Airfunding: 4 Success Crowdfunding Stories in Indonesia in 2021-2022

Airfunding: 4 Success Crowdfunding Stories in Indonesia in 2021-2022

The global spread of COVID-19 hurt the Indonesian economy. The Indonesian tourism industry got the most hit. The best-known beachside resorts and hotels in Bali closed operations during the pandemic. Thus, people’s livelihoods that are dependent on tourists were affected.

A lot of Indonesians have nowhere to earn money for living expenses. Thus, some of the members of the Airfunding community in Indonesia have resorted to crowdfunding. Here are some of the success stories you may get inspired from to crowdfund for your own needs.

Successful Crowdfunding Projects in Indonesia

Timmy, a father of 6

Timmy got caught in a fight and got injured from it. With this incident and the pandemic around, he can no longer go back to the same work and can only do small gardening tasks.

Timmy’s daughter, Nikita, created the crowdfunding campaign in Airfunding for her father. She was at school when she got the surprising call about what happened. She was distraught about it and had no idea what to do – especially for her college tuition. She had to take the matters into her own hands so that she and her siblings get the financial support they need.

With their Airfunding project open for a month, she raised funds amounting to $1,825 (IDR 26,765,541.25). The funds were used for Timmy’s surgery and the family’s daily expenses.

Tour Guide Arta’s Story

The Indonesian government imposed travel restrictions during the pandemic. It affected thousands of tourism workers – leaving them unemployed. Included in these jobless workers is Arta. He has been working for years in the tourism industry to support his two kids and parents living with him. Due to zero tourists coming into Bali, the situation became worse for him financially real fast.

With the help of the Airfunding community, Arta raised funds amounting to $1,325 (IDR 19,437,021.25). His crowdfunding campaign helped him buy food and other necessities for his family.

Ryan’s Journey from Indonesia to the USA

Ryan worked for a cruise company for the last decade before 2020. He lost his job and got stuck in Indonesia for a year during the pandemic. With tourism still down, there are no jobs for him in Bali.

But by the end of 2021, travel restrictions and community lockdowns ease down. Many tourism companies, not only in Indonesia but also around the world, are getting back on their feet. Great opportunities arise for the unemployed because of this. It is when Ryan’s crowdfunding story started.

He did a fundraising campaign in Airfunding for two months. The campaign’s goal was to raise a small amount of money to help him prepare the work documents required by his company.

The donations he received amounted to $873 (IDR 12,806,429.85). The success of his crowdfunding campaign is a turnaround for him and his family.

Fahmi and the Power of the ARMY

Fahmi’s grandmother, Siti, had a leg accident while at home. Living in poverty and the economy still down in Indonesia, Fahmi and his family have no way to get the medical help that Siti needs.

Fahmi knew that crowdfunding would be the best way to raise funds for Siti. He created an Airfunding project and shared his grandmother’s story online. Riding along with the K-Pop trend, he knew that fellow ARMY members are philanthropic and will be a great channel to share his story. Being an ARMY himself, he used social media to reach out to supporters.

After three months, Fami raised $779 (IDR 11,434,979.95). The donations are helpful for his grandmother’s recovery and other medicines needed.

Why does crowdfunding with Airfunding work in Indonesia?

If you live in one of the 17,508 islands of Indonesia, online crowdfunding would be the easiest, fastest, and most effective when raising money remotely. You can reach out for donations from supporters within the Airfunding community from just anywhere in the world. With a click from their phone, donations are transferred to your project fund in just seconds!

There are more Indonesian projects in need of your support. You can also start your crowdfunding project right away!

Visit today!

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5 Top Crowdfunding Platforms in Brazil

If you’ve ever walked along the streets of Brazil, you would see all colors of the rainbow left and right. After World War I and after claiming its independence from Portugal, Brazil tried to recover its cultural identity through art. Artists of different genres – painting, sculpting, literature, visual arts, music, and more – have fought critics for decades. It paved the way for what we know today as Brazilian art.

