Fundraising Success Story Sharing: Raising funds for mother’s medical treatment

Seeking for help, no other way to find the required amount

Anna Slepchenko, a girl from a small town in Ukraine, created her own project on AirFunding asking for help. Her mother suffers from oncology, and the cost of treatment is insanely expensive, this amount was too much for their family. Anna worked as hard as she could, but it was not enough to collect the required amount.

Anna really wanted to return to a normal life, where she can spend time with her mother outside the hospital and feel comfortable and confident.

Steps for successful fundraising

Anna shared with her project wherever it was possible. And she’s very happy that her prayers were answered. Lots of caring hearts helped her on this difficult path and she wholeheartedly thanks everyone who did not pass by.

Collecting donations and medical expenses

She set a target of $1,200 on the platform, to buy the necessary medicines, their cost is very expensive, as well as to provide proper medical care and to pass special tests, which are so necessary for the correct treatment of her mother.

In the end, she raised $1,160, successfully. And provided mom with proper medical care.

Anna is grateful to everyone who helped. With this money, she managed to carry out her plan and help her mother.

She liked the ease of use of the platform and the fact that anyone can create a fundraising campaign regardless of their country of residence. Anna is thankful to the service for all of support.

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Автоматически созданное описание

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We hope that Anna’s mother will recover soon and life will return to normal way. 

Unfortunately, lots of people need to finance medical expenses to help their loved ones. Together we can help everyone with everyone. Anyone can easily set up an AirFunding project fundraising platform for the project, build a project to improve or even save their lives!

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LIVE Vol.2 What is Education in Uganda and Indonesia?

Hello, this is Aria Intern! 🌞

This time, we will continue to deliver the contents of the first live stream of Airfunding participated by Nigeria, Uganda, and Indonesia. In the previous post, we introduced each NGO and its owner and summarized the education of Nigeria. If you look at it together, you will deepen your understanding, so please check it out! We also have detailed information about the activities and the origins of each NGO on our past note.

This time, we asked NGO owners in Uganda and Indonesia about the current state of education and its problems.

Why are children not able to go to school in Uganda?

Andrew, the founder of Faith Angels Ministry, who works in Uganda, talks about how education is managed in the country.

“Education in Uganda is managed by the Ministry of Education.

Three years in kindergarten, seven years in elementary school, four years in junior high school, two years in high school, and then university. Depending on what you are learning, the number of years you study at a university varies.”

You see that the general education system in Uganda is a little different from that in Japan. In Japan, there are three years of kindergarten, six years of elementary school, three years of junior high school, and three years of high school. There are differences in education depending on the country.

This is an elementary school student studying at a school run by Faith Angels Ministry. There are things that are different from Japan, but in any country, it is the same as helping each other to study! ✨

But! He says that there are many problems related to education, as the system does not seem to be widespread among the fixed number of years of education.

“Uganda currently has different educational challenges.

(1) Many of them leave high school; (2) a student attending school may become pregnant; and (3) the younger the parent is, the child has little knowledge or understanding about education.”

It is said that there is a problem between the recipient side and the recipient side. The problems that Andrew points out have a big impact on the awareness and interest of the recipient in education.

Why are they less conscious and interested?

These are influenced by the negative social chain.

Financial problems, as they give birth to young children and grow up without education, they don’t understand going to school, they can’t afford the funds because there is a limit to how they work.

It is clear that education is necessary, but the prevalence and problems of the receiving side are urgent. We need help to break the negative loop.

To break this negative chain, Faith Angels Ministry is working to support and promote education for children in poor areas.

However, it is very difficult to provide education to many children with limited resources and time. So, we provide one way we can help with the Airfunding Overseas NGO Support Program.

Click here to help faith Angels Ministry ↓

What is Indonesia’s education system actually like?

Next, we asked about the current state of education in Indonesia. The owner of Sasak Satu Swara, Levi, explains Indonesia’s education system.

“I think Indonesian education is actually a good thing. The government-run system allows us to get free education up to nine years as compulsory education.”

This is the same as the number of years of compulsory education in Japan. In other words, students can study for free until the third year of junior high school. So, if you look at this, it looks like Indonesian educational institutions have established a system, and there’s no big problem… I thought, but Levi continues:

“But I don’t think that’s the case if this system works really well. This system is just a theory, and even if it is free, going to school will cost you money. In this situation, not all children have enough money, and as a result, many children are unable to go to school.”

