What if I cannot get a scholarship?

Study abroad: What if I cannot get a scholarship?

People who wish to study abroad experience some challenges when it comes to getting the needed funds to pursue their study abroad. Most of students rely on scholarship. What if they cannot get a scholarship?What to do then?

How to start preparing to study abroad?

Study abroad is an opportunity

It’s time for you to find a new interest. You have to get outside of your comfort zone if you are going to make significant changes in your life. Until when do you want to keep those dreams exactly how it is, while the others are enjoying the experience of exploring the world.

Of course, one would think that studying abroad is too expensive. Also, others are too worried about the language barrier when living in other countries.

All the assumptions are true unless you can make a solid plan early. Study abroad is an opportunity to have an amazing international experience on top of enhancing your academic education.

Study Abroad Is Not Just Studying, Credit to IEREK

1. Research Your Ideal Study Abroad Destination

Good research can you help you a long way when planning for something as big as overseas studying. You may be surprised to see that there are many countries that offer study abroad program to international students.

You can find myriad of sources to research from, like from this site, a site where you can make a research based on your study level, subject of interest and study destination.

  • Does the course interest you?
  • Do you find the destination country easy for you to blend in?
  • Will it be affordable?
  • If I got selected, when do I need to be there?

These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself during this phase.

2. How can i get money to study abroad

Planning Your Finances

Let’s face reality: Study abroad is expensive for most people. However, if you smart and diligent on your research and preparation, you might find that it is realistically affordable, of course to a point.

It does help to start planning as this can help you figure out where in the budget that you can possibly cut off from. You have to consider matters such as currency rates, insurances, accommodation, living expenses, and tuition fees.

It will help you to make easier when you studying abroad in overseas. We have also compiled on the previous post we have shared that may help you to get tips for the application scholarship.(Read more :Study abroad: What if I cannot get a scholarship?)

This article may help you : Crowdfunding for the people to help study abroad

3. Getting Some Advice

It is important to get some advice from the closest people around you, counsellor or students that had experienced overseas studying before this to get a wider perspective and opinion.

Start noticing the friends or family members who are currently or had studied overseas in your social media and grab the opportunity to ask them for all the information you might need.

Firsthand information is always more valuable than the ones you can find on the web. How was it? Was it easy to adapt to the living environment? Was this university actually good in their education system? Get these people out for a cup of coffee, and start asking!

4. Study abroad application

After you meet the courses and university you wanted the most, you can start to apply! But, before you submit your application to study abroad, you have to make sure to double check for any mistakes and all the requirements are met. It would be a shame if your application is declined just because of a silly mistake you made after all the preparations.

5. Wait

Once you have applied, all you have to do is to wait. Patience is all you can do from this point. Assuming you have done everything you can, all you can is to hope and pray until the university you applied announces the results. Rather than worrying too much about it, relax and spend time doing something you love.

It must have been stressful few months to prepare everything to this point. And who knows, maybe this will be the last few times you can enjoy things in your country for a long while!


Grab the study abroad opportunities

So, you get the point. You have now been exposed on how to grab this opportunity to study, explore the landscape, art, culture and enjoy making new connections, and see the colourful world. Why don’t you start preparing now? And Good luck!

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