However, in the last years, the decline in the economy has threatened the growth of this sector in Brazil. Thus, many Brazilian artists have resorted to crowdfunding to financially enable their projects and social advocacies. Here are the top crowdfunding platforms where some Brazilian art projects have started.


Kickante has been created with the Brazilian community in mind. They provide a platform for projects with social causes that benefit the community. The crowdfunding platform has flexible features to keep the artist at ease while raising funds for the project. It includes flexibility in goal setting, project duration, payment forms, and more. But, do keep in mind that Kickante charges a 6% platform fee on raised funds.


Catarse has dedicated its crowdfunding platform to creators from Brazil. Projects related to the arts only are welcome to fundraise via this site. They offer help to up-and-coming artists on how, when, and where they can kick off their projects. Artists will go through a rigorous but worthwhile process to get funding for their creative projects. This process is the reason for the high platform fee of 13% that they charge on raised funds.


Benfeitoria is open to projects with cultural, social, economic, and environmental impact. The company prides itself on being the first in Brazil to offer free commission, recurring payments, and fund matching. In its lifetime, a total of $4 million have been raised for all projects mounted on the platform. They also charge a 4.5% fee on raised funds.


GoGetFunding gets much of the attention of different artists or creators in Brazil to fund their projects. With its platform open worldwide, there is little chance for projects to stand out with so many artists wanting to get the attention of supporters. Donations received will be charged with a 6.9% platform fee.


Airfunding is a donation-based crowdfunding platform open to supporters worldwide. More than 600,000 individuals have trusted Airfunding to finance their projects. With its free registration and easy project creation, more than 20,000 projects related to the arts have been funded globally, including Brazil. Not only is Airfunding open to artists, but it is available for crowdfunding for medical, disaster relief, education, and more.

Get inspiration by reading success stories from the Airfunding community here. There are more tips you can enjoy via the Airfunding blog.

Kickstart your creative journey in Airfunding today! 

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5 Successful Fundraising Projects in Turkey in 2021-2022

Airfunding: 5 Successful Fundraising Projects in Turkey in 2021-2022

Airfunding is a community of everyday heroes. They are ordinary human beings who have helped strangers worldwide however small their donations are. Today we celebrate them for the success of these fundraising projects in Turkey.

Crowdfunding Projects for Pets

Ulyana’s Cat

While walking along the streets of Turkey, Ulyana found an orphaned cat in 2018. She took it in and took care of it for three years. By the end of 2021, the cat fell sick and was diagnosed with Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). It is a viral disease in cats caused by certain strains of a virus called the feline coronavirus. The disease can be cured if the medicine is taken regularly. With the help of Airfunding heroes worldwide, Ulyana raised $1,262 (₺356.37). The fundraising provided medication for the cat good for more than a month.

Mia, The Warrior Cat

Mia is from Eskisehir, Turkey fighting for her life. Like Ulyana’s cat, Mia was also diagnosed with FIP. Together with her cat mom, they created a fundraising project in Airfunding to raise funds for medical bills, medicines, and more. Airfunding heroes have donated a total of $1,284 (₺362.58). In three months, Mia was able to pay for the medication with the help of the Airfunding community.

Medical Projects

Baby Aybar and the fight against SMA

Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is an inherited disease that affects nerves and muscles. It causes muscles to become weak. Baby Aybar has Type 1, a very severe case of SMA. Infants with SMA Type 1 have difficulty swallowing and sucking. With the help of his dad, an Airfunding project was created. They needed to fundraise for the gene therapy of Aybar. In three months, the Airfundng community of heroes raised $1,290 (₺364.28) for Aybar’s medication.

Nabil’s Road to Recovery

Nabil needed help to recover from an accident that caused him an injury to his jaw and teeth. His medical insurance could not cover the expenses for the surgery he needed. With a loving community behind him, they created a fundraising project in Airfunding. And less than a month, they received donations with a total amount of $1,530 (₺432.05). Their story is a remarkable accomplishment for the Airfunding community and for the benefit of Nabil.