In Indonesia

・ Free nine-year compulsory education

・ It’s free with compulsory education, but you can’t go to school with no money

This contradiction is born. About 40% of the students have not completed this compulsory education, and the low penetration rate of the system is a major problem in Indonesian education.

Are Indonesia’s culture and education affected by globalization?

He also mentioned that there is another serious problem in Indonesia.

“Moral issues in Indonesia… In other words, moral problems are occurring in education. The Western culture has been advancing due to globalization, and the culture of Indonesian culture that remains strong is deteriorating. There is an opportunity to learn about morality in class.”

And the moral of this is that we’re going to build upon Indonesian culture.

– How do you relate to people around you?

– How can mutual understanding be deepened?

– How do we relate to God?

It is a kind of connection between the mind and the mind that you can’t learn by just studying.

As Indonesia is an island country, each island has its own culture and community and has been protected. Therefore, the school on the island was a kind of institution that had many opportunities to interact with people and learned how to be a community. However, I think that this kind of culture is disappearing in the trend of Westernization in modern times. I think it is no exaggeration to say that the coexistence of new and existing cultures is a common issue in the world.

Click here to help Sasak satu Swara ↓

Final Thoughts

How did you summarize the current situation and problems of education in Uganda and Indonesia? Although the concept of education is the same, I think that it was understood by comparing information that contents and policies vary from country to country. In addition, the issues of culture and money that each country faces have been clarified.

NGOs work day-to-day to promote education among children in each country. However, there is no big influence and financial power, so external support will become important.

The Airfunding Support Program for Overseas NGOs is a crowdfunding program that can help you take such a step forward. Your support will be transformed into their great driving force, and you can increase the number of children who can receive an education!

You can also participate by sharing the link to the upcoming project👍

If you work in the Ministry of Education in your country and promote education in areas with various problems, what kind of approach would you take? What do you think we can do in the distance? In my opinion, knowing the current situation as much as possible will be a small help. It may also be easy to start sharing information with others! If you have any ideas, please let me know in the comments section! 👌

Support is now available from $5 (about 500 yen) in the Airfunding Overseas NGO Support Program! 🎉

I think that there is an image of crowdfunding as “We have to support by making a large amount of money”, but it is recommended because it is relatively easy to challenge with one coin! If you are interested, please check here for more information!           

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LIVE Vol.1 What is ‘Education’ in Nigeria?

Hello, this is Aria Intern🌞

It’s getting warmer and warmer, how are you all doing?

This time, we will show you the Airfunding live delivery that was conducted the other day, only on the note.

At Airfunding, Back2 School Africa from Nigeria, Faith Angels Ministry from Uganda, and Sasak Satu Swara from Indonesia participated in the commemoration of the first live, and exchanged views on the situation related to “education” in each country.

Vol.1 will introduce the founders of each NGO and discuss the current situation and activities at Back2School Africa in Nigeria.

Introducing the owners of NGOs in each country!

Anklin, founder of Back 2 School Africa in Nigeria. Back 2 School Africa is committed to supporting children who are not able to attend school under the mission “Make Education Available to All Children in Africa”.

Mr. Anklin participated in this live show from Germany. I am impressed again that I can communicate smoothly with various people around the world because of the spread of remote… !

Next, I would like to introduce Levi, founder of Sasak Satu Swara in Indonesia.

Sasak satu swara is an NGO that creates opportunities for children who do not have sufficient education in Lombok Island, Indonesia, and creates an environment where they can be active on the island. We are working on our mission to create a millennial who works in the community with the power of education. On the day, the children of Lombok also participated in the Live distribution!

The last one is Uganda’s Faith Angels Ministry with its founder, Andrew.

Under the mission of “The Power to Survive the Socially Vulnerable in Africa,” Faith Angels Ministry is working towards the vision of “Free Everyone from Poverty and Creating an Independent Community.”

The three countries and organizations share the same thing: education.

What’s the challenge? And what kind of activities are you doing to solve it?

Vol.1 introduces Back2School Africa from Nigeria.

Nigerian girl describes this reality. Now, the problem they face is… ?

A Nigerian girl, supported by Back2School Africa, spoke about two challenges that are preventing domestic education.

Internal conflict in northern Nigeria

At present, internal conflicts are intensifying in Nigeria, especially in the north. There are also terrorist attacks by bombs and explosions in schools. In fact, some schools were burned by a fire caused by a bomb, and some children were unable to go to school. The public sector has rebuilt the destroyed school and is working to improve it so that as many children as possible can attend school.

