Adhefia ‘s successful crowdfunding: I Need Help To Repay A Student Loan!

Adhefia ‘s successful crowdfunding:Adhefia use airfunding to raise money and solve her money issues which is a student loan.

I Want To Show The Sea To My Son!

Successful Crowdfunding Example: I Want To Show The Sea To My Son!

There’s a successful crowdfunding example about Victoria who wants to make her son happy.


Nabilah Story: Crowdfunding Do Help Cambodian To Get A Better Life

Nurul from Johor, Malaysia would like to do a volunteer project in Cambodia.She has used the method of crowdfunding to get her friends to support on AirFunding.

Dhalia Success Fundraising Story: Raising Funds To Hold A Christmas Party For The Children Of Our Community!

This is a true success story about Dhalia Torremoro from Iloilo City, Philippines has successfully celebrated a Christmas party for the children of their community after used the method of crowdfunding that was provided on Airtripp Funding platform.