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How can you start fundraising for the people around you?

Fundraising in the digital age

There are always ups and downs. Yes sure, we do our best to make a living. We have to make sure that we live the best life possible.

But some people might get unlucky. They might have problems and challenges in their life. How if that person is someone close to us? Like we always say to our best friends, “You can count on me. Don’t worry.” Yes, our heart will be calling us to help and save them.

Today in the digital world, our social and economic safety net had widened beyond our physical existence. To help someone we love in the old days, you might do fundraising by knocking on your neighbour’s door, door by door.

You might run a campaign in your community organizations, school, or church. Or you might fundraise by selling chocolate, cookies, scratchcards, or lemonade to get some support and donations. Garage sales and flea markets are also could be used to do fundraising.

Today, fundraising activities are much more than that. We are not limited by our time and physical existence. We can get donations from anyone, anywhere and anytime in this world.

In the digital era, everything is simplified. You can free yourself in seeking ideas on how to make your fundraising activities appealing, and attractive to get enough supporters. You can see that through crowdfunding platform like Airfunding site now you can focus on what matters for others. Why did you create a fundraising campaign, and what is your plan.

Read the Success story of Bianca who used Airfunding to help her mother went back to her home country Brazil after more than a year stuck in a job quest to UAE and Pakistan.

Not limited to financial help

Fundraising activities are not just to get some funds and donors. Whatever raising funds events or activities you carried out, it will warm the community bonds. It will knock everybody’s heart so it could see that there’s always an opportunity to help, to make a change, and to make things happen.

There’s always a way to get supported and helped by others. Best of all, anybody will know that they’re not alone. That is one of the fundraising spirits that make it persevere until now, survived through the old to the digital era.

That is why fundraising activities are not just to help someone in need. Fundraising activities, especially online fundraising could also be used to make your dreams come true.

It is possible because your projects are open to the world where people could cheer you up with a small amount of money that finally enough to fuel your dream. Read about the success story of Thuy who used Airfunding to reach her dream of visiting her friends in Japan.

Whether it is old ways or new ways, fundraising activities are a set of skills to manage. Having supported communities and share experience will be very useful for your fundraising journey. Check these tips on how to start fundraising.

Start helping

Feel in doubt in asking strangers for help? Do you more convenience to do fundraising with business creation. Check out some ways to make money online.

Internet and the digital world had been done well to us. Let’s shape a better world with it. We’re here to help each other!

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