Child abduction

A more serious problem in Nigeria is the kidnapping of children. He says there is a daily loss of access to education through kidnapping and violence.

Currently, in Nigeria, we are working to improve the environment with the help of NGOs like Back2 School Africa to deliver an educational environment to the whole country in accordance with SDGs guidelines!

At Back2 School Africa, we want to correct the education of children and elimination of gender discrimination from an educational perspective.

The children gave us a song of thanks. I was very much encouraged by their message “you are special because it’s you” (you are special because you are the only one).

May there be a wonderful future for cheerful, cheerful children✨

Back 2 School Africa Founder Anklin Talks About Education in Nigeria

We’re going to go on to talk about education in Nigeria with Mr. Anklin, founder of Back 2 School Africa.

“To be honest, education in Nigeria is far from satisfactory. Nigeria has the highest number of children out of school in the world, with roughly 30 million children.”

As the population of Tokyo is about 13.96 million (as of 2021), there are about 2.1 times more children who are not attending school. If you look at the numbers, you can see that there are still challenges in the education situation in Nigeria.

“It’s also a reality that the government is not doing well (toward improving education). The level of education that is implemented in the country and the right to go to school are not as high as we expect. There are many things we have to do in light of this situation.”

“That’s why Back2School Africa works with a sense of purpose. First of all, we have introduced “STEM education” to improve the quality of education for children. (STEM Education is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, and is a general term for the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.) In the United States and Europe, etc., we are actively involved in education that meets the needs of today’s IT society and the times.) By doing so, you can learn scientific and technical skills. The introduction of this method of education has enabled many children to receive an education.

We also have an educational system for children living in rural areas. Compared to the city, it has been difficult for children living in rural areas to receive an education. Many families cannot afford to send their children to school because they are full of money for farmers or to live their lives. Therefore, we are working to improve the environment so that Back2School Africa can go to such a place and receive an education.

Pray that low-income children can go to school and receive an education. We are working to be something of the future for our future.”

In this way, the Back 2 School Africa is going to focus on

・ Introduction of a fulfilling education system

-Creation of a system to enable the education of children living in poor communities and rural areas

I’m putting emphasis on.

There are problems such as social conditions and unstable education levels on the part of the country that provides education, and poverty and location on the part of the education received.

We hope that the activities of organizations like Back 2 School Africa will provide more opportunities for children to receive an education.

Final Remarks

This time, in vol.1 live, I’ve focused on education issues from the perspective of Nigeria Back 2 School Africa. We will continue to update on notes on the educational perspectives of Indonesian and Ugandan founders and local children. This is the only note that can see the contents of Live distribution, so please keep checking!

In this live broadcast, we were able to hear voices from children who are actually going to school in each country. Personally, the uniforms that the students are coming to are different from each country, and I was attracted to it because it is colorful and very lovely!

Well then, everyone, please have a good day🌿

If you want to know more about Back2School Africa, or if you want to support it, click here👇

The monthly supporter plan is available from (approximately) one coin! ($5~) If you are interested in this note, please visit 🌎

Airfunding Overseas NGO Support Program Official Page

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Airfunding – What is it in the first place?

Hello, everyone! Here’s an intern. It’s getting warmer and more comfortable🌞 How are you going?

In the article I posted the other day, I explained the contents of the Airfunding project. However, I think there are many questions about the content, such as “How does Airfunding crowdfunding work?”, “What is an NGO?” and “What can we do with support?” In order to resolve such questions, I will introduce Airfunding, overseas NGOs, and participating countries in the future.

This time, focus on Airfunding.

・ How Airfunding works

・ Background to the establishment of Airfunding

・ The world we want to realize

– Concrete ways we can support

I will focus on three points. You must read the parts that will come!

How Airfunding works

Airfunding is a charitable crowdfunding service.

About 70% of the people who start the project are from emerging countries, including Southeast Asia and Latin America. There are various projects, such as medical care, environmental protection, disaster support, education and study abroad support, and it is possible to start projects on an individual or group basis. Through Airfunding, it is easy to raise donations even if each person does not have high publicity.

Supporters can support projects they want to support by sharing them with SNS and donating money. When support is provided, the support money will be donated to the project owner who launched the project. Unlike other crowdfunding, Airfunding allows you to receive more than $100 during the course of your project.

Here is an example of a medical aid that was actually done in Airfunding.

