Through crowdfunding, helping students to pay tuition fees

3 tips for students to fund their university fees, crowdfunding, scholarship or students loan

Students tuition and college fees are very expensive nowadays. It is undeniable that students have to go through and face the impact of increasing costs of financial education. Here are several types of financial support that can be used for students to fund their university fees that can apply through online for the scholarship, students loan, or crowdfunding.


The scholarship is the most common and well known financial aid that can either cover part or the whole tuition fees for a student’s college fees. However, to get the scholarship is not as easy as ABC, unless the students are really enthusiastic and perform spectacularly in class, and follows the requirements specification related to their courses as we have shared on the previous post

PTPTN Repayment Exemption, credit

Student Loan

Students also can apply for an education loan to financially support their education, but obviously, they have to pay back after graduation. Specifically, one of the most reachable education loans in Malaysia that become favourable among students is the PTPTN loan which is the institutions that aimed to support Malaysia students pursuing tertiary education in Malaysia.

PTPTN enable students to fully or partially pay their tuition fees for the duration of their studies in college. Another important reason that PTPTN becomes the top choices among the students because of the low-interest rate. It not just because of that, PTPTN which is an education loan that can be converted into a scholarship if students achieve First Class Honours in Bachelors Degree, meaning students don’t need to pay the fund back!

This is the simple steps to apply PTPTN

Steps to Applt PTPTN, Credit to EduAdvisor

Notes: Students must have (SSPN-i) account first before sending the PTPTN application on this website.

However, do bear in mind that you need to make a repayment back later after you graduate because the money you pay back can help another deserving student in the future financially to get an education!


Moreover, another method that you can also apply to support your education fees is through crowdfunding. It can be used for those who don’t have a fund or unable procure an education loan. This method of crowdfunding help students to be able to raise a fund as much they want from the support of many people. Eventually, like the past article, crowdfunding is the best ways to get financial education support.

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