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The first successful fundraising proposal for your life is in Airfunding

Want a successful fundraising proposal ?

You should use Airfunding which has multiple features such as fundraising, and even charitable donations.

Have you sponsored any sponsors to raise funds successfully? Have you ever imagined that you can become a popular advocate on the crowdfunding platform

Or… you are now living for money, even want to make money through the Internet, or you have downloaded the money-making app, you want to use advertising clicks to earn revenue, but the click benefit is far better than the mass fundraising The amount you get is amazing, but you can’t do anything… Is these narratives your journey?

The reason why you want to participate in crowdfunding is usually because you know that you can get donations from people all over the world in a short period of time through the crowdfunding platform, and earn the dream fund you need.

The average person wants to board. For the crowdfunding platform, it is necessary to prepare quite a lot of pre-work, not to mention the real success of the fundraising. If the product is not strong, the team does not work hard, say “I will be successful! I want to succeed!” Can you put it on the fundraising platform is a big problem, but also talk about other aspects? It is simply a fantasy.

Having a good idea but can't stretch?
Have a good idea but can’t stretch?

But now, you have the chance to achieve the first successful fundraising of your life! What can you do? What should I do?

Need to receive donation? Can’t start a business loan? Try Airfunding!

How do you make money through the Internet and achieve your unfinished goals? Here, I would like to introduce to you a “realization of dreams without limits, no limit to any type of category”.

As long as you dare to put them in, you will have the opportunity to get high-value donations for multinational crowdfunding super powerful platform ” Airfunding “!

Then, let’s take a look at the formal introduction of “Airfunding”, a powerful crowdfunding platform, where it’s powerful, where it’s convenient, and how to use Airfunding and its irreplaceable advantages. A few of the “Airfunding” “actually” can successfully complete the fundraising proposal !

The first successful fundraising proposal for your life is in Airfunding - 3 fundraising cases
Malaysian younger brother who is unable to participate in the competition due to fundraising factors

Fundraising case 1 : , the fundraising case: your game dreams, put it up to raise funds to help you achieve!

Malique Ammar, a 13-year-old from Malaysia, will travel to Penang Free School from June 21st to 26th, 2019 to participate in the Junior Team of the 2019 World Scholars Cup in Beijing, but because the school does not have enough funds to support it, Registration fees, airfare, accommodation, visas, and meals for travel to Beijing must be absorbed by Malique Ammar.

Therefore, Malique Ammar’s younger brother suddenly thought about writing his story to “Airfunding” for crowdfunding. In just one month, he raised US$1660, surpassing his original target of US$1500. 

Raise funds for going abroad

Malique Ammar’s younger brother really wrote down the real cases of the possibility of the mass fundraising platform. It turns out that even if you want to go abroad, you can raise funds for going abroad by going to the “Airfunding” fundraising!

The first successful fundraising proposal for your life is in Airfunding - 3 fundraising cases
Girl who wants to experience Japanese culture

Fundraising case 2 : your dream of going abroad, put it up to raise funds to help you achieve!

Write a motivational story for fundraising

Trisye Bala from Indonesia has always dreamed of traveling to Japan. He also hopes to be a Japanese citizen to live in the local area. Before that day, Trisye Bala wants to go to Japan to experience Japanese culture and meet local friends.

I met, but Trisye Bala doesn’t have enough money to travel to Japan to experience life, because he still has a sister who needs to be raised and cared for. There is really no extra money enough for him to live the day he wants.

Therefore, Trisye Bala went to “Airfunding” for crowdfunding, including his fundraising story and the estimated cost of staying in Japan for 2 weeks, including the visa application fee, accommodation fee, transportation fee, Japanese cultural experience fee, etc.

Raise funds successfully

Listed in detail for sponsors to raise funds to US$1590 within a month, surpassing his original target of US$1000. Wow originally wanted to raise funds successfully.

Even if it is going to raise funds for going abroad, it will be a chance to put on the fund-raising platform. The possibility of humanization and the outbreak of Buddhism may only appear in “Airfunding”!

The first successful fundraising proposa
There are also many cases where you need help with fundraising due to illness.

Fundraising case 3 : your dream of life, put it up to raise funds to help you achieve!

Finally, this fundraising proposal should be introduced with a rigorous attitude. Li Jing from Taiwan, he wants a father who can accompany him through life, why do you say that?

It turned out that Li Jing was a single-parent family since she was a younger one. She began to help her family’s livelihood from the first year of college, so she took the good youth and made two jobs to make money. Since then, my father has become worse and worse with his age.

First, he has to urgently wash the kidneys and get a stroke and a cerebral embolus. In addition, he has a chronic disease, and he has to be diagnosed by the hospital. Hematopoiesis is not hypoxic. If you don’t do it, it may lead to myocardial infarction.

At the same time, because of the special type of patient, you can’t use the medical support like this, so Li Jing is unable to afford the heavy medical expenses. He can’t breathe under pressure.

Therefore, Li Jing found the “Airfunding” for the mass fundraising of medical expenses. The touching story deserves everyone’s sincere help. The love of the masses is not international. In just one month, Li Jing raised US$2360.

Fundraising helps!

 Through the way of fundraising by the masses, this seemingly simple but extravagant wish has been successfully completed. The most beautiful scenery is really the heart of the people.

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