Success Crowdfunding Story from Russia: Raisinng funds for surgery – Payr`s syndrome and Endometriosis

This is a true success story about Blohina Alena a girl from Russia who raised 858$ to pay for a medical treatment of Payr’s syndrome and Endometriosis. She wants to go to the federal center in Moscow to be examined and undergo an operation.

She really needs a fundraising plan to do to the federal medical center to undergo a surgery.

«I found myself in a desperate situation. Previously, it was difficult and scary for me to think that I would have to ask for help / support, or money from people. But when I realized that I no longer had the strength to fight alone and I was literally cornered, I decided to ask for help, and gradually, step by step, I promoted the project. It turned out that I have friends and like-minded people who share my misfortune and are ready to help morally or financially.» – says Alena. 

First of all, AirFunding helped me mentally.

“I read many words of support and realized that there are people in the world who will not pass by, I stopped being afraid and began to act actively in terms of treatment. 

Of course, when you understand that you now have funds for treatment – a certain airbag, you can go this way faster. But all the same, support in such cases plays a key role – when a person is sick or suffering from pain, he feels extremely vulnerable, faces fears and often feels unable to act. Just be close to your loved ones if they get into trouble, there are things that cannot be walked alone.” – says Alena.

She decided to create a new project to repeat the success of previous one. And we wish that raised funds will help to overcome the disease.

You are not alone!

Airfunding has bridged the gap of barriers so that everyone can help everyone. Now people can seek help and provide support to almost anyone in the world.

By strengthening its operations in Russia and Ukraine,  Airfunding hopes to attract more people to create more projects, whether for personal, for the community or for any cause (so that the world will see and send their support).  

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Fundraising Success Story Sharing: Raising funds for mother’s medical treatment

Seeking for help, no other way to find the required amount

Anna Slepchenko, a girl from a small town in Ukraine, created her own project on AirFunding asking for help. Her mother suffers from oncology, and the cost of treatment is insanely expensive, this amount was too much for their family. Anna worked as hard as she could, but it was not enough to collect the required amount.

Anna really wanted to return to a normal life, where she can spend time with her mother outside the hospital and feel comfortable and confident.

Steps for successful fundraising

Anna shared with her project wherever it was possible. And she’s very happy that her prayers were answered. Lots of caring hearts helped her on this difficult path and she wholeheartedly thanks everyone who did not pass by.

Collecting donations and medical expenses

She set a target of $1,200 on the platform, to buy the necessary medicines, their cost is very expensive, as well as to provide proper medical care and to pass special tests, which are so necessary for the correct treatment of her mother.

In the end, she raised $1,160, successfully. And provided mom with proper medical care.

Anna is grateful to everyone who helped. With this money, she managed to carry out her plan and help her mother.

She liked the ease of use of the platform and the fact that anyone can create a fundraising campaign regardless of their country of residence. Anna is thankful to the service for all of support.

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We hope that Anna’s mother will recover soon and life will return to normal way. 

Unfortunately, lots of people need to finance medical expenses to help their loved ones. Together we can help everyone with everyone. Anyone can easily set up an AirFunding project fundraising platform for the project, build a project to improve or even save their lives!

Start your crowdfunding journey right now. 

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