Help To Afford A Treatment To Heal The Injuries In My Legs

Successful Crowdfunding Campaign : Help To Afford A Treatment To Heal The Injuries In My Legs

Francisca decided to use crowdfunding platform to get a treatment to heal the injuries in her legs.

Airtripp successful crowdfunding: I Want To Pay My Cousin’s School Fees!

Happiness Godwin, a woman from Dar Es Salaam of Tanzania succeed to help her cousin get paid for school fees after using crowdfunding.

Fundraising Success Story Sharing: Raising the travel expenses of the mother to return home through the Airfunding fundraising platform

Brazilian girl fundraising success

We are going to introduce a Brazilian girl, Bianca’s successful fundraising story. Bianca are looking for work in order to allow Pakistani mother returned to Brazil, she needs to return airfare and living expenses, but the students still can not afford, she tried in Airfunding , use crowdfunding way around to friends and family and network Friends who met on the road raised funds. In the end, she successfully raised travel expenses and let her mother return to Brazil to meet.

Reasons why my mother left her hometown to apply for a job

This story takes place in the Bianka mother’s choice to leave the country a year ago and travel to the Arab Grand Duchy of the Middle East to find a job in order to maintain the family’s economy. Her mother reluctantly separated her from her dear family. She left her home and went to a foreign country to give her children ample life. But she tried to find her job for three months, and she had to use all her savings to fly to Pakistan to start looking for work. But she was still unable to find a job without a penny. Even the cost of returning to Brazil was not enough. She lost hope and felt helpless.

Helpless, I have to seek a crowdfunding platform.

Bienka’s life has always been in poverty. Her living expenses with her grandmother and her 8-year-old brother are all dependent on her grandmother’s pension because she is still a college student who has no spare time to find a job, and in the city where she lives, there are not many job opportunities. . Therefore, she could not afford the ticket for her mother to return to China. She had to seek the support of her friends and raise money on the crowdfunding platform to let her mother return to Brazil.

Collecting donations and successfully raising travel and living expenses

She set a target of $1,200 on the platform, not only to raise the cost of airfare, but when the mother returned to China, it was not easy to find a job in Brazil. They needed a support for the mother’s living expenses during her job search in Brazil.

After setting up the fundraising plan, she will share the link on Facebook, tell everyone around, and share it with the international dating community Airtripp, and meet many friends who are willing to donate to her.

In the end, she raised $1,240, successfully purchased the ticket and raised the living expenses in Brazil.

She is very grateful to Airfunding for allowing them to reunite with their mother and start a new life.

Airfunding fundraising was successful, and Bianca finally reunited with her mother in February 2019.
Airfunding fundraising was successful, and Bianca finally reunited with her mother in February 2019.

Welcome everyone to use the Airfunding crowdfunding platform to raise funds for financing

We expect Bienka and her family to move forward to the future.

If you need funds to help your family, relatives or friends, you can also raise funds through the Airfunding fundraising platform. Airfunding is a no-fee fee . Anyone can easily set up a project fundraising platform for the project, build a project to improve their lives, and seek dreams!
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