Crowdfunding For Animal

Airtripp crowdfunding case: We Want To Crowdfunding For Animal Shelter

A group want to crowfunding for animal shelter in Langkawi. They want to make a difference in the way animals are treated and their welfare in shelter homes.

crowdfunding success case

Fundraising story : Help For Surgery And Treatment!

Le Vy’s Fundraising Story : Help For Surgery And Treatment For My Little Brothers!

Fundraising Events:Victims Of The Earthquake In Indonesia

Fundraising Story About Bagus: Help For The Victims Of The Earthquake In Indonesia!

Bagus, from Makassar, Indonesia has successfully helped the victims of the earthquake in Indonesia after used crowdfunding method that was provided by Airtripp Funding. He has managed to ease the burden of the earthquake’s victims on Indonesia by contributed necessities to those in need after got the support of his friends at Airtripp Funding.

Crowdfunding to pay for her son’s treatment

Fundraising Story About Angela: I Need Help To Pay My Son’s Treatment!

Angela, a lovely mother who lives in Guayaquil, Ecuador has a child that suffering from an incurable disease. The cost of her son’s treatment is expensive. She is not being able to pay for his treatment. So, she used crowdfunding to pay for her son’s treatment. Indirectly, she got support from her companions on Airtripp Funding and managed to pay her son’s treatment.