Airfunding: 5 Successful Fundraising Projects in the Malaysia in 2021-2022

Airfunding: 5 Successful Fundraising Projects in Malaysia in 2021-2022

We have had challenging times from 2020 up to now. Through it all, the power of solidarity among communities helped those in need to overcome these challenges. Community care initiatives gained popularity during this time. It is due to the governments lacking the support required by their citizens.

Here are crowdfunding stories from Malaysia that exemplify hope, solidarity, and community care.

Successful Crowdfunding Projects in Malaysia

Help for Uncle Khoo

Uncle Khoo is a regular man trying to make ends meet. If you read his story, the one bad day when his bike broke down gave him the best days after. Through the help of Victor and several other friendly strangers, Uncle Khoo’s life changed for the better. The fundraising project created by Victor raised $2,518 (RM 11,051.50) in a month. The amount is more than enough to buy Uncle Khoo a new bike. More of the funds will help him start a new life that would sustain his livelihood needs.

💡Airfunding Tip: Good storytelling captures the attention of supporters. Appealing to the emotions of the readers will trigger generosity within them.

Samuel and his fight against Cancer

At a young age, Samuel has gone through so many medical procedures and yet does not understand why he needs to have them. His mom, Ferlyn, is giving all the best she can to make things easy for Samuel – being by his side all the time, sacrificing time with her 7-month-old daughter, and more. This can only go as far for Samuel’s medical journey, especially with the rising medical bills. More than 100 individuals in 10 days sent donations to Ferlyn’s fundraising project – receiving $4,197 (RM 18,420.63). The amount is small versus what they need, but it is enough to keep Samuel’s fight going against Cancer.

💡Airfunding Tip: Give detailed information about where funds will go. It is a good practice for transparency to your supporters.

Flood Victims of Sabah

Floods are common on the eastern coast of Malaysia during heavy rainfall. It usually displaces thousands and strains emergency services in the community. Thus, it is left to the local communities to support themselves if no help is available. Medical volunteers led by Dr. Nur Syazana Zainudin started a fundraising project in Airfunding to help the Sabah community after it was hit by the worst flood in history. The group raised a total amount of $1,077 (RM 4,726.95). The funds were used to support the families with electricity supply and tools to repair their homes.

💡Airfunding Tip: As they say, photos tell a thousand words. Remember to include high-quality images in your project story to give a full picture of what is happening in your community.

Arwind Kumar’s Sanctuary for All

Malaysian comedian and popular blogger, Arwind Kumar, has been fundraising in Airfunding for the community multiple times. For his 26th birthday, he has decided to start a crowdfunding project to fund a sanctuary for all those suffering from mental health issues. With the power of social media, he was able to raise $1,224 (RM 5,372.14) from his fans nationwide.

💡Airfunding Tip: Share your story on social media. It will allow your friends to share your story with their own network and increase your fundraiser’s visibility.

Kidney Treatment for Siti

In 2019, Siti discovered that she had a Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Stage 5. It means that the best way for her to recover is to get a kidney transplant. Unfortunately, none of her family members is a good match for her. So while waiting for an organ donor, she has been on hemodialysis and recently would need an angioplasty operation. The amount to pay for this operation was raised through a fundraising project in Airfunding. A total amount of $1,745 (RM 7,658.81) was donated – much higher than what she needs!

💡Airfunding Tip: Provide updates to your supporters. It will give them the confidence to provide more support if they see where their money went.

Want a Successful Fundraising Project?

Follow the tips shared throughout this blog or browse through more tips from this link. Once you are ready, start your crowdfunding project on Airfunding today!

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