6 Modern Ways of making a donation

6 Modern Ways of making a donation

Modern Ways of making a donation
6 Ways of making a donation

A donation is a fundraising tool

being used to raise money for charity organizations which can be in cash or kind.

Donation is a form of fundraising that is used as a general operating fund that keeps the organization running.

Donation is all about giving to the needy or charity for a good cause People use this means of reaching out and providing financial assistance to those in need, especially children. Individuals are moved with compassion to help the needy such as children with disabilities, people living in abject poverty, widows, orphans and it is through donations that financial assistance can be given to them.

There are various ways through which donations can be made but we will be looking at modern ways through which we can donate funds to charity organizations for the purpose of helping the needy.

Six Modern Ways of making Donations

1. Volunteer Services

You can donate your services by participating in community services to helping the needy. Most charity or NGOs require people services to aid in charity work because a team is needed to ensure that the charity is successful in its operation. You can offer your services by partaking in charity walk and events that will definitely contribute to the welfare of those in need. This is a decision that will have an impact on the lives of people for a good cause.

2. Donate your skills

Donation is not all about cash but there are other things that are needed to help in improving the lives of people especially the needy.

You can donate your everyday skills without being paid for it in order to train people and invariably helping the needy. Donating your specialized skills will aid charitable organizations in training others who are not privileged to acquire such skills.

3. In-kind Donations

This is a way through which people make donations to charity organizations. Individuals or companies can make donations in the form of products or services for the building of projects that will be of benefit to a charity. This tends to serve as a form of relief to non-profits that are burdened with the financial need of building a project or organizing an event.

4. Online Donations

This is a means of donating for a particular purpose and its popularity is increasing as it makes it easy to donate funds online. It provides the opportunity to be able to raise funds from any part of the world as long as the organization has a webpage with an online donation page where people who do not carry cash with them can conveniently make their donations. An example of this is the Salvation Army. You can make your donations without any problem online as long as there is a webpage that has an online donation page.

5. Crowdfunding

This is another way through which donations can be made and it entails using social media to raise funds for a particular project. It is a convenient way of donating funds online and its popularity is increasing as people are becoming aware of such online platform. There are different crowdfunding platforms for different purposes and they are those specifically for donation purpose. Examples of such donation-based crowdfunding platforms include Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Air funding. You can make donations from any of the crowdfunding platforms where the different projects will be listed and you donate to the project that catches your interest. Crowdfunding has benefited people of diverse backgrounds as they share their success stories which can be read on the various platforms.

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Donations made has helped people all over the world and will still keep providing assistance. This depends on how you want to make your donations and, in the process, helping those who are seriously in need of assistance.

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