3 platform jenis donation di Malaysia

5 servis crowdfunding yang terkenal di Malaysia

crowdfunding platform

5 platform crowdfunding yang terkenal di Malaysia

5 servis crowdfunding yang terkenal di Malaysia

crowdfunding campaign

5 tips for crowdfunding campaign!

Crowdfunding campaign is a means of raising money through a social platform by people all over the world.
You need to know how to successfully operate the crowdfunding campaign to raise money.

Help To Afford A Treatment To Heal The Injuries In My Legs

Successful Crowdfunding Campaign : Help To Afford A Treatment To Heal The Injuries In My Legs

Francisca decided to use crowdfunding platform to get a treatment to heal the injuries in her legs.


The first crowdfunding campaign in your life is in Airfunding – start your crowdfunding project in 5 minutes!

After reading the three cases Airfunding proposal after

Do you still think it is difficult to succeed in crowdfunding? 

Actually not at all! “It’s good or bad, it’s easy to understand.” It’s the biggest feature of Airfunding! The point is that as long as ” 5 minutes “, you can directly expand the crowdfunding you want to carry out!

Maybe you can try different pipes
Are new ventures looking for ventures in vain? Maybe you can try different pipes

First of all, you must click ” Start Fundraising “

use Facebook to sign in
Here you can choose to use Facebook to sign in, or you can choose to start using “phone number”.

You will then be taken to the page where you registered your account. Here you can choose to use Facebook to sign in, or you can choose to start using “phone number”.

setting your profile
Setting Your Profile

Setting Your Profile

If you click “Facebook Login”, you will be taken to the page “Setting Your Profile” in the previous figure. On this page, you need to enter the username, select a country of residence, and then fill in the email address and press Save to get to the next action page.

enter his invitation code
Enter the invitation code

Next, let’s say you have a friend who is already using Airfunding, you can enter his invitation code directly.

If your project is sponsored by US$20, Airfunding will be given to you and your inviter US$5. Reward the gold, then if you don’t have an invitation code, you can skip it.

How much do you want to raise?

After the pre-registration operation is completed, you can officially enter today’s highlight, which is the 5-minute fast fundraising system of Airfunding !

Step 1, general settings:

At this stage, you have to decide how much you want to raise, and ” Airfunding ” also has a small reminder to suggest that if you are not sure about your target amount, you can set it to US$500 first, and before you receive the amount of funding, you The target can be changed arbitrarily, but it should be noted that the target amount must be set between US$10 and US$1500.

Then, you can set the end date of your project. The recommended time is limited to one month, and the longest can be up to three months.

 the type of fundraising you want based on your proposal
Choose the type of fundraising you want based on your proposal

Finally, choose the type of fundraising you want based on your campaign. On Airfunding you can choose: medical, disaster, family, community, immigration, education, art, business, study abroad, travel, etc. proposal.

choose a picture for your crowdfunding proposal
Choose a picture for your crowdfunding proposal

Step 2, choose a picture:

At this stage, you can choose “Cover Image”, and “Airfunding” will also give you a small reminder, telling you that if the cover image is placed, it will be more relevant if you are concerned about the content you are planning to raise.

With donations. Therefore, before this step is executed, you may wish to think carefully about what kind of pictures you want to put in order to fully express the theme you want to raise.

After all, human beings are visual animals. They look at them more than the touching eyes of words. Deciding whether or not to stay on this page is exactly the first feeling that the picture brings to you!

Write a motivational story
Write a motivational story for your fundraising proposal

Step 3, write a motivational story for your fundraising campaign

After grasping the second step of the picture layout, the next step is to test your storytelling skills! In this page, you need to fill in an attractive “title”.

In addition to the sponsors interested in it, a good title will make people want to click, and this is your successful fundraising. The first step, the most important thing is that a good title will give people the feeling that “the story behind it must be worth thinking about.”

Then, combine the narrative content to write down the story you want to convey, and if necessary, mix the pictures to enhance the benefits brought by the pictures and texts, and express the imagery with vivid expressions, which will arouse the determination to finance you.

And the second step has the same important position, everyone must write your crowdfunding story!

complete the fundraising project
Complete the fundraising project setup

Step 4, complete the fundraising campaign setup:

On this page, you will be presented with a preview of your crowdfunding campaign. From this preview you can check to see if your information is correct.

You can also see that the image you are using is given to the sponsor on Airfunding. First sight. Once you have confirmed all the details, you can directly press “Complete”. At this time, your first crowdfunding proposal will be officially completed!

The first crowdfunding proposal in your life is in Airfunding - just start your fundraising plan in 5 minutes!  9

Easy to operate, fast and convenient, fundraising is not difficult!

I don’t know if you are looking at the above steps and establishing your own first fundraising campaign or project.

” Airfunding ” is different from the common crowdfunding platform and is a public fundraising platform.

On Airfunding , you can put in a variety of projects that you think can be fundraising, just like the three cases cited above, even if you want to raise funds for “going abroad,” “planting gardens,” “Call for the game”, “Follow God to call my life”….When you think about the theme that you can put on, you are more likely to appear on ” Airfunding “!

If you have a dream that you want to achieve, you have an urgent need for funds, and you want to find another way to make money, don’t hesitate any more! Register now! Go to ” Airfunding ” for crowdfunding ! You may be able to get an unexpected opportunity here, or you may be able to get the first successful fundraising proposal in your life here!

(The heart is not as good as action, no longer go to log in to your fundraising plan, the sponsor will never appear ~)

Platform supplement:

” Airfunding ” has successfully sponsored 10 million people. You only need a minute to release a project, and it will never be with you. The fee is completely free and 1% is not with you. It is a “donation type”. The type of fundraising, and ” Airfunding ” can be used all over the world, of course, Taiwan is no exception!

Airfunding is a global platform
Airfunding is also a global platform , not as familiar as you are flying or flyingv, zec zec, kicstarter,

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