Top 10 ways to make money online!

Short on cash? Top 10 ways to make money online!

Short on cash, but do not have the means to get more of them? Do not fret! Nowadays on this digital age, you will be surprised by how many (and some of them how easy) it is to get money based on the power of the internet. It only takes a few google searches to find intelligent ways to make money! So let’s have a look at the ways you can find money online!

1. Blogging

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Vaynerchuk expanded his $100 million wine business through his blogs

Tale as old as time, blogging has started since the early days of the internet. Nowadays blogging is so easy to start, with services like WordPress, Squarespace and Tumblr, and as long as you can write, there is no excuse to not being able to start blogging! Who knows, you might become famous like Danny Choo, or even Gary Vaynerchuk!

2. Translators

You know what? Sometimes Google-sensei just does not cut it. You need local translators to get that perfect translation that wouldn’t make you a laughing stock. So this is your chance to become an online translator at sites like Gengo or Fiverr to earn some suh-weet cash!

3. Freelance

Work from home! Being a freelancer can range from being a translator, writer to even data entries, all from the comfort of your couch! We recommend sites like (duh) to start your freelance career! Just don’t forget to get out of the house sometimes!

4. Affiliates

Have a website? Then you can start being an affiliate! Affiliate marketing in laymen terms is to get cash every time you managed to bring in customers to the service you have referred. Most common examples are Amazon and TripAdvisor.

5. AirBnb

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Rent out your room/house online to earn money at Airbnb!

Have an extra room or even an extra house for those privileged ones out there? Then rent it with Airbnb for that cash! Airbnb is simpler and straight-to-the-point compared to the usual renting. Some even use Airbnb to provide experiences instead! Definitely check it out.

6. Crowdfunding

Hey if you can’t do it, ask for help from others instead! Granted, as crowdfunding is basically asking for graces from people around you, you need to have a legit story on why someone would actually donate their hard-earned money to you.

7. Youtuber

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King of Youtube, Pewdiepie’s net worth is estimated to be at around $30-$50 million!

Ever heard of Pewdiepie? H3H3? Maybe Ranton? If you don’t then maybe this way of getting money is not for you. If you do, then why don’t you try it yourself? It might be daunting at first with the editing and what-not, but hey making money starts with a single courageous step.

8. Streamer

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Ninja, a famous twitch streamer reportedly raked in $10 Million in 2018 (source). Image credited to Dexerto

And if you do not want to edit, just start streaming! Sites like UStream or Twitch makes it easy for you to stream games or lifestyle stuff to make money!


This method is only for the bold! FOREX is foreign currency exchange. Although we do not recommend this for beginners. However, if you really master this way you can make some serious money. Please refer to experts and make sufficient study before attempting this.

10. Effort!

Did this method surprise you? Well, it shouldn’t! We can list hundreds if not thousands more way to earn money, but in the end, it all depends on you! So motivate yourself and grab that opportunity! Like that Eminem song!

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Like Shea Lebouf also once said, JUST DO IT!

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