Fundraising Proposal:Happy Eid Mubarak!

Fundraising Proposal:Happy Eid Mubarak!

We are coming toward the end of Ramadhan Kareem, which is the noble, holiest and blessed month for the Muslims. It will end this weekend with Eid Fitr, which is a blessed holiday after a fasting a month of Ramadhan Kareem. Ramadhan Kareem is the month of generosity, therefore Muslims chasing to do good deeds, like help each other by giving a sadaqa or zakat to the needy. After the end of Ramadhan Kareem, all Muslims around the world will gather to celebrate one of the most essential festivals based on the Islamic Calender, Eid Mubarak.

Eid Mubarak is the Arabic terms, that’s called Eid “Celebration” and Mubarak “Blessed”. Usually, the term of Eid Mubarak is used for greeting the festival of blessing. Eid Mubarak kickstarts with the month of Shawal. For this year, Eid Mubarak in Malaysia expected to begin on the evening of the 4th June 2019. As for the timing of Eid Mubarak is greeting, here is the article about the celebration of the Eid Mubarak in Malaysia as the warming up sessions before the Eid Mubarak begin.

1. Fundraising Tips:Perform Eid Prayer

Eid Fitr Prayer, Credit Image to Deccan Chronicle

It is time for Muslims attending a special Eid Fitr Prayer since it just has once a year. Muslims will begin their first day Eid Mubarak by worshiping to their nearest mosque. Let’s start our Eid Mubarak later with performing Eid Prayer with family and relatives.

2. Fundraising Tips: Visit Family

“Balik Kampung” Road Trip, Credit Image from

It’s time for Muslim to use this month as an opportunity of Eid Mubarak holiday to strengthen personal ties, visit all family, relatives, and friends at the village especially who never seen a long time. Getting along with the family by spending quality time together. Note that, you need to socialize and don’t always stick up with your phone. It’s time to rejoice and get together with the closest people and family members.

3. Fundraising Tips: Wearing New Clothes

Credit Image from Hanasuva

Wearing new clothes on the first day of Eid Mubarak is sunnah. It’s not just sunnah, but it becomes a pleasant and well-kept tradition in Malaysia. Usually, Malaysian will dressed in fine with traditional clothes, Baju Melayu for male and Baju Kurung for female. It will look more harmonious on the Eid Mubarak by wearing clothes with the same color and design.

4. Fundraising Tips: Open House

Open House Menu, Credit Image to SirapLimau

The open house is the most unique Eid Mubarak celebration in Malaysia when it comes in the month of Shawal. The house is open to all guests to enjoy delectable dishes like typically Malaysian have for Ketupat, Rendang, Lemang and more.  

5. Fundraising Tips: Forgive each other

Forgive Each Other, Credit Image to OhBulan

Seeking forgiveness to the family members by apologies for the mistake that have ever made before this. Usually, Malaysian people will be saying ‘Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin’ which means, apologize for any behavior or words they are not pleased with the intended person. Eid Mubarak is a time to ask forgiveness for any wrongs they have committed in the previous year

Eid Mubarak is a wonderful and nice day to pray, care, love, smile and celebrate with one another and thank Allah for giving us this wonderful day. So, Happy Eid Mubarak!

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