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Airtripp crowdfunding case: We Want To Crowdfunding For Animal Shelter

The Paw Story: we want to crowdfunding for animal shelter in Langkawi

A group of young individuals from the ‘Program Kepimpinan Tun Razak’ are run the animal protection projects in Langkawi. They want to make a difference in the way animals are treated and their welfare in shelter homes. Therefore, they have been using crowdfunding to raise funds for an animal shelter in Langkawi.

They are collaborating with the Langkawi Animal and Sanctuary Foundation (LASSie) to carry out this project which is the organization places neglected, abused and needy animals.

They are crowdfunding in an effort to achieve two main objectives which are to improve the medication and healthcare available to the animals of LASSie. Next, they want to pay for the cost of transporting the shelter animals to their new homes which are often overseas.

Here are some pictures of the animals in desperate need, abandoned and abused by unscrupulous owners. They need shelter, adequate care, and food.

This is Scar, who got her name from the large scar on her back due to an incident where people poured scalding hot water on her.
This is Wawa who was abused and dumped on the roadside by her owners.

If it weren’t for the kindness of the strangers passing by to bring her into LASSie who knows what would have happened to her?

In short, all the animals in LASSie have suffered severe and debilitating abuse at the hands of our fellow humans. Sadly, these animals do not have voices of their own to speak out and ask for help when they are in pain.

So it is our responsibility as caring members of society to do all we can to help these hapless animals. Please do donate, no amount is too small in giving our furry friends the future they deserve. These beautiful creatures are also entitled to care as we do.

What kind of help do these animals need?

Furthermore, the target amount of funds needed to run their project is $ 1,000.00. Currently, they manage to touch people’s heart all around the world and collected almost $ 654.00 in support. The funds will be used to run their projects.

However, they have 27 days left to collect funds from their friends at Airtripp Funding. They feel very grateful and thankful to the people who helped them at Airtripp Funding for giving them the opportunity to crowdfunding for an animal shelter in Langkawi easily.

So, all the support of around the world on Airtripp Funding is very meaningful to them in protecting abusive animals. They not only helped them running the project easily but they also helped the animals in need. Since they have only another 27 days left at Airtripp Funding, you may also have the opportunity to contribute fund on their project.

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