7 travel tips you must need know

Travel Tips

Travel is a great way to escape our daily life and to enjoy ourselves sometimes from tedious routine work. This is a time to experience new exciting moment by exploring the culture, landscape, and social of the other country. To travel, many people have worked hard or had a campaign on the crowdfunding site to fulfil their dreams to travel the country they have dreamt of visiting the most. This is because travelling is so much fun and can provide a lot of experience. So, here are several travel tips that you can follow if you plan to travel!

1.Book early for cheap flights

travel tips

The price of the flight ticket fluctuates, sometimes it can be cheap due to the sales and it can be double or triple prices during the peak seasons. It is advised to book the flight ticket early to get a cheap price. But remember, you must have to buy a return ticket too~

2. Book Hotels

List websites for hotel booking, Credit image from Holiday Landmark Blog

Flight and hotel are a must when it comes to travel. When you want to book a hotel, don’t forget to check the exact hotel location to ease your journey at your location. Not just that, the review on the booking website will most of the time give you information on the room or the hotel in general. It will help you by booking the hotels from the review or rating from the other customers. Also, do not discount the advantages of using Airbnb as well, as they can sometimes give you amazing prices for rooms, a lot cheaper than hotels.

3. Make a destination list

travel tips
2 Weeks in Japan: A Complete itinerary for First-Timers | The Invisible Tourist

Make a list of where you want to go. This point has a lot of nuance to it, depending on the person doing it. Some prefer to-the-minute scheduling when it comes to travel itineraries. On the other hand, some prefer a simple one-area-per-day schedule. It really depends on you, but a schedule, no matter how simple it is, can be a life-saver while travelling. You can make a research of the top attraction of the country on many websites.

4. Learn a common language

Local Language, Credit Image On Call International

Learn basic phrases of the country you are visiting! Phrases like “Thank You”, “Please”, in the local language that can break down a little bit of that language barrier. A smile and friendly attitude will be a plus to enjoy your trip and create a healthy friendship with the local! Plus, these phrases, especially something like “Hospital” or “Airport” can be a lifesaver too in emergency situations!

5. Install the application to ease your journey

GPS Maps Navigation, Credit Image APKPURE

Applications like Google map or GPS on your mobile phone will be your lifesaver when you are trying to navigate or stroll around the city. They will help you if you are lost. You never know what you will be facing on the unexpected moment as your phone battery might die, so it would be helpful to bring back-up batteries, or even a map when travelling for that matter.

6. Separate your money

Best Ways To Carry Money While Traveling, Credit Image to USA Today

Don’t ever keep your cash or bank card in one spot. It is better for you to hide your cash or back up card in a separate bag to prevent an unexpected moment. Some even forgo wallets entirely and opt to just hold cash in their pockets, and only bringing important identification documents like passport only, which is a personal recommendation by the writer!

7. List up the travel essentials

Essential Tips To Pack Your Luggage, Credit Image to Escaping Abroad

Andddd here comes the tiring part, after all the planning, all the hype between your friends, all the salivating in front of the images of the to-visit places, you finally need to pack your stuff. And nothing is more horrible than realizing that you forgot your phone charger only when arriving at the airport….. of another country. So here is a simple checklist:

  • Backpack(much easier and convenient to bring anywhere)
  • Handphone (What’s the point if you have a phone but don’t have a data and prepaid. Both internet data and prepaid is a must that can help you to get all the information from the internet. Basically, you can purchase sim cards with internet package in the airport or telecom centre)
  • Power Bank (In case your phone battery runs out)
  • ID/Passport (Important, obviously)
  • Medicine (It will come in handy for headaches, muscle aches, period pains, stomach aches, so keep some on you just in case)
  • Cash boiiiieeee, converted ones of course

So, they are some travel tips that might help you. Happy holiday!

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