Community Projects

Kemal’s Family

Kemal Badalov is a guard at the Söğüt District Police Department. While driving a tractor one day, he lost control of the machine and was injured. The first respondents on the scene took him to the hospital where he died despite the medical interventions provided. Due to this unfortunate incident. Kemal left a family behind who needed financial support for their daily needs. The Airfunding community came together to donate $8,810 (₺2,487.83) within one month. This big donation will surely help his wife and kids as they recover from the loss.

There are more stories in Airfunding where our community of heroes donating and sending their help from all over the world helped make a fundraising project successful. You can be one of the heroes to help a family in need in Turkey today. Head over to and find a project you would like to help out with.

On the other hand, the Airfunding community is always looking for individuals who need heroes to help them out. If you have a project you want to raise money for, create an Airfunding project here!

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Platforms in Nigeria

Top 5 Crowdfunding Platforms in Nigeria

The Nigerian government defines crowdfunding as raising funds to finance a project or business from the public through an online platform. The word has been synonymous with agriculture for most of the population since 2015. For five years, a boom in agriculture-focused crowdfunding platforms provided citizens to invest in agro-businesses with expected returns.

The trend created an opportunity for many crowdfunding platforms to expand services beyond raising business capital. Now, Nigerians can create a fundraising campaign for diverse reasons – medical, education, business, and more.

Why Crowdfund in Nigeria?

70% of the Nigerian population (Euormonitor, 2021) engages within their communities. People understand the need of helping their friends and family in challenging times. Thus, crowdfunding for your financial needs may be the best way to get the help you need.

Top Crowdfunding Platforms in Nigeria

Equity crowdfunding platforms for businesses have monopolized the market for years. Now, donation-based crowdfunding platforms are available for Nigerians to do fundraising.


Airfunding How to Raise Money for Medical Expenses

Airfunding has been the go-to platform for Nigerians in fundraising for medical, education, community, business, and COVID-19 relief projects. Airfunding has received donations from more than 130,000 supporters worldwide. These donations have funded many projects in Nigeria and other countries.


NaijaFund is one of the crowdfunding pioneers in Nigeria. Starting in 2015, it has allowed projects related to the arts to random personal wishes. NaijaFund is only available for Nigerians. It limits the opportunity to open the community outside of the country.


Quickraiz started in 2018 with the mission to create an efficient way for Nigerians to do fundraising. Backed by Electronic PayPlus Limited, it focuses on making sure donations are secure for both project owners and supporters. Many projects are already available in Quickraiz. But, it has yet to reach out to more supporters to receive donations for project owners.


FundAnEnterprise.Org claims to be the first crowdfunding website in Nigeria. It operates as a donation-based and reward-based crowdfunding platform. They focus on micro, small, and medium enterprises dreaming to make it big in the industry. The site is still available for viewing, but it seems to be non-operational at the moment.


Member of the early pioneers in crowdfunding worldwide, Kickstarter has reached the shores of Nigeria. The company has claimed to have funded more than 200,000 projects worldwide since 2009. But, project owners should be aware of how things work on Kickstarter. It is a donation-based crowdfunding platform with an all-or-nothing clause. If you have not achieved your set goal, all donations are refunded to the supporters. (Yes, even if it’s millions of Nairas already!)

Starting a Crowdfunding Project in Airfunding

It’s easy to start a fundraising campaign in Airfunding. Follow this step-by-step guide and start fundraising for your project today! Don’t miss out on fundraising tips by tuning in to new blogs uploaded here.

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crowdfunding india

Crowdfunding India: 7 Different Platforms

There are several crowdfunding India platforms available online and it can be challenging to know which is the best suitable platform for your project.

Read more on the crowdfunding platforms you may explore if you reside in India.

1. Kickstarter

Kickstarter is one of the first crowdfunding sites in India. The platform is most known for creative projects. Films, books, research, and innovation are some of the kinds of campaigns that are often seen on this platform.

