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Interesting 7 fundraising ideas for your needs!

Fundraising is a means of seeking financial assistance from individuals and organizations so as to raise the needed funds to fulfil the mission of a non-profit organization. Fund-raising is the most important way that charity organizations use to attract new donors and build relationships that will provide the needed support. This can only be achieved by looking at the different fundraising ideas that can be used in raising funds and building foundational support.

fundraising ideas for your fundraising needs
fundraising ideas for your fundraising needs

1. Peer-to-peer fundraising

Peer-to-peer fundraising is the most common way of raising funds whereby volunteer fundraisers use a social network to reach out to people close to them such as friends, families and the communities. It is a fund-raising idea that encourages volunteers support in the fundraising on the organization’s behalf by organizing events like the marathon, bikathon or walkathon in order to recruit new donors and give a good rating for donor acquisition. In this way, the community of volunteers is being raised while trying to achieve the goals of fundraising.

2. Annual Campaign Donations

Annual Campaign Donations is a means that an organization can embark in fundraising and it is used as a general operating fund that keeps the organization running. There are different ways of achieving this aim;

  • Online Donation is a fund-raising idea that has presently increased because it is an easy way of raising funds and most people have the online platform in their individual capacity. This creates an opportunity for funds to be raised from any part of the world as long as the organization has a webpage with an online donation page where people can conveniently donate especially as most donors do not carry cash with them.
  • Text Donation is a newly introduced fund-raising idea which are contributions raised through text messages. This is the easiest and convenient means of raising funds since most people have mobile phones.
  • In-kind donation is a fund-raising idea that entails contributions of products or services especially for a fund-raising event or for the building of projects. This relieves non-profits that burden of such financial need of organizing an event or project building.

3. Fundraising Letters

Fundraising Letters is a fund-raising idea of getting the needed support in ensuring funds are generated for the organization. In order to achieve this, your fundraising letters can be customized and structured in such a way that it can accommodate any form of donors.

4. Crowdfunding:

Crowdfunding is a fund-raising idea that involves raising funds online through social media. It is an inexpensive method of engaging a large population to provide assistance through the donations of small amounts. This fund-raising idea works incredibly well when combined with annual fund-raising events. Some examples of successful crowdfunding projects using our platform Airfunding:

  • Bianca from Brazil, where she collected funds to bring her mother back home
  • Thuy Duong from Vietnam, where she collected funds to get her to Japan to meet her friends.

Since there are many ways to choose a crowdfunding platform, look at this article here!

5. Fund-raising emails

Fund-raising emails is a means of sending out emails campaigns to individuals asking for donations and it is an effective way of raising funds.

6. T-Shirt Fund-raising

T-Shirt Fund-raising is one of the top-most fund-raising ideas where funds are raised from the sale of T-shirts. T-shirts are worn by most individuals so it sells very fast especially for a charity purpose.

7. Annual Fund-raising ex.Fundraising ideas for schools

Annual Fund-raising events are various events organized in order to provide the needed support in raising funds. There are various fund-raising events that can be used organized with the main aim of raising funds:

  • A local concert is a fund-raising event whereby a show is organized and local artists who will perform live music are recruited. In this way, even if people cannot attend the concert, they can donate towards the success of the concert. In this way, funds are raised.
  • Charity golf tournaments are fund-raising events that can be organized by partnering with sponsors who can either be individuals or organizations. It will involve lots of promotions and if efficiently managed, will yield the needed result of getting the requisite donations.
  • Silent Auction is a creative fund-raising event that involves assembling items using contacts within your network while appointing a committee of volunteers who will do the same using their own contacts. These assembled items will now be auctioned especially towards a cause.
  • Sponsored Run/Walk is a fund-raising event that entails raising funds through jogging, running or walking. Funds can be raised from donations leading up to the event and entrance fees as long as a secured location has been booked for the event.
  • Fashion events are fund-raising events where different clothing stores donate outfits for the purpose of this event. These donated outfits are then displayed in a fashion show thereby raising funds from this fund-raising event.

There are other fund-raising events that can also be used in fund-raising like Charity Auction, Odd back events, Ice cream social, Talent show, Paddle race, chef’s Challenge and others.

It takes a creative mind to embark on fund-raising and volunteers are needed to ensure that the aim of fund-raising is achieved to give support to the charity organizations or non-profit organizations involved in helping the needy. Here are also some tips on how to start a fundraising project!

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