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Fundraising story:Help To Pay An Apartment For Me And My Child!

Olamide Fundraising story : I Need Help To Pay An Apartment For Me And My Child!

Olamide, a single mother who lives in Lagos, Nigeria. She has used crowdfunding to pay for her apartment. Eventually, she managed to move into an apartment with his child after receiving support from her friends at Airtripp Funding.

Three months ago, she has been tested by her husband’s lost due to a traffic accident. Currently, she lives with her 8 months old daughter. She said that when her husband was alive, they had enough to pay for their daily expenses. But now, it is impossible for her to bear the family expenses alone.

Fundraising story

A couple of months ago, she was kicked out of her place because she couldn’t afford to pay the rent anymore. So, she decided after that to stay with her friend. Unfortunately, this woman needs to find the other place as her friend would going to marry soon. They can’t stay in that house anymore. So, that’s why she uses crowdfunding to pay an apartment for her to build a new life with her daughter.

She has no one else to ask help for. In addition, she is working in a beauty salon and her monthly income is just $ 50. She was unable to afford all the expenses of her child’s daily necessities such as diapers, food, milk and so on with that salary. At that time, her mother was the only one left to ask help fore.

Unfortunately, her mother also can’t help her because she is not working due to health problems. So, the only chance for seeking help is her Airtripp Funding’s friends! She needs all the support so she affords to move a new apartment with her child.

crowdfunding success case

She wants to move to another place so she can start saving money to build a new life with her daughter. Currently, she just has left around $ 50 savings. It is not possible for her to pay an apartment with those savings. She said, she will pay the rent apartment for a few months while she will able to save the money in the future if she get support from her friends at Airtripp Funding.

Finally, she successfully to move to a new apartment after she managed to earn $ 265.00 as a result of the support of her friends at Airtripp Funding. She was very grateful and thankful for those who help them to run a new life with her daughter. Hopefully, Olamide and her little daughter lead to a better life in the future.

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