From edible cutlery to a photographic series on Indian deities, to wearable health tech for social impact, Kickstarter supports myriad initiatives. The campaigners are also expected to offer different rewards for different categories of funds to the donors.

Some of the successful campaigns on Kickstarter: The Sweet Requiem campaign – a film that narrates the story of a Tibetan woman living in India and her traumatic escape from Tibet – saw 296 backers with a pledge of $ 33,889.

Another project, Edible Cutlery: The Future of Eco-Friendly Utensils had more than 9000 backers who pledged $ 278,874.

Focus areas: creativity and merchandising

Purpose/mission: to bring creative projects to life

2. Wishberry

For those looking to fund creative projects, Wishberry is the platform to go to. The website is strictly for creative projects only. Art, comics, publishing, theatre, music, and dance, the platform supports all projects, creative.

It also helps campaigners with consulting and marketing services. Like Kickstarter, Wishberry is also a rewards-based platform. Funders and donors receive rewards from the projects that they fund.

Focus area: creative projects

Purpose/mission: to bring creative and innovative ideas to life and build a community of patrons for creative ideas in India.

3. FuelADream

A rewards-based crowdfunding platform, FuelADream gives campaigners the choice of AON (All Or Nothing) and KWYG (Keep What You Get). It is a platform that believes in “quality more than quantity”, as stated on its website.

A number of crowdfunding platforms face the issue of authenticity and genuineness of the campaigns posted on the platform. FuelADream keeps the number of projects less, in order to tackle this issue. A section called ‘Crowd Favourite’ lists the most-liked and most-funded campaigns.

Focus area: creative ideas, causes, charities, events, and community-led activities

Purpose/mission: to change the traditional methods and simplify raising fund

4. Fundable

One of the few crowdfunding sites in India that completely focuses on small businesses and enterprises, Fundable features campaigns across business sectors in India. The platform features campaigns across business sectors.

From raising funds for affordable clinical diagnoses to intellectual travel experiences within India, entrepreneurs and businesses across sectors have used the platform. Among other sectors are banking, travel, food, and beverage, and fitness. A section ‘New and Noteworthy’ ensures that people who want to support can browse through the newest and most engaging campaigns.

Focus area: small businesses

Purpose/mission: to help get businesses funded

5. Ketto

With a wide range of focus, Ketto is among the well-known crowdfunding sites in India. The platform features campaigns for health care, education, personal campaigns, animal welfare, sports, children and women empowerment. To make it easier for donors, Ketto has sections such as ‘Urgently Fund Required’ and campaigns that can provide ‘Tax Benefit’ to donors.

Some of the successfully funded campaigns on the platform include those for the Kerala Floods and a project titled, ‘Two Wheels of Hope’, which provided cycles for schoolgirls, among other campaigns.

Focus area: creative, entrepreneurial, NGOs, personal causes, education

Purpose/mission: bring social change, raise awareness, raise funds

6. Catapooolt

From startups, films, music, and technology, Catapooolt is a platform for funding personal projects or enterprises and businesses. It is more than a crowdfunding platform as it offers options for campaigners to partner within their network of investors, incubators, accelerators, mentors, and for marketing, distribution and sales, and community endorsements. This makes the platform, as it claims, a comprehensive ecosystem for crowdfunding.

Focus area: individual projects, startups, enterprises

Purpose/mission: provide an ecosystem for crowdfunding

7. Airfunding

If you are on the lookout for a platform that does not have a specific niche, then Airfunding is for you. Airfunding is a global donation-type crowdfunding service. Anyone in any country can quickly and easily create projects to raise funds around the world for their beloved ones, for themselves, for the community and for charity. This also includes India.

Take Lalith Arugula’s project for example. He was able to raise money amounting to $1,171 for ration kits to be distributed in India during the pandemic.

crowdfunding india

If you wish to start your own crowdfunding journey like Arugula, you can create a project in 5 minutes by clicking here.

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