Mr. Andrew, who lives in Taiwan, suffered from an incurable disease known as the Brachyotonic Syndrome and was being treated at the hospital. You need a heart transplant to improve your condition. Heart transplants cost a lot of money and it’s hard to get a lot of money right away. The father works to earn a living for his family, but it is all he can do to maintain the present situation. In addition, the mother had to support the boys, so she couldn’t work, and was very troubled in terms of funding. His mother asked for help with heart transplants through Airfunding.

His doctor was an influencer with 200,000 followers, so the project at Airfunding was spread to many people, and it was successful to raise $20,000 from more than 300 people, and about 2.36 million yen in Japanese yen.

About 80% of the projects on Airfunding are medical support projects like Andrew’s. In particular, there are many projects in emerging countries, and the social insurance system is unstable and it is not easy to go to a hospital-like Japan. It is also true that there is an economic gap with Japan. Therefore, donations from Japan to emerging countries will be worth 5 to 10 times more! Someone is saved today with support from people all over the world.

Airfunding and Its Background

Airfunding was born with a focus on the current state of things like “I don’t feel that I’m helping someone.” We spend our time at work and school every day, and we are able to spend our time every day like normal. I wonder if there are fewer opportunities and fewer opportunities for us to be useful to someone in our daily lives.

For people in emerging countries who have started projects at Airfunding, it is not “self-evident” to have work or go to school. It is also difficult for each person to live a minimum life.

We are happy with the way we are going, but there are people who need someone’s help and who do not. I wish I could see the moment someone is helping me with Airfunding… It’s encouraging to feel that.

Where Airfunding Wants to Be

The world we want to realize is a cross-border and cross-cultural exchange. In this Airfunding, the intercultural exchange can be done in the form of “support”. Communication is difficult if there are many differences in cultural values, languages, etc. However, Airfunding is compatible with 17 languages, so it’s relatively easy to interact because it isn’t face-to-face.

As a child, I had a vague dream of making friends all over the world. But that’s not easy. As I got older, I realized that it is difficult to make friends with people because of language barriers and cultural museums. However, as the Internet and SNS are spreading, various methods of exchange have been born. I think it would be nice if the share of small happiness that my support directly helps someone is spreading to the world. That’s why it might be good to use Airfunding as a means of exchange.


          This time, we focused on Airfunding and introduced the details. How was it? It may have been difficult to get into crowdfunding, but I hope you will understand it a little bit.

Next time, we will focus on NGOs participating in the Airfunding Overseas NGO Support Program. So, everyone, please have a nice day today too.

Airfunding Overseas NGO Support Program Official Page

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Patrick Mwalua: An Ally for Wild Animals Against Climate Change

Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua grew up with wildlife all over him. He watched as animals kept harmony in living with humans. We coexist in two different worlds, but trouble comes when we give it to them first. Patrick knew that when drought persists, and wild animals are left to fend for themselves. When they run out of resources, they often turn to humans for help, more often in a not-so-friendly manner.

Kenya has been experiencing drought for years now, and water gets more and more scarce. Rightfully so, Patrick felt that he, in part, was responsible for climate change and that he can be a part of the solution.

So in 2016, Patrick Mwalua filled a truck he rented with freshwater and drove to Tsavo West National Park. Up to this day, he goes back and forth until nighttime to keep the wild animals clean and hydrated. By now, they already know the sound of engines and rush; some wait for him to pour water over the water pans he created.

Through social media, he was able to gain supporters and volunteers, not just to make this a one-person team. As a result, he founded Mwalua Wildlife Trust: an organization whose goal is to create an efficient water management system in Tsavo to protect wildlife and the safety of local communities.

His projects include building water pans, digging water holes, and constructing water tanks. This initiative also allowed him to install solar pumps in the park to pump water from underground in a sustainable fashion both for the animals and the environment. He also raised $10,854 in Airfunding to continue his projects.

Patrick Mwalua’s passion for wildlife earned him awards and recognition across the globe. Namely, the Africa Network for Animal Welfare, Kenya Wildlife Services, the Taita Taveta County Presidential Award and Community Award, and recognized in various media including the LADbible,, The France 24 Observers, The Guardian, and USA Today.

Such commendable work started only by one man ended up joining people with the same advocacy. We hope Patrick Mwalua’s story inspires you to take the first step in doing something you care about. The rest, like Patrick’s story, will follow. We would be thrilled to help you reach your dreams at