impossible for her to repay the debt when she has to attend school and work more than fifty hours per week.

Airfunding helped her dream came true

Her parents recommended quitting studies because it was the only solution left. They said it is difficult for them to support her student loan, as they are also taking care of her three siblings. But this girl’s spirit did not stop as soon she found out about Airfunding.

She asked for Airfunding’s friends help to repay the loan. Finally, she managed to earn $ 273.00. Once she got enough support, she would repay the loan immediately so she could continue her studies and obtain a certificate to get a better job in the future.

She was very grateful and thankful to the friends on Airfunding who helped and give her the opportunity to continue the studies. Hopefully, this girl can achieve her dream to get a better job in the future.

However, for those who need funds to help your beloved one, family or friends, you can try to use crowdfunding that was provided on Airfunding . So do not forget to share this article with your friends who might gain benefit from it on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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