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5 ways to make money online

5 ways to make online money
ways to make money online

Internet is like a daily consumption for us in this era. Every one, every time, everywhere will use the internet for many various reasons. They use the internet for communication, entertainment purpose, searching for news, or for their work and business purpose. I bet, it must have crossed in our minds to be able how to get money for free in this online age easily. There are various ways you can do how to get money online. But, before that, you should notice several things that you should have so your purpose to make money online will going smoothly.

Before starting

First, there are some requirements for this:

  • The first what you need is supporting device. In this era, we should have a computer or laptop to start your plan to get money online. The most simple one, at least that you should have a Smartphone.
  • The next one is the internet connection. Internet connection has become a necessity in our daily lives. Without the internet, you won’t be able to make money online.
  • Email and bank account. The e-mail is also one of the inseparable parts of every site, you should register and sign-up using at least by your e-mail. And for the bank account, to generate income that you will run through the internet, of course, a bank account will be needed.
  • Last but not least you should understand well how to make money online. The way to make money online is not only one, but there are also various ways how to get money online. So to succeed on your plan, make sure to understand the business or business that will be run, such as if you run a blog, you must understand how to increase many blog visitors and understand how Google Adsense works and rules. When you use crowdfunding, you must know how to do fundraising and how to choose a good crowdfunding platform (detail here).

Where you can get money online

As I said before, there are ways on how to get money online. The choice also various, paying the registration fee, invest, also free. We will more be focusing on how to get money for free online :

1. Youtube

In this era, even young people know youtube. Most people watch youtube nowadays and even some of them have a dream to become a Youtuber. But to became a Youtuber is not easy, even though it pays well. You must have a proper device not only to record a video but also editing the video you want to publish. You must have about 1000 subscribers to follow your youtube account, then you can be paid.

2. Freelance

Became a freelancer also done by many people to get money online. Other than it can be done everywhere, you only need to register to the freelance site. It is quite simple. There are several jobs that can be done such as article writing, web or logo design, data posting, and still many more.

3. Online survey

A paid online survey is one of the ways you can get money online. But this way is easy but also hard in the same way. Because you only answer several questions they posted. But to get money, you should answer several questionnaires that sometimes takes you a while!

4. Open online shop

This one also one of the choice you can do to get money online. If you have a product to sell you can join several online shopping sites or posting your product on Instagram. You can promote your product through an online site. One good site in Malaysia is

5. Doing Fundraising

Doing funds raising also have been done by many people. The person who want to fulfil their dream, the person who has a wish or the person who want to help people. You can join a crowdfunding site to do fundraising.  Before doing fundraising, you should know the tips to start fundraising so your fundraising project will success. There also various crowdfunding platform, how to choose it? You can see the detail here.


Make money online is not that difficult

These are just several ways for you to know how to make money online for free. (There are some ways to recommend:Cash online, is it trustworthy? Where can I get it?) It is still many ways to get money online, you need to have hard willing and not half heart to start it. Why don’t you use your internet and your online time to produce something profitable for you, not only consume it?

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